Where Giants Roam

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Adventure is enticing and it opens people's eyes. Change is therefore inevitable and while faith grounds people, acceptance is often the hardest challenge.

Table of Contents


Heli crossed over a pass and descended down an old, worn path that wound its way down the mountainside. He came to a high mountain lake a... Read Chapter


Pacha hummed to herself as she walked up into the mountain path. She was going up into the mountains to unblock the pipe which allowed cl... Read Chapter

Everything Changed

Through the bracken Pacha saw someone approach, they reached towards her and stood her up. It was Heli, her uncle. Pacha was frozen, unsu... Read Chapter


Fear struck Pacha like a wall, she wanted to run but the fear was so overwhelming that she froze. The Giant raised his arm and picked her... Read Chapter

The Northern Territories

All of a sudden Torbjørn collapsed to the ground. “Torbjørn?” Twulai cried out in surprise as he walked towards him. Moments be... Read Chapter


As they neared the dock the smell of dirt, faeces and animals greeted them. The dock itself was bustling with life and noise, albeit a ra... Read Chapter


Alvar returned to his ships, he made a subtle movement and a boy in scruffy clothes came running over. His hands fumbled over the large r... Read Chapter

The Mine

The wagon Pacha was sat in drew up to a desolate place where a metal building sat half buried in snow and a few meters away stood a fence... Read Chapter

The Ice Fields

Not long after leaving the city of Durkan the environment around Twulai and Asil changed to a bare, icy wasteland. The wind started to wh... Read Chapter

The Mieczyslaw Arena

The wagon containing Torbjørn and Ilioc raced down street after street with all the buildings around them looking the same. This part of... Read Chapter


Pacha thought more and more about whether there was a way to escape as time went on. She hadn’t seen Vallabhadev since she had entered ... Read Chapter


The first thing Asil noticed about the city of Dakra was the absence of Giants and any foreign slaves. All around them furnaces fuelled b... Read Chapter


Days merged into night, time became impossible to track and the growing darkness only enticed the crowds who came to fights lit by candle... Read Chapter

The Collapse Into The Unknown

The sound of metal hitting against rock drowned out the sound of the rock cracking above Pacha as she slept, then without warning the roo... Read Chapter

Achala & Bryce

On one particular trip Asil, Twulai, Achala and Bryce were heading East to the city of Dasa. The fourth ice field was finally being dug u... Read Chapter

Bwayto Bwen Anoya

Torbjørn and Ilioc's cell door opened and armed men motioned for Torbjørn to exit. Torbjørn got up and headed out calmly into the tunn... Read Chapter

Alvar Avery

Alvar was in Durkan looping up his ropes and tending to his ship while he listened to the latest topics of conversation around the dock. ... Read Chapter

The Eastern Mountains

Twulai walked through the mountains with Achala behind him and Asil at the back. Achala was chatty, wanting to know more about where Asil... Read Chapter

Into The Fire

Only an hour or two into tracking the Giants, Alvar and his men arrived at the burnt site where the huge explosion had been seen on the p... Read Chapter

Deep In The Mountains

The path the Giants were following led them close to the mountains before it began to slope upwards, going around shoulders with huge cli... Read Chapter

Cold Skies

The shock faded slowly for Pacha and she began to weep. Asil noticed this while she was practising the fighting moves, she removed hersel... Read Chapter

The Choice

“Commander Avery, sir,” A man called as he ran towards the stationary wagons. “The Giants, they're here just over the ridge in a di... Read Chapter

Heading Home

The rocking of the ship was rhythmic and calming, yet all on board were troubled. Pacha felt drawn to Tallara like never before, she felt... Read Chapter

Slave of the Sea

Alvar was praised when he returned to Cirrom and told of how the Giants had died at his hands. He was promoted and got a new crew. They w... Read Chapter

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