Chrismas TV (flash player needed)?

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TV this Christmas has got to be the worst selection I have ever had to choose from. I need flash player, I installed flash player, I need shockwave player, I installed the sodding thing already. Oh
Sod it, just put Harry Potter on!

Submitted: December 25, 2017

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Submitted: December 25, 2017



So its Christmas day and all around us are happily sleeping off the Christmas dinner that we have managed to stuff ourselves with, a few grunts and groans from the Brussels sprouts that always have a flatulent effect on most people (true that) and so we all crowd around the television and wait for the good Christmas programs to start.

A quick browse through the TV Guide to clarify that most television channels are trying to save money (repeats of repeats) and the film selection is dire this year.

Although, there seems to be a plethora of ’carry on films’ so I suppose that will do, it seems that all the better more up to date films are (or seem to be) on the paid channels this year, I just hope the subscription channels aren’t starting a trend of holding a gun to peoples heads because I don’t subscribe to paying for something that has been (free to view) for many years!

We all watch millions of advertising adverts and (as such) that should be more than enough misery for the TV watching public but no’… even after paying to watch a program or film were all bombarded and ’forced to watch’ even more adverts so we can continue to watch the film or program. (something not quite right there)?

And so we look forward to tomorrows TV programs (don’t get to exited) because apart from one or two watch-able programs or films, there’s not much choice this year.

(is it me or is there something rotten within the fight between the free-view & pay-per view channels).

And the only other option is to be an individual and sit in front of a computer screen (it’s a lonely option) when your prepared to ignore other guests for sure!

So type in the search box (You Tube) and immerse yourself in the mega load of click boxes that appear, search for a comedy, music, drama…..and so on.

All the while totally ignoring everyone around you, your excuse is that there is nothing worthwhile watching on television.

Of course, there is the option of watching (or re-watching) the selection that appears on the BBC Iplayer, you know the programs I am talking about, there the ones that require you to create a BBC Iplayer account so you can watch them.

(Hang On A Minute)!

‘Create an account’? why the hell do people have to create an account? (we all pay a BBC licence Fee) and this is linked to every address within the United Kingdom and the BBC technology centre (already knows) people’s IP Addresses that have a Licence to view their programs?

Anyhow, ’account created’…. so now we can get on watching one or two BBC programs BUT hold on (flash player needed) is the screen banner facing us so we check settings and find that flash player is already installed and working.

But it still says (flash player needed)… Oh sod this for a game and just put on a re-run of Harry Potter on Film4!!

Early indications seem to be the pay per view channels will win this year.

Thanks For Reading.

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