The One That Lurks In The Night

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Submitted: December 23, 2017

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Submitted: December 23, 2017



I wake up in the middle of the night completly petrified by my phone ringing on my bedside table. I glace out my window to see nothing but the shut cutrains of my neighbours bedroom and the only light is the snow reflecting of the ground. As the phone still rings I notice my T.V was still on and was set on the news channel. Before turning it off I notice them talking about a stange man that is on the loose. Me being my fearless self, I close the T.V without even thinking about the so called "shadow man" Picking up my phone to see it's my friend is normal, but seeing that it's my friend that I haven't contacted in ten years is just strange. I dicide to dicline the call considering the fact that my sleep is far more important than whatever she has to say. I have always had a fear of the dark. Looking at my bedroom in the night is like looking in a cave filled with spiders crawling on the walls, clowns looking at you through the tiny hole in your closet, monsters planning out your death under your bed. My imagination was  disturbed by the blue light of my phone once again being my old friend that is now messaging. I dicide to read: 

"he's real"

"Anna answer please"

"lock all your doors and windows I can see him"

In confusion I dicide not to ask whats wrong for it must be a prank. Just as I remove my phone from my face I see this weird dark shadow near my door. I slowly lean closer trying to see what I had put there, the shadow than moves to the right. I gasp and look back at my phone noticing that I was barkey able to hold it from the shaking of my hand. I dicide to text my old friend back:

"who is real?"

I look up to see the darkness cover my entire room. My mom then takes my phone as a peice of evidence. When they look at my lock screen all they see is a message that reads "unkown: me"

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