That Bloke.

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This story is one I made up. There are some things in it that makes sense.

Submitted: December 25, 2017

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Submitted: December 25, 2017



''If I ever hear you calling our Lord ''that bloke'' again, I'll smack your backside and ground you for a week.'' My mother told me.
I said, ''Wh is he then that you want to treat me so rough?''
''Now don't you get cheeky? He came to conquer death.''
''Explain that part to me properly!'' I told her.
""Anyone who believes in our Lord, will not die." My mother said.
''What about all those people in their graves.''
''That's enough from you. Get on with washing up the dishes.

I never seem to get the answer I want to hear. What is it with some of these people? Even my own parents keeps evading my questions. Don't they know that young people are very inquisitive. They want to know what's going on. How could a bloke from 2000 years and over ago still has influence over us. Who was he? I need to know so that I don't have to go around with these uneasy feelings.

Christmas came about and I learned what it was all about. A man had died a long time ago; and the whole world is celebrating his birth. My mother was busy in the kitchen getting the meals ready. The family would all be here soon, and we''ll all be sitting down to meal, an d then drinks.

Not long ago I had been wringing the necks of the chickens and plucking the feathers from them. It is something I hate doing. But it has tro be done. We need food to eat, and this is one of the ways of getting it. I learned a lot abut cooking. My eyes were always watching to see what my mum was doing. She was a real good cook. I decided after the festival season was over to find out who this bloke was that everyone is going nuts about.

The family started eating and drinking and chattering. There were lots of smiling faces, aznd lots of thanks to someone who wasn't there. My mother is a very religious woman and I go along with it. I do not say anything even if I feel that there's something wrong. I too, am very religious. My belief in the first power over all powers.

The festive season is over and I found an old bible with the New Testament added among the possessions of my grand dad who had many years ago passed away. I went under a mango tree and started reading. The passage that interested me was where God said to speak plainly so that people could understand. That made sense. It appealed to me. I carried on reading, then God said no one could see him and live.We have to be really careful when we hear someone saying that they saw God. If God says that no one can see him and live then it must be so. Why didn't God tell Moses about that bloke. God mentioned a prophet. One who would be like Moses. Some of the prophets had their way of talking to the people with parables but Moses and Joshua never did so. 

Just then my friend came across, sat down beside me and asked: '' What are you reading?''
''I'm reading the Holy Bible.'' I told him.
''What's that?''
''It 's about the creator and all His creatures.''
''What does it say?''
''It says that God is in the heaven of heavens.''
''Wow! That is far away!'' He said.
''How would you know?'' I said. ''He could be right under this mango tree.
He started looking around. I said, ''No, you fool. You're not going to see anything. He's like the wind, blows wherever He likes.''
''I see,'' He said. 
I turned to him and said: ''Do you want to hear what that bloke said?''
''What bloke?'' He asked.
''Never mind. There's a prophet in this book, and he claim that he is from above.''
''From the sun or moon or even the planets?'' He inquired.
''It could even be from another galaxy.''
''What else does he say?'' he wanted to know.
''He said that whoever sees him has already seen the father.''
''Is the father the same as God?''
''They are both the same.'' I told him.

''This is getting a bit confusing. Is he claiming to be God?''
''No prophet has ever claimed to be God. Remember, God said that no one can see him and live.''

Not even Moses or Joshua has claimed to see God. Moses talked with God while God was within a clioud. Isaiah said, ''My eyes have seen the king, the Lord of Hosts.''
My friend asked, ''That bloke , who was he then?''
''He was just  a Jewish prophet''

The End. 

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