Is that Trey Von Mart Tin

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Submitted: December 24, 2017

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Submitted: December 24, 2017



It was pure weight on top of the silence between the two strangers

In his left pocket there was one rubber band

Some spare change

One paper receipt, and some spearmint gum he had asked for from a friend earlier in the day

In the upper right part was some leftover skittles that he had been munching on periodically since his walk home from the corner store, his cell phone

And in his hand a bottle of Brisk Ice tea.

Closely following behind him a man with a red jacket right on his trail

Pacing faster.. faster… beating the time it took for the rain drops to hit the ground.

That man had a gun.

He must be on drugs.

He must be looking to rob someone blind.

He must be on his way to hurt someone.

He must be a black man looking for trouble because he is on drugs, someone is going to get hurt.  

The boy:

Why is this man following me?

Is this man trying to hurt me?

He must be someone looking for trouble attempting to attack me.

I have nothing to defend myself.

The following events are a blur.

Someone got hit.

Someone reacted in self-defense.

Someone died.

Someone walked away from the incident

Yet Both made news.

Yet both became celebrities.

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