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Submitted: December 22, 2017

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Submitted: December 22, 2017



It was stupid. The whole thing was stupid and fueled by intoxication of attention and also actual alcohol. It felt magical, waves of aurora borealis washed over her until she felt like it was swirling around in her brain. Splashes of light took place of reason and reality, colors blinding and stupefying...She let it captivate her, she let go of her real life. Distance and absence a quick and apparently easy gap to leap over. She felt sheepish, powerful, and ashamed. Shame settled into more deeply when she saw his face the next day. 

She meant it all,everything they talked about huddled together, knees almost touching, but it was like trying out a new outfit, gauzy layers of insipid, inane honesty. It felt good to release, even it wasn't how she truly felt. She remembers the electric pull, but how it jolted suddenly with him asking. "Can I kiss you?" He said it quietly, but carefully. She had to look away, she had overdone it again. Laughing, making him feel like he was the only person in the room, without meaning to...or at least that's how she felt.

She knew her magnetism. Once a friend of her told her, "You are very charming". Charming, like a witch, beguiling... enchanting but with a more sinister hue. She could pull them in, at least one person in a crowd would take notice. She could almost sense when it would happen, could see the subtle glances sent her way. The increase in interest and conversation, and the eye contact lasting a touch longer than casual conversation dictates. It wasn't enough. She'd have his attention, maybe get as far as a confession of sudden feelings. Not long after that, however, it was always as if as the attention gained, her enthusiasm ebbed. Until she saw the next pair of eyes catch hers. Dark brown, locks of hair falling into his eyes. Then blue ones, surrounding black pools open and revealing an intoxicating vulnerability. Once golden eyes looked back into hers, maybe the only ones she fell for faster than they fell for her. 

Those nearest to her pull however would become infected with her passion, her sparkling eyes until He would be caught up too.

Was she a bottomless pit? Insecurity drove her, was it making her a slave for the next attention fix? Or was it something else entirely. She craved chemistry, connection and recognition. A burning need to be wanted, even if she was already wanted.

She saw his glance before he drove away, dark eyes seeking out hers. It wasn't impossible, they had talked animatedly that night before,  about nothing in particular. 

She told him she couldn't let him kiss her, blue eyes regarded her seriously and thoughtfully. They stood close, in a door way, swaying slightly. She looked down to her shoes, smiled and felt flattered. It was difficult for them both to think clearly. They weren't thinking clearly, sensationalist should never drink together.

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