The Curse of the Blue Moon

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They say that when a blue moon appears in the sky, it affects someone’s personality, it changes drastically that it makes someone affected by it, well, cursed. Some cultures believe that not all
are affected by this “curse”, somehow it only affects the chosen ones, the “ones” that God has chosen, chosen to defend, protect, and save humanity from all the evils in the world.

Submitted: December 25, 2017

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“The night sky is unsuspectingly trouble” Charles the Mighty Dragon said as he spoke to his peers, from the shadows appear a tigress named Celestine who asked, “what is it so troubling that you awaken from your slumber?”, “it seems the bluest of the blue moon appeared” he said, as the others grasps and jumps from the shadows “this is horrible, especially for the girls” Catri the imperial cat said while Katie, a black and white cat just scratches. “Someone should warn them” said a scorpion lounging on a rock by the water, “I will go and let Lady Miyel and the others know” Mercury said as he emerges from the shadows.

 “I can’t believe how amazing this moon is, I mean I never really paid attention, it’s blue?” she said as another girl turns her back and said, “what the hell is that thing?” Ara washing dishes, looks at the window, while Oren is out walking to get something from the store, Nina on the other hand fixing her bed, when something caught her attention while Ruren is training to elevate her combat skills. The blue moon seems to be shining so bright that it hurts their eyes, blinding them as they stare, but then when they look again the intense bright light fades away in an instant.

Morning comes and Miyel is running late because she forgot her homework, upon her arrival in class… “just in time” she said. Someone shouted across the hall, “my love” Miyel confused as to who is this boy referring to, another person calls her “big sis” as this little girl ran to her and hugged her out of nowhere and said, “I wonder where’d you go all these years, Kio said that you will be back and coming home soon”, Miyel still confused “who are you? Am I dreaming or something? Oren is this one of your pranks?” her classmates are looking at them, “she is about to freak out” Stacy said as she looks at Oren. Miyel looks at the little girl and said, “I am not your sister, sorry, I…”, the little girl cries and shouted, “you don’t remember me, I hate you” and then runs away. Kio then approached Miyel and told her that her sister has been waiting for her for a very long time and that she hasn’t change still making her little sister cry. Miyel then looks at him and said, “I am not her sister, I don’t want to lie to her and tell her I am, but I am not and… you are pissing me off and it is annoying. I am not going to stand here and be confused suddenly; can you at least try to surprise me when I am not in a hurry? It is so annoying. Do you know how many times I said annoying in one sentence? It’s a lot. Just look at my homework, look, look at it carefully, can you? Can you? No, you can’t, that line wasn’t supposed to be there, and my drawing is not a drawing anymore. This is a disaster”, “she is never like this” Melina murmured, as everyone looks at her.

“Hey, did you know what happened to Miyel earlier?” Kia asked, “she is usually quiet and calm but suddenly she’s…” Kia was interrupted by the arrival of Melina, Angelina, and Stacy, threes of their friends. “It is so weird that Romin is calm today too, that girl is never calm” Stacy said with a dead pan face, “Oh” Kia said with a dead pan face too.

Meanwhile in Ara’s place, they just got done checking some of the stuff on their grocery list. “that’s great, you haven’t forgotten anything in two days Ara…. wait a minute” Loren said with a confused look on her face, “don’t tell me I just saw Ara holding a pen and paper?” said a confused Yanica, “yes she is” Helena answered. “she hasn’t forgotten anything in two days, that’s great and all but it’s not her to remember anything like that” Loren said, “it’s weird” Yanica.

In the alley close by to where Ara and her friends are, there are bullies that want to fight Oren, Leila, and Allana but as they approach them, Oren quickly dismisses them and said “sisters, we shouldn’t be fighting like this, for the sake of love, let’s end this with a hug” Leila and Allana looking at her and thinking “what did she just say?”. The bullies however are still willing to fight as they screamed at her “shut up Oren”, then she proceed to tell them “are you saying that I should close my mouth, so I can pray for your soul silently? I will my sister”. It got weirder and weirder suddenly. Allana thought “she is unusual today, for the past 2 days actually”.

Meanwhile in the Murosaki House, Nina has been falling from everywhere, and just plain clumsy everywhere she goes. Even her Dad seem to notice that she has not been herself lately which is very odd. In the Land of Nobles, one of the Princesses, Ruren also, like the others has been angry and mad towards her Father and her husband who were treating her badly in the past, which led Kcari to think that maybe it was all those suppressed feelings that she had been keeping all along. Everyone is concerned with her sudden behavior and the fact that she is a princess, that she should conduct herself in a very regal manner but, this happened.

Oren usually would scream at Kichigo for no reason, but this time it seems like that she is calm and even asked how is he doing? Which earned her a confused dead face look from him. He asked, “are you alright Oren?” she answered, “yes of course I am, don’t worry peace and love are here with me always and so should you”, “you are freaking us out Oren” he said, “I am glad I helped you in any way” she said while Miyel is freaking out over there because she just tasted the most delicious chicken she ever had. She felt so happy that she was clapping. “So, tell me Kichigo, do you still like her, even after what you just witnessed?” Angelina asked smirking, as he didn’t answer, Miyel noticed that he is looking at her and she stopped eating and freaking out because she thinks that she is a messy eater and shouldn’t be eating like that in front of the guy she likes. As Romin is quietly looking at them from her seat.

Kio, Kcoryne, and Eryu moved in to a house next to the Murosaki house. Meanwhile Miyel’s Superior and friends are looking at her while she is having one of those “episodes”. “What is she doing?” JC asked, “she is unusually freaking out, out of nowhere, which is not like her” said a confused Lana, “she doesn’t freak out at all” said a confused Charlize. “She hasn’t been herself lately, so I have to take care of this before she gets to a point where we can’t save her soul” JC said as he is looking at her, “you’re going to K Town?” Lana asked, “yes, it is my job to investigate why she suddenly bursting out like that, it’s a turn off to be honest” he said with a dead pan face.

JC went to K Town High, walking, looking for Miyel and as he does, every girl in the school is looking at this very attractive guy with brown hair and blue eyes, he stops, comes in her class and ask if she could speak with Miyel as of course, again, Miyel freaks out “what are you doing here?” She asked, “wait a minute babe stop freaking out” he said, “what do you mean babe?” Miyel said, when suddenly she got tackled by Ruren out of nowhere and said “Miyel and Kichigo is the class’ love team, you are a dead man”, Miyel praised her for tackling JC, JC however got up like nothing happened and drags Miyel outside. They both arguing, telling her that she has been bossy, talkative, and messy which is not her at all and he is concern.

After school, Kichigo seems to be quiet, Kia and Urius seemed to notice that Miyel and the other girls were changing so much so that it’s been unbearable to watch because they are not themselves and they are all concern for everyone, not just for everyone but for the girls’ as well. As they are walking they saw Kcoryne and the others in trouble, although Eryu took her away while sleeping. JC is not far behind either. JC catches up with them “hand over the girl” he said, Kichigo, Urius, and Kia interrupted the conversation and said, “it’s you” to Kichigo’s surprised, “I take it that you are Kichigo, I heard a lot of things about you, to tell you honestly, I am not impressed” JC said as he mocks him. But got interrupted again by the appearance of Erin and the escape of Kio, Kcoryne, and Eryu, and before JC leaves to pursue them he said, “I wonder what Testarosa feels about you?” and he left.

Everything is getting weirder and weirder every day, despite what is happening with Kcoryne and the others. Kio however explained that when Lady Kcoryne’s parents were dead and she is the only surviving heir to the throne. Lord Masamori hired assassins in the Land of Pearl to kill anyone who are in his path leading as the only head of the family. He also further explained that Lady Kallen were missing for a very long time and supposedly the one taking over, but their parents won’t allow her to because she wasn’t the right person for the “job” so she left. Ara and Oren join in with the conversation, Ara somehow remembers everyone’s name even the homework they have which surprises everyone because she was clumsy and forgetful.

Meanwhile JC and Miyel are arguing again when JC told her about her “boyfriend” showing up, when Erin interrupted them and said, “hey Chief, Sir, look at the blue moon”, JC answered to his surprised “what did you say?”, “it’s been four days since that blue moon has been appearing…” Miyel answered, he thought “is the curse true though? Who are the others?”. Kcoryne wanted to see Miyel and ask her to live with her so they can be sisters again, but Kio insisted that it is late at night and she is probably sleeping, even Kichigo chime in, in the conversation and agreed to Kio’s plea but she won’t listen, instead she run away and looks for Miyel.

Miyel got out of the gate, looking at the blue moon, wearing her shirt and short-shorts, she picks up something that JC dropped earlier. Kichigo looks at her bare legs all the way up to her eyes and starts to shiver and blush. When suddenly an assassin attacked them out of nowhere, the assassin has a weird weapon and obviously from Pearl sent by JC to finish the job. Miyel glares at JC at the window and she move away from all the fighting. Kio then unsheathe his sword by uttering the phrase “bloom and gather” Jera, suddenly his blade grows flowers, and the assassin was blinded by his blade pollens from the flowers that is stuck in his blade. The assassin got captured but took his life in front of everyone before they even questioned him.

Kcoryne is so confused as to what she was just witnessed but Kio was telling her not to worry about it, but she screamed and said, “stop treating me like a little child”, Miyel interrupts and said, “wait a minute she doesn’t know about this?”, Kio looks at her and screams “it is not your concern”, but Miyel insisted that she needs to know otherwise they are just leading her on and lying to her about their situation, she further stated that Kcoryne needs to stand on her own two feet even when standing up isn’t easy. Miyel still tells her that she is not her sister and her sister may never come back Kcoryne left crying. Kio insisted that Miyel apologize to Kcoryne but Miyel refused.

That morning, Eryu and Kio barged in at Kichigo’s room and ended up breaking his window. Meanwhile JC briefed Miyel about her mission and he shows her a picture of Kcoryne, he also stated that Kichigo might get involve, but she just shrugged and told him, “don’t worry about him”, he also said that she will meet the client in the Land of Nobles as she heads out. Kcoryne on the other hand went back home to the Land of Nobles and surrender herself to Lord Masamori. Ruren is also back home and in a bad mood and even her sisters are concerned that something might have happened that made her like this. Carly asked, “what has gotten into you?”, “Ruren then said screaming at the hallway, “I am mad at this family, our Father who doesn’t care about anything but himself, our Grandfather who hates me for some reason, and my husband who have been sleeping with my so-called friend”, Emerald their Mother came at the hallway and mad at her for saying those things. Ruren then walks away from her Mother and sister.

Nina has been accident prone and can’t seem to get anything right, it was frustrating for her, not being able to do what she normally does without her tripping on something and forgetting to do something. While Kio and the others go to the Land of Nobles to rescue Kcoryne, Miyel then meet with the client to her surprised “oh what do you know?” she thought, “you must be the assassin that will kill the little princess, you do look like her elder sister” he said, “I doubt that, I don’t like blonde hair” she said calmly, “so are you ready for the show?” he said, “yes of course, Captain Magaye”.

Captain Magaye and Miyel left, and Kichgo and the others are there, it wasn’t much of a surprise to Miyel, but it is going to be harder to conceal her intentions specially in assassinating the little Princess. Captain Magaye raced to the Miyoji Castle where Lord Masamori and the other traitors are while Kio and the others are trying to rescue the little princess, Captain Magaye killed Lord Masamori and took the little princess and he escaped. Meanwhile Miyel stopped everyone from pursuing the captain and the princess and vanished.

Kichigo and the others are in pursuit, Captain Magaye then came at Captain Yamabiko’s quarters without permission, Captain Magaye’s intention is to avenge his father’s death from the Captain Commander hands back then as he witnessed it when he was young, he was about to attack the Captain Commander when Kio and Eryu came and interrupts the Captain but barely unscathed, he easily defeated Kio and Eryu. Captain Magaye was about to attack Captain Yamabiko when Kichgo interrupted by unsheathing and stopping his sword. The fighting began briefly as Captain Magaye said “you are in the way Hole Slayer, you shouldn’t be here anyways”, Kichigo retaliated by attacking him telling him that Kcoryne had suffered enough because of his misdoings’ as they both cross swords.

That night as the moon rises in the sky, bluest as it can be, a centaur appears in the middle of the school grounds. But transform into his human form to go find Miyel but instead he found Ara standing right outside the gate and saw him transform. “Good, it is one of the sisters” he said as Ara smiles. “uhm…you need to put some shirt on” she said, “I know, but there’s no time for that, I need to talk to you, Oren, Ruren, Romin, Nina, and Lady Miyel right away” he said as he is talking way too fast for Ara to understand, “oookay” Ara said. “why’d you call us Ara?” Romin said, “better yet how do you know my number? She continued, “who’s this guy?” Nina asked as she slipped face first on the floor. “oh my, is she alright?” Oren asked, “Well Mercury over here said that he wants to talk to us” Ara said, and Mercury is so surprised and said, “this is really serious” Mercury with a dead pan face.

While the others were still at the Land of Nobles, fighting against the Captain while Miyel is somehow staying away from the fighting. “What is she doing?” Mercury asked as Oren is praying in the corner, “this has gotten really bad…” he said further when Miyel came “why are you here?” she asked, “I have an information for all of you that may be important” he said as they all look at Oren still praying, “okay spill it” Romin said, “ as you all know the blue moon has been appearing for 6 nights now…” Mercury said as they all agree, “the “ancients” had said that when a blue moon appears in the sky, it affects someone’s personality, it changes drastically that it makes someone affected by it, well, cursed. They further believe that not all are affected by this “curse”, somehow it only affects the ones that have the ultimate powers and abilities, and sisters with the same blood” he explained, “is that even true?” Romin said calmly as Miyel is freaking out, “it seems so, it only happened like three generations of the same bloodline” Mercury said as Miyel got so surprised, “how long does it last?” Nina asked, “because I don’t want to be falling everywhere I go” she added, “unfortunately, I don’t know, it will be the seventh day tomorrow night so, let’s just hope it ends tomorrow night and you will be back to normal” Mercury said.

Meanwhile Captain Magaye is defeated and learned the truth about what truly happened to his Father back then, he then resolves to end his life because of his pride. But the mission for Miyel is not over yet, upon telling JC what had happened, JC decided the mission is void since their client is dead. Miyel exited from the Land of Pearl and teleported to K Town. However, the little princess, Kio, and Eryu met with Kichigo and their friends to say goodbye, as they are saying their goodbyes, Kichigo extends his hand and so as Kcoryne when a bullet went straight to the little princess’s temple. Everyone is shocked, as Kcoryne falls. A girl is seen walking away with the gun on hand, “goodbye little sister” she said as she smirks and leaves.

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