The Last 360 Days

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OMG WHAT A F*****GOD YEAR! Just when you think you've got your shit together.....

Submitted: December 24, 2017

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Submitted: December 24, 2017



Oh my god, what a FUCKING YEAR! ....

Just when you think that you've got you're shit together, someone/thing/life throws you that hard as anything, a life changing curve ball!!... JESUS H CHRIST... @#%&* But I've met some AMAZING people and NEW friends in the last 360 Days, and also lost quite a few more along the way. I found out that I do actually have a heart, and not a swinging brick - even though it looks like a cows udder!, and even though it's completely knackered. I tried my hand and turned into a bit of a Campaigner, and I'm actually impressed - I can do this shit! And blag like a don't know what!-get me ???? I got a insect bite and swelled like Verruca Salt - AGAIN... Had a operation put on hold, and had the privilege of a couple nights stay with the NHS. But most importantly amongst all the wrong, I realised that some people aren't worth shit; while others are worth their weight in gold, the very special ones that you love more than family. I've realised that you have to let go of the dead wood because that just holds you back, and things get stale if you're not moving. I've realised what's actually important in life, if you want to last forever - so GO CLIMB THAT GOD DAMN MOUNTAIN!! I applied to go onto a GAME SHOW, consciously started ticking items off my bucket LIST & started listening to my Gut instinct . But, above ALL of this parallel mess, confusion and devistation I took the advice of a amazing kid I know "KEEP SMILING BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOUR INSPIRING" ???????? MERRY CHRISTMAS X

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