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Chapter 1-An Obnoxious Morning .

Submitted: December 24, 2017

John came downstairs to say goodbye to his parents, as they headed for their weekend trip. As soon as they left, John went upstairs to do some pending work. There was a dead silence in the room
until a popping sound came from John's phone. John opened the text.Just as he opened the text, he drooped his phone and stood there with his mouth open. He stood like this until another message
came from Karl. When John's parent reached home, they ran upstairs to John's room. When they entered the room, they found him sitting in the corner of the room, he was sweating badly in fear.
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Chapter 2-Great Trauma

Submitted: December 24, 2017

They promptly transported him to the nearby hospital. "your son is in great trauma."His mother and dad were left vacant after listing to that. After about a minute his mother asked the
doctor,"could we visit him?" "yes," acknowledged the doctor. They rushed towards the emergency room to visit him. The nursed said that they could take him home now.On reaching home his parent took
him to his room and soothed him on his bed. "John responded in a disregarding behaviour," nothing." "No something martialized today." Declared his father. John went into peaceful sleep. He was
asleep until he heard a thump sound. As he woke up to monitor what's happening, he contemplated something jaw-dropping!
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Chapter 3-A call From Karl

Submitted: December 30, 2017

John quickly clutched his phone and picked up the call. His mother agreed and quickly got some water from the kitchen. A minute later John's phone rang. Both John's mother and father hastened
upstairs towards John's room. Just a few seconds later, his phone dropped from his palm. His parents sat next to him. She gave the glass of water to John. And plenty more question like this was
asked by his parents to him. John broke down and cried like hell. QUICK.
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