My Despicable Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Part 1

Rudi - Are you alright?


Margo - Yes just a bit nervous;


Rudi - Nervous about what;


Margo - Just nervous;


Rudi - Don't be;


Margo - This chocolate ice cream taste so good;


Rudi - It's fudge;


Margo - Did I say chocolate I meant fudge?


Rudi - So how was school?


Margo - It was alright I learned the 50s jive;


Rudi - Really;


Margo - Yes what about you?


Rudi - Learning about the secret lives of well know historic icons;


Margo - Really;


Rudi - Did you know that Queen Elizabeth the first was never married?


Margo - No I did not;


Rudi - And King Henry did not have six wives;


Margo - He didn't;


Rudi - Nope;


Margo - But in my history book it said he did;


Rudi - The truth is he did not;


Margo - Is there any more facts I don't know about?


Rudi - There is more than one moon Marie Antoinette did not come out with the slogan Let Them Eat Cake and she was not beautiful the head chopper was last used in the seventies;


Margo - Whoa let me stop you there;


Rudi - Okay got a bit carried away hah;


Margo - Oh no it's fine;


Rudi - You want to hear some facts about my father;


Margo - Sure;


Rudi - He's a scientist and inventor;


Margo - Eh what;


Rudi - Scientist and Inventor;


Margo silent;


Rudi - I knew you will not be impressed:


Margo - Oh no it's cool that you father is a scientist and inventor;


Margo takes a spoon full of fudge ice cream and eats it;


Rudi - I am so glad to have a friend like you;


Margo - Same goes for me;


The ice cream shop door opens;


Rudi's father - Here's your wallet;


Rudi - How did you know I was here?


Rudi's father - Benison told me;


Margo - Who's Benison?


Rudi - A robot that I made;


Margo - You made a robot;


Rudi - Yes;


Margo - What does he do?


Rudi - Chores and engineering;


Rudi's father - Well I must be going enjoy your day son;


Rudi's father turns and walks out from the ice cream shop he goes into an SUV and drives away;

Gru - Are you sure you saw Margo here?


Agnes - Yes;


Edith - With that French boy;


Gru - Wright;


Gru Edith and Agnes walk into the Ice cream shop;


Gru calls - Margo daddy's here;


Rudi - Some outing this is turning out to be;




Lucy – You’re kidding;


Woman crying – He just walked out on me;


Lucy – Your boyfriend;


Woman crying – My cat;


Lucy – Your cat;


Woman crying – Yes;


Lucy – Not your boyfriend;


Woman crying – No;


Lucy – I will see what I can do;


Woman – Thanks Lucy you are the best;


Lucy – Anything for a school friend;


The woman picks up a glass of lemonade and sips it;


Woman – So how is Gru and the girls?


Lucy – There fine;


Woman – Have you and Gru thought of having you know?


Lucy – I am still getting use to the mum thing with the girls;


Two of the Minions sneak past holding a large cheesecake;


Lucy – Take the Cheesecake back;


Minions – Oh poop;


The two Minions walk away;


Woman – Has Margo started high school?


Lucy – Not until September;


Woman – Which type of high school is she attending?


Lucy – Well it’s not private that’s for sure;


Woman – What about Edith?


Lucy – Elementary;


Woman – And Agnes;


Lucy – In her last year at pre-school;


Woman – Already;


Lucy – Yes;


Woman – How times go so quickly;


She takes another sip of her lemonade;


Woman – Well I better be going;


Lucy – It was nice of you to come and visit;


The woman gets up from the sofa and walks over to the door she opens it and steps out;


Woman – Danial;


Man – I have put some posters up notifying your missing cat?


Woman – I thought you hated Lankan?


Man – I do until I heard on the TV that he’s not the only cat that has walked out from their owners;


Woman – What!


Man – A masked stranger has been spotted around town leading cats into a van;


Woman - Cats into a van;


Man – Yes;


Lucy – Where about in town?


Man – The last place this masked stranger was spotted was at the north side of town;


Lucy – North side of town;


Man – Yes;


Lucy -Okay;


The woman walks over to her car along with the man they both get into  their cars and drove away Lucy closes the door she takes out her cell phone;


Gru – So what is attracting you to Margo?


Gru cell phone rings he takes it out from his pocket and answers;


Gru – Hello;


Lucy’s voice – There is a masked stranger going around town picking up cats;


Edith – I hope you have not affected her with coo-des:


Agnes – We know what you young French boys a like?


Rudi – I and your sister Margo are just friends;


Edith –That is not what I heard;


Rudi’s voice on Edith’s phone –Bonjour my French rose how are you  just about to get naked and go in the shower as I scrub and dub I will be thinking  of you washing my back face and hair and I don’t mean the heir on my head;


Rudi – Okay so I got a bit carried away but it does not mean I cannot be friends with your sister Margo;


Edith – Agnes and I are watching you really carefully;


Gru – Why cats can’t it be dogs;


Lucy’s voice – Just help me catch this masked stranger stealing cats;


Gru – Fine I am on my way;


Gru puts his cell phone away;


Gru – This is not over;


Gru Agnes and Edith turn and walk out from the ice cream shop;


Rudi – Your father and sisters are very,


Margo – Protective I know;


Rudi – I was going to say nice;


Margo – Yeah they can be if they want to;


Rudi – Come I will take you home;


Margo and Rudi get up they turn and walk out from the ice cream shop Rudi takes out his cell phone;


Rudi’s fathers voice – Yes son;


Rudi – Can you come back to the ice cream shop?


Edith – A masked stranger;

Agnes – Stealing cats;


Gru – That’s what Lucy said;


Agnes – Does it include kittens?


Edith – Who will waste their time stealing cats?


Gru – There are some people who love cats and they will do anything to get a hold of one;


Agnes – It probably must be some lonely old lady?


Edith – What makes you say that?


Agnes – All cat thieves are lonely old ladies;





























Marked stranger – Hush my kitty friends we are almost at your new home the kitty deluxe hotel where all your kitty dreams will come true;


Evil laugh;


The cats are afraid as the van turns and drives towards a big manor house the gates open the van drives over to the big house and stops the masked stranger opens the van door and steps out the manor house door opens;


Masked stranger –I gathered up some more;


Voice – Excellent;


A small white briefcase was given to the marked stranger;


Masked stranger – Thanks;


The masked stranger goes to the back of the van and opens the door;


Voice – Come to me my furry friends?


The cats jump out from the back of the van they walk into the manor house.



























Part 2

Margo – I really appreciate you taking me home;

Rudi – It’s the least I can do;

Margo – I don’t know how Edith traced your message from my cell phone to hers;

Rudi –It’s okay;

Margo – So you go to a private school;

Rudi – Yes;

Margo – Day or Boarding;

Rudi – Day;

Margo – Okay;

Rudi – I did not want to follow my father’s footsteps in doing boarding;

Margo – I see;

Rudi’s father – I did not want him to experience the lifestyle in getting up really early and doing things in a militant fashion;

Margo – Militant fashion;

Rudi’s father –Yes;

Woman’s voice on radio- And now for the news there has been a number of cats going missing around town;

Rudi – Cats;

Margo – Going missing around town;

Woman’s voice on radio – A masked stranger has been spotted leading cats into a van;

Rudi’s father – Now who in their mind will steal cats,

Rudi – Probably some lonely old lady;

Margo – Not all cat lovers are lonely old ladies;

The SUV arrives outside Gru and Lucy’s house the door opens Margo and Rudi come out;

Rudi – Shall I walk you to the door?

Margo – If you want;

Rudi walks Margo to the door;

Margo – I really had a good time;

Rudi –Want to do it again sometime?

The front door opens;

Edith – I knew it;

Agnes – You were both about to kiss weren’t you?

Edith – Coo-des;

Rudi – I told you both that I and your sister are just friends;

Edith – If you and Margo are just friends why are you both holding hands?


Voice – Wright my furry friends and welcome to kitty paradise where you can eat sleep and play;

Old lady – Why cats;

Voice – They make good companions for villains

Old lady – But why so many of them;

Voice – Because I am greedy and in need of some furry company;

A cell phone rings;

Voice –Hello how are you have I seen what a masked stranger leading cats into a van no I haven’t but I will keep a look out take care goodbye;

Old lady – Who was it?

Voice –We must keep these cats away from all the windows and doors;

Old lady – I will just put them in the chamber;

Voice – Thanks;

The old lady turns and walks away the cats followed her;

Voice – If he and his wife finds out about these cats I am in deep doo-doo okay calm down don’t panic okay maybe I should call a friend yeah call a friend to see how they are doing;

Rudi’s father’s cell phone rings;

Rudi’s father – Hello

Voice on cell phone – Meow I mean cat’s cradle no hello Fredrik old buddy and pal how are you doing?

Rudi’s father – Alright and you;

Voice – Fine nothing of the hair ball I mean sort;

Rudi’s father – Okay;

Voice-So what are you up to?

Rudi’s father – Nothing much;

Voice – Would you like to come over for fish and milk I mean wine and canapés?

Rudi’s father – Sure let me just drop my son at home and I will be there;

Voice – Excellent;

Rudi’s father – See you soon goodbye;

Rudi – Your friend sounds nervous;

Rudi’s father – He probably has gas;

Rudi – Are you sure;

Rudi’s father – Yes;

Rudi – Really sure?

Rudi’s father – Really sure;

Rudi – I don’t believe you;

Rudi’s father – What do you mean?

Rudi – Your so call friend is hiding something;

Rudi’s father – Son this is not the time for you to play Sherlock;

Rudi – Here’s what I want you to do while you’re at your friend’s house pretend you are lost and check all the rooms and chambers;

Rudi’s father – I can’t do that;

Rudi – Why?

Rudi’s father – Because that’s not what friend’s do;

Rudi – Well in that case I am coming with you;

Rudi’s father – No you are not;

Rudi – Then do as I say;

Rudi’s father silent;

Rudi – Fine forget I said that;

The SUV drives to a garage the door opens the SUV goes in Rudi steps out;

Rudi’s father – I will be back before dinner;

Rudi – Okay;

Rudi’s father – Good;

Rudi closes the SUV door and walks over to an elevator the SUV drives out from the garage Benison was by the elevator as it arrives;

Benison – Afternoon master;

Rudi – Afternoon Benison;

Benison – Why a long face?

Rudi – It’s my father’s friend;

Benison – What about your father’s friend?

Rudi – He was talking suspiciously on my father’s speaker phone;

Benison – In what why;

Rudi – Like he’s hiding something;

Benison –Okay so what are you going to do?

Rudi – Let Mother Nature takes its course;

Lucy and Gru hiding in a bush;

Lucy – Okay Gru there is the van do your stuff;

Gru slowly crawls out from the bushes over to the van he puts a tracking device underneath the van and crawls back into the bush;

Gru – All done;

Lucy – Excellent;

The van drives away a helicopter with dark windows follows it;

Rudi’s father – My son is doing fine;

Voice – Does he have a girlfriend?

Rudi’s father - She’s not actually a girlfriend it’s a friend;

Voice –What’s this girl’s name?

Rudi’s father – Margo;

Coughing and choking sound;

Rudi’s father – Are you alright?

Voice – Yes just a tickle in my throat;

Rudi’s father – Maybe you should slow down with the wine;

Voice – No I am fine;

Old lady – Here are the canapés you asked for;

Voice – Thanks;

Rudi’s father – So how are things?

Voice – Things are fine and let me tell you there is no wannabe villainy going on here;

Rudi’s father – Beg your pardon?

Voice – Do you remember the stink bomb prank at the swimming club’s locker room?

Rudi’s father – How can I not remember?

Voice – Any chance in doing that again?

Rudi’s father – No my son will not appreciate it;

Voice – He’s 12;

Rudi’s father – Yeah but he’s mature for his age;

Voice – So mature he’s friends with my niece;

Rudi’s father – Oh don’t be like that Dru;

Dru cell phone rings he answers;

Dru – Hello;

Gru’s voice – Release the cat’s brother or I will tell the girls;

Rudi’s father – So you were hiding something;

Later that night all the cats where released;

Danial – I am sure Lankan is somewhere;

Woman – Lankan!

The woman picks the cat up;

Woman – Where have you been mummy was so worried about you come let’s go home;

The woman and her boyfriend continued walking;

Agnes – You court the masked stranger!

Gru – Yes;

Edith –How did you catch him?

Lucy – With brains and technology;

Margo texting;

Gru –Margo who are you texting?

Margo – Nobody;


Submitted: December 26, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Green Rabbit. All rights reserved.

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Amazing plot. Yet you can change also the font cause its hard to see some dialogue :)

Mon, January 8th, 2018 5:46am

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