Super Squad

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We meet Mr. Bayley, Carter's dad, and Mrs. Lewis. Drakes mom.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Parentals

Submitted: December 27, 2017

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Submitted: December 27, 2017



Carter packed her stuff into the backpack. She was pretty excited about going hiking, though she didn’t show it.
“You ready, sweetheart?” Her dad called from the kitchen. 
“Yeah, give me a sec,” She said, “You know, you don’t have to drive me to Drake’s house, he’s right down the road.”
“Are you saying you don’t like your old man driving you?” He joked.
“C’mon dad, you know it's not like that.” She sighed, climbing down the stairs and entering the kitchen. “I just don’t want to interrupt your work.” 
“No trouble at all.” He assured her, “Besides, my news report is almost finished.”
“I read your paper, you aren’t near finished.”
“Alright, alright, ya caught me.”
“Anyways, what is that about aliens stealing specimen?” She smirked
“Ah, Mr. Prescott swore he saw aliens taking samples of human garbage for their lab test, but I’m pretty sure the old coot just saw a few raccoons digging for scraps.” He sniggered. 
“Yeah, Mr. Prescott is also the guy who swore he saw a flying person, and that he had a vampire bat living in his bathroom cabinet.” 
“Yeah, he’s crazy.”  He chuckled, “Alright, we going?”

The doorbell rang. Mrs. Lewis opened the door.
“Oh, Mrs. Bayley.” She sneered. She wasn’t very tall, she came nose to nose with Carter, but she was very thin. 
“Mom, is that Carter?” She heard Drake yell from the living room.
“Yes, sweetie, I’ll send her in.” She said in a gentle, motherly voice, sweet as honey. She looked at Carter, “Keep your distance from my son.” She whispered coldly.
“Will do, uh… Ma’am.” She said nervously. She slid past Mrs. Lewis and entered the living room. Jason was already sitting on the couch with Drake. They were playing Top Shot, a first-person shooter.
“So, how bad was it?” Drake whispered over his shoulder.
“I can’t take this anymore, we are meeting at my house from now on.” She whispered harshly.
“You’ll be fine.” He sniggered 
"Hey, Carter!" A girl said in the corner. She was Jason's little sister, Amy. She was about 13, she had red hair and similar hazel green eyes to Jason. 
"Hey there, Amy." Carter sighed. Amy didn't really like Carter, much like Mrs. Lewis.
"Amy, leave her alone," Jason warned.
"Whatever." She said sarcastically.
“BAM! You’re dead!” Drake said, killing off Jason.
“All right, hotshot. Scoot over. Lemme try.”  She said, sitting on the large couch. Jason handed her the controller.
“Prepare to die, he hasn’t ever been defeated,” Jason said, patting her on the back.
“Yeah, well, neither have I.” She said, moving her fingers rapidly on the controls
She picked a character with the lowest stats. 
"Did you do that on purpose?" Amy sniggered.
"Just watch and learn, young grasshopper," Carter smirked.
They moved around the map, dodging each other. Then, Carter moved behind a large tire, positioning her sniper rifle just right. He walked past unknowingly, then... Pfft.
"No way! You beat him!" Amy said, aghast. 
"How did you...?" He said, dropping the controller on his lap.
"Told ya. Undefeated." She said. The doorbell rang again.
"That must be Vicky," Jason said. They heard Mrs. Lewis opening the door.
"Hello, and who might you be?" She said kindly.
"Oh, hello, I'm Victoria Belfrey, you must be Mrs. Lewis" 
"Belfrey? As in Belfrey Banks?"
"Yes, ma'am." They heard her say proudly.
"Well, I'm the agent who helped your parents with their bank fraud case. Funny, I don't remember them having a daughter."
"I was in boarding school at the time." 
"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you. The others are in the living room."
"The pleasure was mine, Mrs. Lewis."
"Please, call me Olivia." She said kindly.
Carter and Drake gave each other a fairly confused look. Victoria walked in, her head held high.
"Told Ya'll." She said.

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