This Is Not Normal

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In this short story I will be discussing some of the gritty things that happen in a jail. Some things will be comedy, some things will be gross. Read along for details

Submitted: December 25, 2017

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Submitted: December 24, 2017



I come into work like any other day, sign in grab my post logs and notify the lieutenant that I am present. Well that night I was placed on the female cell block which contains all types of females ranging from low to maximum security inmates. The officers that we relieve gave us a short briefing about their shift. 

Officer Davis- "Hey what’s up guys, you guys are going to have fun tonight"

Officer Garcia- "Ut-Oh what happened today"

Officer Davis- "Well this chick in cell 1 went crazy today, she started banging her head against the door, she took her blanket and attempted to flood her cell, she was just of the rocker today man. Owe on first shift she was dancing in her piss and shit so be careful if you have to take her out of her cell hint hint look in her questionnaire"  

Officer Hamm-  "well guys you have twenty six on the block we also got a two new commits, one discharged a firearm in a dwelling, and the other one got so high and passed out that her child went into the tub and drowned she is being charged with negligent homicide, they are both considered max inmate"

Officer Julien- 10-4 get home safe guys it’s snowing

As we got our debriefing and settled in we began to do our head count. All checks out and most of the inmates are asleep. While we are preparing paper work for the next day the inmate in cell one begins to act disorderly and she started to scream and bang very loudly. The inmates banging echoed across the tier around 2330hrs (11:30pm). The other women started to wake up and yell

Inmate 1- "Bitch go the fuck asleep!"

Inmate 2- "Watch tomorrow when you are fucking sleeping I am going to make mad noise yo!"

Officer Julien- "Alright ladies if you feed into her she is only going to continue you guys already know that she will stop soon"

Approximately 0007 hrs (12:27 am) the banging stopped and the inmate in cell 1 went to lay down. I then took my chow break around 0130 hrs (1:30 am). There was another inmate acting up on the men’s Restricted Housing Unit so I got up to give my coworker a hand once it came over the radio. We responded along with two nurses because this inmate is known to act irate. Once we came through the door the inmate who was acting irate in cell 14 yelled out

Inmate in cell 14-"Officer Julien what’s up blood! You my nigga yo tell this fucking asshole that Brooklyn’s finest was meant for the bad cops in NY" 

Officer Julien- "Is that why you acting up what’s going on man why you doing this, I am mad at you right now we are supposed to be boys and you are giving my coworker a hard time he is a good guy"

Inmate in cell 14-"I don’t like that nigga you know what yo my chest hurt I need a Nurse! Nurse Help Me!  

Officer Julien- “Seriously bro alright”

Officer Rice- “I am going to call the lieutenant, this nigga bugging. Lieutenant Inmate Santiago is acting wild again can you come up? 10-4”

As we waited for the lieutenant inmate Santiago is talking to officer Julien spewing a whole mess of things that do not even make sense.  Inmate Santiago did mention to Office Julien

Inmate Santiago- “Julien nobody else better cuff me I don’t care only you can cuff me I’m telling you”

Officer Julien and Officer Benitez walked into the cell when the lieutenant came. As inmate Santiago is being cuffed he takes two deep breaths and says “yo Benitez you smell mad good yo you smell like booty clap” We all attempted to keep our composure but I had to break and I burst into laughter. Once I got the okay from the lieutenant I returned back to my tier to relieve my partner so he can go to chow.

When I got back to the female tier the inmate in cell 1 was standing by the door butt naked staring at us.

Officer Garcia- “have fun she started screaming again”

Officer Julien-“Okay we will see if I call a code red your ass better run”

Officer Garcia exits the tier and the inmate in cell 1 began yelling “where is he going oh no tell me! Let me out I have to go with him” I ignored the inmate and she began to alter her voice in a deep tone saying “you better let me out or else” I looked at her and she then began to act like she was being electrocuted. Finally she stopped and went to bed for about 3 hours. She then woke up, stood by the door butt naked and stared at us the remainder of our shift.

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