SHE FOLLOWS THE MOON (excerpt from forthcoming novel)

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An unedited excerpt from "She Follows The Moon." This will hopefully be my first self published debut novel.

New cover! Yes, the werewolf is stolen! All of it is... Ha! It's free, for now! I hope to find an artist to draw something similar before I publish the full novel.

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This is book two in a three part novel. It picks up with the introduction of a new character, a knight, who is lost after the carnage wrought in the Holy City. Following the knight's story, are a
couple chapter with a few other main characters.

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The Demons of Destiny

Submitted: December 24, 2017

This picks up at the beginning of book two of the story with the introduction of some of the main characters. A knight has lost his way, but finds another, sort of....
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