Red claws

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A man wakes to a strange creature in his bedroom in the middle of the night

Submitted: December 22, 2017

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Submitted: December 22, 2017



Its skin was white and so was its eyes which were sunken into its skull its whole body was shaking as if it was freezing.

hissing sounds erupted from the throat of the creature while it showed its small yellowed teeth. Its arms were so slim that you could see its bones and joints bending and twisting through its skin, but the most terrifying thing was the giant hands attached to the tiny arms. the thing's fingers looked like knives were attached to the end of its fingers, and Its jaw fell open at times as if it was popping its mandible out of the socket.

Suddenly it lunged at me letting out a terrifying shriek, I fell back into the wall behind me but quickly pulled myself up with the bedside table. the creature slashed at my ankles as I kicked at it. I reached my left hand toward the lamp on the table grabbed it and smashed it against the creatures head. The monster reeled back screamed and covered its head with its long claws. 

I ran towards my window and threw it open, I pulled my body through it and fell in the snow.

covered in snow I could hear the creature angrily scrambling towards the window, pushing myself to get up I started to run. My mind was racing, the only thing I was thinking about was finding civilization. The creature shrieked once more and I knew if I didn't find people fast it would catch me, Headlights were the first thing I saw and the smell of gasoline was what filled me with hope. it was a gas station, and when I finally got to the store I collapsed exhausted from the chase, a man left his truck and started to help me up.

strangely that man didn't seem to hear the high pitched wail coming from the woods

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