When Love Won

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Submitted: December 24, 2017

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Submitted: December 24, 2017




“Where did you get my contact number from?” She asked, her tone laced with curiosity as she didn’t know much about him.

“Just remain calm…there is a beautiful story behind this big achievement.” He answered, smiling and trying to somehow win her heart.

“Then tell me the nonsense story.” She boomed, erupting in anger over his way of creating futile suspense.

“OK…then take this diary, open it, start flicking through the pages and just find the beautiful story.” He uttered, still smiling and looking at her constantly.

Going through the pages of his beloved diary, she found a story titled, “Her Contact Number” and the she began reading…..


‘It was nearly 8.30 a.m. when Preet, a third-year student in B.COM HONS., stepped into his classroom. He found his first love, Ritika, a happy-go-lucky girl with chubby cheeks and bright eyes, sitting on the first bench, looking at him as if she was already waiting for him. At the sight of him, her face expressed relief as she was alone there for half an hour but then he came and sat quietly beside her.

As always, there was pin-drop silence in the classroom but then she chimed in, “Can you please open all the windows?” He put his bag on the table, stood up and exclaimed, “Of course!” He raced to the windows and yanked the sashes one by one. As he turned towards his seat, he saw that she was checking notifications in her phone and then he reminded himself that he had already sent her ‘Good Morning’ text on Facebook. Smiling like an idiot, he sat at his place and took a deep breath.

Suddenly, Ruchika, faculty of International Market, entered the classroom. They both stood up and lilted together, “Good Morning ma’am.” Though she was almost half an hour late, she was all smiles.

“Where are the other students?” Ma’am asked, turning pages of the book named, ‘International Trade.’

“All are sleeping like logs in their beds,” Ritika answered in a joking way. Ma’am smiled and a little smile appeared on his face once again while he was writing ‘I am the best’ at the top of the page of his notebook.

During the lecture, he was trying to listen carefully what the ma’am was telling to them but his heart was beating fast deep inside and it was all looking on his face as he had never before got such a beautiful chance of sitting close to his first love. He used to see her in his dreams every night and it was all happening like a delightful dream to him. However, his eyes blinked when ma’am finally declared, “That’s all for today….we will start the last unit tomorrow.” Smiling, they both stood up and lilted together, “Thank you, ma’am.”

After a while, Ritika went out of the classroom for some reason but he went through some pages of her notebook that she had left there with her bag on the table and he found that her handwriting was also as beautiful as her smile and there he saw the contact number, written over the top of the page in good handwriting. It was the contact number of his first love…’


After reading the whole story, her lovely lips curved upwards to express what she was feeling deep inside her heart. His nonsense story made her anger melt away. Tears of happiness ran down her fluffy cheeks and the music of love resonated through her kiss-inspiring lips when she whispered, “You’re really incredible, now what can I say, you are already listening to my eyes.” For a moment, it looked like that he finally won her heart but something was really missing out there.

In an instant, he threw his arms and emotions wide, “I love you because I want to keep you happy forever and ever…” Still, she stood there, looking into his eyes, keeping his beloved diary safe in her hands and when she finally found true love in his eyes, she came close to him and finally hugged him at the happening of love.

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