Catch The Bus

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I was Always imagining me on a bus and a bomber comes on. What the hell would I do.

Submitted: December 23, 2017

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Submitted: December 23, 2017



I had to catch the 09:04 am bus. I left my house hurriedly and got to the bus stop just in time. There are 11 stops before the bus gets to the station. I'm seated right at the back with a shoulder bag and a small travel hand bag. There were about at that time 15 people on the bus, mainly women. I wasn't really feeling good in myself; I felt uneasy. At the 6th bus stop from where I started a man came on the bus. I'm the type of person who is always checking people out with my eyes, and especially at a time when there was just an attack in London on the buses there.
The man was tall, good looking, wearing a dark track suit. He had a blue carrier bag with him. From the time he stepped on the bus, my eyes were upon him. He came and sat opposite me, looking at me with those strange blue eyes, and the way he sat, and the slippers on his feet, I wanted to scream out. That I knew wouldn't be a good thing to do. I had to keep my cool and not bring panic to the rest of the passengers. No one else really cared. As we travelled along, then stopped, a few more passengers came on. I was now planning what to do. First, I had to be absolutely sure that my hunch was right. I got my bus pass out, looked at it funnily, got up and walked down to the bus driver. I said to him, ''Say over the speaker that something is wrong with the bus, and that there's another bus on its way.''
Glancing to my left, the man was looking down at me, other passengers were also looking at me. It was not an easy thing to convince the driver to do what I say. But for some unknown reason, this bus driver trusted me. The man was probably thinking that there must have been something wrong with my bus pass, and I had gone to check it. After the driver had spoken over the speaker, he pulled in at the next stop, and we all got off.
Special police and ambulances were already notified. Soon we were surrounded. The man was thoroughly checked and found to be okay. I knew that something like this was going to happen where I'm left to look like a fool.

Two days later, I was returning from the town. At the first bus stop from the station, a man got on and I became uneasy. This one had a rug-sack on his back. He was much younger than the first man. A bit tanned and well-built. He was wearing funny shoes and this sparked in me a strange dangerous feeling. It was raining and there were many people on the bus. I was thinking that I could get off at the next stop. But there again, if that man had intentions of destroying the bus, I would be left feeling bad about all those people. He was sitting on the seat close by the door. I was on the opposite one. I had no bags or anything of that sort on me. I was pretty sure this time that I had the right man. The package on him was dangerous. I had my plan ready. The rain had eased off, and as the bus came to the next stop and the door went open, with lightning speed I lunged across and grabbed him and tugged him outside with me. There was an explosion.

The End.

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