The Haunted Cottage

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Luna and Rigsy have found a spooky mansion in the Australian desert.

Submitted: December 23, 2017

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Submitted: December 22, 2017



The Haunted Cottage


Come along now,” said Luna.

But it’s already getting dark! Why did we have to come here after sunset?” Rigsy asked as he glanced nervously over his shoulder.

Because it wouldn’t be a proper exploration of a Haunted House if it happened during daytime, now would it?” She turned back to the door and pulled the handle. It wasn’t locked – the door opened with a loud, screeching noise and Luna walked confidently into the main hall.

Lilly and Rigsy had found the cottage a few days ago by accident. It stood in the middle of the Queensland desert – miles from civilization. Luna had wanted to explore the old, long abandoned mansion first chance she got and Rigsy, being her best friend, reluctantly agreed to tag along. At home Rigsy had googled the place – it had been the home of a rich couple 150 years back who immigrated from Europe and had brought with them their estate. Brick by brick.

This building now looked down at Rigsy like a strict school teacher who had caught Rigsy cheating on his exams. Three stories high, made of stone and dark wood. It’s roof hung at an odd angle, like a hat tipped to one side. Not the usual way of houses to wear their roofs, Rigsy reckoned. Nevertheless he followed Luna into the entry hall.

It was large room with a particularly high ceiling – two stories high. The furniture was all kept in the same dark wood as the windows and the staircase.

Luna was already on those stairs. “Come on!” she urged him and walked up. Rigsy followed her up as he heard the front door slam shut behind him. The logical part of his brain wondered how this abandoned house could have gotten an automatically closing door while another part of his thoughts where moving in a more distressing direction. He wasn’t one to believe in the supernatural but right now he was feeling pretty open minded about that.

I think I found the master bedroom”, he heard Luna shout. “Come check it out.” He followed her voice along the corridor.

The bedroom was a large room with lots of old-fashioned closets. Again this old and heavy wood, walnut perhaps. The bed had thick curtains.

What do you think why they have so many closets?” Rigsy wondered.

Maybe the family who lived here had -”, but her answer was cut off by the bedroom door suddenly slamming shut with a loud bang.

What the...” asked Rigsy as he ran back and pushed at the door. It wouldn’t budge.

We’re trapped!” he cried.

Rigsy, look at the closets!” Luna yelled, suddenly terrified. Rigsy turned around just as the closet doors opened fully and out of each one climbed a skeleton. They slowly walked towards Rigsy and Luna, surrounding them.

At this point Rigsy’s mind came up with an absurd comment about having skeletons in your closet. The reality of the concept, he decided, is much more terrifying than the harmless figure of speech.

The skeletons reached for them and grabbed them with fleshless yet strong grips. They tried to struggle but it was no use. There were just too many of them. Something stirred the curtains of the bed. Rigsy didn’t want to see what was behind them, what horrors had been lying in the bed but he couldn’t move his eyes away from the large, velvet curtains. A hand appeared in between them and pulled the curtains aside. They revealed the corpse of an old woman. She looked at Luna and Rigsy with her dead eyes, stood up and limped over to them. She didn’t speak and Rigsy noticed she didn’t even seem to breathe. She just stood there and looked at them.


And then they died. It was quite messy. Lots of screaming, lots of blood as their bodies were ripped apart, their flesh torn from their bones.

When it was over, the skeletons cleaned up the room, got back in their closets and closed the doors.

Now there are two more closets in the master bedroom of the Haunted Cottage.

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