Karma is a Bitch

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When life gives you lemons, Take Karma to squeeze!

Submitted: December 23, 2017

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Submitted: December 23, 2017



Emotions can make you do crazy things but I want him. I got to have him....

He's nice, he clean, nice job,works out,etc. He works at a Fortune 500 company,driving in a nice ass car, every time he in the club, people break their necks to take pics with him, pop a bottle with him, shout him out on the mic..

Seeing him in the club,he got it going on, I must say. Havent seen him in a long time. Anything he wants, he can have. Any woman he wants. Why me he choose? I didn't have much to offer. I work at a call center, paying a high ass car note, live with my mama and just nerdy. "That's what I like about you ", he says to me while on top of me carressing my face. " You not like the other girls. You make me happy. I wanna be with you" Hearing a man who got it together tell you he want you for who you are is like dream come true.*coughs* .. "You okay? " my homegirl Lisa ask me." Yes I'm cool" I tell her. The club jumping, sparkles flying everywhere. I bump into him. He looks at me. I look at him. He smiles and say "Long time no see".. I smile back "yes LONG TIME" He says he I'm looking good with my weight loss and we chatted for a second interrupted by his girlfriend pulling to toast him for his bday. Music stopped as his girlfriend got on the mic to wish him happy b day and tell him she loves him.. Thinking should I give a toast express how I feel? How he left me just like that and lies about how he loved me but bounce? I loved him. Fuck it I'll do it. I gets on the mic.. "HELLO I WANT TO PERSONALLY WISH CHRIS A HAPPY B DAY...IT'S BEEN LONG TIME, BUT HAD TO COME N SHOW MY FACE *smiles* EVERYBODY HERE, FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SPEND THIS NIGHT WITH HIM. SINCE THIS IS MY LAST NIGHT LIVING WITH AIDS HE GAVE ME AND HE KNEW ABOUT , TONIGHT'S GOING TO BE HIS. HE WONT LIVE HIS LIFE ANYMORE" "Tasha! Wait! I can explain!..." *Gun cocked * ...... *Gun cocked* "TASHA WAIT! " Me and him ,eye to eye but only I'm aiming the gun to his face. "Naw.. I'm not waiting no more . You thought that you can keep on having sex with me, lied to me, give me shyt I can die with, dissapear and you up in this mf turning up like it ain't shyt?!" Naw Nigga.... this ain't that!" The crowd is on a stand still . Doing the MannequinChallenge, trying not to make a move so they won't get shot. Chris girlfriend in panic mode but acting tough like she a ride or die . " IDK who the hell you think you are! Look at you.. you don't look qualified for him to be fucking with you!You mad that you gave him some, he sold you a dream and now we are engage to be married and I'm pregnant!" I stared at her down so hard, my eyes could have strangled her. She's right. I'm jealous. I'm jealous because I want to have a baby. I want to be married. I want to live life but I can't with the package in my veins. Chris, quiet as a mouse , just stares at me with tears in his eyes. He was pissed! He looked at me as if he wanted to slap the hell out of me but knew he couldn't win against bullets to his chest " So what now? .. You came to my party , you got it out your chest, and you feel better huh? So what I gave it to you, what's killing me going to do for you, you still got it! You this miserable to wanna fuck up everybody lives up, well kill me , I lived my life n if I'm gonna die, then kill me.. I looked at him. Ready to shoot the bullets but I paused. While staring at him with tears in my eyes but fire in rage inside "You was my best friend. I loved you. Anything you need I had you but you do me like this. You set me up. You knew and so you played along and didn't tell me shyt! Be looking dead in my eye , hear my cries and telling me I will be good, but you knew. And you had it all along and decided to pass it to me. Then after all of that you would do this..Why did I deserve this? .. but BITCH YALL GOTTA GO FOR THIS!" A quick swoop to the left and put two bullets to Chris Girfriend chest. She drops grasping for air . She whispers " I'm sorry best friend" taking her last breath. The crowd screaming running out the club. I walked to her with rage. With tears. "BITCH you never my best friend " one shot to the head. Look around to find Chris. He was gone..

... Chris gone. Club going crazy. I'm searching for this nigga. "DAMN where he go?!" .. I felt a hand grip me so hard on the back of shoulder. "TASHA! Wanch, let's the get the hell out of here for the cops come!" .. We running out the back door. Hearing sirens from police cars, helped us put a pep in our steps. We jumped in the car and scurred off.. Lisa screaming , yelling at me "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!! YOU A FUCKING MURDERER NOW?! I MEAN I WANTED YOU TO EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS, BUT HELL DIDN'T WANT YOU TO POPPIN SHYT OFF, LITERALLY!!".. She running her mouth and I'm tuning her out , looking out the window.. Chris got to die. I don't have 0 fucks how he dies, but he's going to pay for what he did with my life. . Fuck niggas die slow......

"BRUH !!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!".. You out here getting Mfs killed cuz you burning bitches, being the UPS man giving packages, nigga?!" L Boog frantically saying to Chris at a disclosed location. "NIGGA THIS AINT THE TIME FOR THIS SHYT! She killed my fiance, she killed my seed. in front of me! She not going out like that. This wanch is dead , you feel me nigga! She fronted me like I was some punk ass dude .. Naw killing her before she gets to me!" .. Pacing back and forth, Chris is thinking and thinking. "L Boog. Come here bruh, I wanna holla at you." L Boog comes to room, slowly walks towards him, not sure what's going on. "Wats up?".. Chris grabs his hand, pulls L Boog close to him, grabbing his face. " I'm sorry about all this. I didn't want you to find out about Teresa having my child. I didn't know how to tell you. I wish we can be out the closet n be accepted, but they dont fuck with Homo Thugs in this society. One day we can be together forrel forreal. L Boog just smiled n kissed Chris on the cheek and turned towards the window. . *POW POW POW * L Boog drops to the floor. 3 bullets to his back. Boog crawling on the floor trying to exit. Chris walks towards him, turns him over with tears. L Boog eyes so stunned at the shock of what happened. Chris cries " We can be together in hell. I cant let no more secrets out. I don't trust nobody anymore. I can't let our mother know about us, brother. I love you." *POW POW Pow* .. L Boog's blood flowing down the stairs.. cocked his gun, on his way out heading downstairs, a twisting of the front doorknob emerges.... .. Twisting of the Front Doorknob emerges. "Who df knows I'm here?! " He's whispering to himself, making sure the person on the other side didn't hear them. Chris wonders if Tasha found his spot and coming for him. He stayed up stairs and hid behind the wall with a .38 ready to blast Tasha of whoever trespassing the spot. He hears the door slowly opening and one person took one step on the stairs , it's now or never. One thing people knew about Chris in the streets, he will pop at whoever , no questions asked. As he was about to come to the other side of the wall, ready to blast someone yells "Chris! Chris I know you in here! I'm sorry about what happened in the club. I don't where it came from. I wasn't expecting to come out like that and to go down like that. I'm just shocked." Chris kept quiet listening to this apology he is not sure he wants to accept. He kept his gun cocked and still aiming toward the door. "Look. The Aids thing. We can get over it. It happens to best of us and you can still live if you keep yourself up. .. I'm here because I know you want kill. To see Teresa dead and your seed in front of you gone is so messed up and I'm so sorry about that.. Tears fall down from Chris face as he listens...

Damn! I can't believe I killed my ex best friend and her unborn. I don't know what happened. I just was so pissed at both of them for doing this , I was out of it. Maybe I should just flee and don't come back, but then again I should finish his dusty ass! Idk.. I'm not no killer but my life is over. Nobody would wants a Aids woman.. man.. shyt let me hurry up and pack my shyt and get the hell out of here.. *Look at the clock* Damn! Hurry Up!

*************************************************** " but I know where Tasha is Chris. I can take you to her. I can help you kill her. I can help you take her out. She don't deserve to live any longer. She had the nerve to go behind my back and sleep with my man L Boog. Knowing she got the shyt and he passed it to me! She has to die Chris. " Chris eyes widen as he turned to the other side of the wall.. "Lisa that's you?"..... "Lisa is that you?" Chris says walking over to the other side of the wall looking down at Lisa. In the dark you too much couldn't see her until she came up a couple of steps. "Yes , it's me. " Chris pulls the gun out and point towards her. He looked at her so cold, she shivered trying to take a step back off the steps. "DON'T MOVE!.. So you incahoots with this wanch?! You knew she was going to pull this stunt! You got my fiance and my baby killed, hoe! I should out yo ass right now!" Ready to pull, Lisa yells out, "Wait! Wait Chris! I had no fucking idea she was going to pull that's shyt. I didn't know she was in town! She called me up out the blue told me that she was here and wanted to get out. At that time, I had my plan in motion to take her out after the club, but I didn't know your party was at the same spot, I thought it was in Exo?" "It was ." Chris says slowly putting the gun down. "I moved it last minute. Why you didn't give me heads up she was here?" Lisa breathing knowing her life is being spared. For now. "When I was at the bar, you just popped up , dapping taking pics, going to booth I realized it's your party. I couldn't make it to you in time. You already bumped into her and yall seen yall had a cool convo." Chris hops down on the top steps and plopped down. " So you know where she's at?" Lisa smiled. "Yes , she's at the hotel now. We can take her out. We gotta do this before she suspect something cuz I been fine too long." Chris looks at her. Smiles. " Ok I got something for her. Lisa smiles back but asks "Where is L Boog?"... *********************************************** Man Lisa is taking to damn long! Talking about she got get some from L Boog. What stupid ass name is that? Girl he sound like he not working with nothing to be taking this long. Shit I could have killed Chris as long as she taking lol. Finishing packing my clothes. Hmm. I wonder if I should call her. I haven't talk to her in a minute. Let me call her and see what's up . *scroll contacts*.... *************************************************** *knock knock* "Who is it?" "It's me Lisa" Door opens and the look on this woman face was priceless . She thought she seen a ghost but smiled. "Hey mama. This is my guy Chris. Chris, this Tasha's mom, Mrs. Gladys." "Nice to meet you."... "Nice to meet you" ,Chris says as extended his hand out. "I heard so much great things about you." Mrs. Gladys with a confuse smile, not sure what's going on but going to find out. "Thanks. I'm glad to hear.. Lisa baby.. what's going on here. Why you out here and it's late?" Lisa comes close to the door trying not to look suspicious. "Mama, I'm sorry to disturb but our car broke down and it's few miles south. We walked over here just in need for the phone to call Triple AAA. Our phones are not getting service around here. Can I use your phone?. Mrs. Gladys confused smile turn concerned slides the door all the way in. "Well babies, come on in. No need for you to be out here in the night time like this . The phone is in the kitchen. Let me show you.. ************************************************** Hmm. My mama not answering. Usually she will pick up when she sees my number , but I guess she's sleep. I'm just trying to understand why Lisa still taking to long! Maan im bout to go call my old head and see what's up with him. I mean I ain't finna live forever so I might as well get my issue off before I shake. He an old player but he can sho give me the bizz. Shoot forget Lisa slow ass, I'll ask Ol Pimp Greg to take me.. *Dialing* *ring*... *ring*...*ring* "Who dis?" "It's me Tasha" "Well... long time no here! What brought you to call me? "Daddy, I need that fix." "Aw yeah?.. You know Daddy misses that loving. Wya? "Hotel." "Send me the address..." *************************************************** Jumping to the car, Chris and Lisa take off the gloves and the trash bags they covered theirselves with after killing Mrs. Gladys with a metal pot, chopping her body up, dump in the bag and drop her in the basement. "I hate to do this to Mrs. Gladys. She seems like a sweet old lady but fuck it, had to knock her off. Anything bloodline to her gots to go! ", Chris says catching his breathe. Lisa was kinda down. She didn't to do that to her. She raised Lisa like her daughter, but she knew couldn't turn back or Chris will kill her. "Text Tasha n tell her your on your way." Chris says . " But we gonna make one stop. I gotta use his spot to torture but I kill her stupid ass. Let me hit him up and see if he's home". Following his orders, she texted Tasha.. ***************************************************DAMN! His old ass still look fine. I see why these young chick be on him. His car nice too. Shyt after this loving, I'm gonna have him drop me off at the bus station. "DAMN Tasha, you looking fine as ever!" As Old Pimp Greg turn out the hotel entrance. "Thanks. I missed you. Can't wait for this mons.. hold on I got a text." Lisa on her way?! Child she must don't know! I don't stick around. Let me text her. Damnmy phone died. "Hey Daddy , can I use your phone real quick, my phone died." "Here." I don't believe this shyt. . Why theres a screensaver .. *************************************************** Bout to call my old dude, Chris says.. "Who dis?" "Pops this me, your son Chris! Wya?" Oh just riding picked up my old friend lady Tasha." "Wait you said Tasha?!" "Yeah. Me and this fine young thing about to .*Pow Pow* *Disconnect the line*

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