Philosophy, cause, effect, and Creation

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Philosophy and physics. Analysis of cause, effect, and creation.

I'm certain God has his reasons for creation, lets find out what they are. 

(Before You Begin Reading) let me explain my motives, this is a project I've been working on for the sake of pure joy in learning and feeling 

productive, even though this subject matter can feel the opposite like chasing wind. I have benefited greatly in understanding of words and 

relationship between cause/effect not to mention my ability to find resolve has increased in effectiveness by way of knowing what questions to 

ask myself, in order to get the accurate results I desire from my effort. 

This document is entirely written in my own words and I did not use any other external sources for information regarding any of the following 

subjects. all opinions and theories were formulated by me and no-one else.

( Incomplete and still under development )
I'm not finished with this yet so if there are errors my apologies I will continue to edit until it is complete.I would greatly appreciate either 

positive or critical feedback. Don't be afraid to tell me i'm wrong Your opinion matters.
(the ultimate conclusion to this document is still pending)

# (Goal) Learn to be effective in use of (scientific method of problem solving by analysis of cause and effect )  studying words and the 

relationship between cause/effect and action/reaction in order to obtain accurate results in my efforts to study subject matter of which I have 

little understanding so that my intentions of formulating my own opinions and theories about certain topics or questions I've chosen will not feel 

futile or in vain because, I've fooled myself. 

# The (Reason and Cause) for this is that I find (I'm deceiving my own-self) too often.

# Here's a brain tease unlike any other I've seen all the days of my life.............
Question; In the Absence of thought, idea or conception, how can reality be made manifest? 

(Goal) - lets think about it. what conclusions can we draw from the information? 
# The way I see it, presence of existence and presence of thought can only be possible while coexisting with presence of perception, because 

recognition is seeing/hearing/touching/knowing this is perception or confirmation and is the beginning of understanding.
# (Perception only exists within the presence of an entity with a mind and thought) 
#2 How can existence be recognized in (absence of an observer) or a witness? 
(Recognition of existence) can only be possible through an observation made by an (entity with intent) a confirmation of truth.
For example, how can I know that my sister is home if I cannot see her and I'm not told? Answer; I have to ask her. I have to know. the only way 

to confirm with presence of thought on the subject.
# (Conclusion): In the absence of knowledge, existence exists certainly, yet only unto itself, in this state everything is meaningless there's 

nothing to confirm, deny or even recognize. Its existing null/void, without purpose or reason.

# (Questioning Existence Of Intelligent Entity, Gifted In Higher-Authority)
If a (Higher Authority) over the (Creation) of and laws of the (physical world) is not present with (intent) on pursuit of a plan of action, in my 
opinion It is impossible that our world exist otherwise. I've accepted as truth an entity or power exists, yet certainly cannot be seen but yet we 
perceive this entity because the evidence supports the thought. 
Certainly we have no witness of this entity itself as it resides in the realm of the unknown, however we have witness of its power and through its 
work can be perceived. 
Without evidence of this power how could we have knowledge of this? How have we hope or faith in him, while he cannot be observed because he 
resides in the unknown expanses of either this realm or another

# The beauty of our truth is simply that we have been gifted with the honor and pleasure of witnessing and being present to observe this power 

and for me this is the (only purpose or meaning to life)

# Creation (regarding the intent) or lack of intended purpose 
In my opinion its impossibility for creation to have manifested itself without reason or purpose.

# How can one create without knowledge of creation?
# (In relation to birth of god) and the (creation of the universe)
# How can non-existence possibly take any course of action with intentions of voluntarily manifesting into the physical realm? Who/what 

created God? Did God create himself?

# (Theology) tells us very simply in holy scriptures, that God was, is and is to come. "I am as I am" "I am the alpha and omega" "the beginning 

and the end" 

# (Creation) is a (Magical, Miracle Shrouded In Mystery Of The Unknown), 
Certainly It is is marvelous in our eyes.

# (Often defying logic, and reason, we question ourselves) How can our world be made possible? 
Seeing is believing so how can one perceive, if he hasn't seen or 
The form of creation exists, but regarding specific cause concerning the miracles of the manifestation of existence, answers cannot be 
given. It is a secret, only known to the creator. The truth of him is our faith and hope in him and his presence, the opposite of faith is 

separation from that truth. 

# (Of the existence of God) What more proof do we need? (Without hope) as (mortal humans) we have (No Greater Condemnation). We are 

(prisoners) here in this (physical realm) 
# (The hour glass is draining) our time is running out. # We know we are (temporary) our life here eventually will come to an end and # we 

shall (perish) in our flesh. # We are (molded from dust of the earth) and to the dust of the earth we shall return, (Certainly our only hope is in, 

(faith and in eternal life) We have hope in a future and journey in the afterlife, in which our spirit lives on beyond this place for whatever 

purpose, (In that purpose we will have peace)

# The Creator ( Itself) Being neither male nor female, could not have (manifested and exist) or have been ( formed ) without ( reason or 

purpose ) 

# (Creation In Regards To Purpose and Achievement) the (Value of the Goal).
(Something without purpose Is meaningless) 
For example;  (Useless Objects) (course of action yielding no profit / reward)

# (Purpose Can Only Be Attributed To) Action/Object/Event/Subject/Person/Effects/Results 

# (Effects/Results Are Purpose) 
# (purpose is either, vague, unknown or it is known and understood), 
# (The moment purpose is recognized) its value is (only known to the 
entity/subject/person) ( Revealed Through Observation) or other means. 
# (Measure of Worth/Value = Purpose)

# (The Holy Scriptures) speak of the ( meaninglessness) of life as being that  (ultimately) as a ( result ) of any gain being ( left behind )in the 

end, (Nothing Is Truly Gained) 

# So then (What Is Our Fruits Of Labor) # Answer : (Nothing) 
(Conclusion) : Just because, (we haven't gained anything physically, doesn't mean it wasn't worth it) 

#( The spirit and breath of life ) that fills our inward parts is the greatest gift because it is eternal) In this we have purpose. # To what degree it 

has meaning to you is your opinion and measure of its worth

(When you are studying cause and effect.) the effect is exactly this.......
# Every question leads to more and more questions, no matter how many answers you receive, a person will never find one answer to sum up 

the subject as a whole in order to see the big picture, and obtain closure.
# What came first the chicken or the egg and Did God create himself?
# To ask such questions is for pure personal benefit and desire because, it is like 
# (chasing wind or beating a dead horse)

# (Questioning Possibility For Something To Manifest Itself Physically Into Existence), (Involuntarily Or Voluntarily)
# ( Possibility Of The Manifestation Of Intelligent Entity By Voluntary Effort?) 
 Answer: Unknown
# Possibility of (spontaneous) materialization of physical matter) (without assistance or reason) /spontaneous = Out Of Nowhere
# (Spontaneous Manifestation of mass/matter) Explained; 
# Conclusion : Manifestation, (matter/mass/entity appearing suddenly without warning (the cause can be either, Natural or U-Natural (it can be 

either an entity appearing because of a natural reason or it can be forced to be revealed by efforts from an Intelligent external source: Results;
# (Possibility: (Spiritual World) Or (Alternate realm) (Another Dimension)

Existence In Its Original Form:
#  (Entities In Their Original State) are (elements) (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) (Original State of Matter/Mass/Particles)

# (Regarding Original State) In the beginning, the entity doesn't have visible form therefore cannot be seen with the naked eye. If an observer 

did notice however, it could only be (Perceived As Pure Energy Or Invisible Force)
Conclusion : Matter in its purest form = Particles and energy

# (Concerning Existence Of Spirit ) ( Body Of Energy ) an ( Entity Having Force ) being (able) to take course of (Intelligent Action), With (Intent 

Of Achieving A Goal) for the ( Sake Of A Purpose)

# (Entities In Their Original State) are (elements) (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water)

# (In The Beginning) exists ( Nothingness) void, (Without Form )
# (Originally) (It Wast Even A Thing) For that matter it (Wasn't) even an (IT)
Regarding, (Cause Or Reason) Answers cannot be given, because they simply cannot be obtained.

Question, Did God Create Itself/Himself? 
 # (God manifestation of self) Conclusion; Unknown
# What do we know?
# Without knowledge? Reality is the false perception of being in a state of Nonexistence) 
# In The (Absence) of (Thought)
(Formation of Thought, Ideas, and Conceptions) are (impossible) resulting from (absence of perception.) 
# (The Occurrence And Existence Of Physical Manifestation) and also (Invisible forces) and (realms, beyond the physical plane) are only made 
(possible with the formation of thought) # In Absence of Thought, ideas and concepts nothing can be perceived, known or seen, yet for that 

matter even have been made manifest. 
(Conclusion) : (Its Impossible for physical reality and matter to spontaneously manifest, without assistance from an external force.) 
# Manifestation cannot be achieved without higher authority and power over laws of the physical State of matter and its creation; Its a physical 

law and impossibility for any particle, matter or substance of any 
type be created, or destroyed, by physical means, 
# Example : If you set a piece of paper on fire has it been destroyed? or simply has it changed form? 
 # Matter/Mass (Can only be Manipulated) It cannot be created or destroyed changes can be made regards to its form/shape by the application 

of heat, and changes can be made to its Location/ coordinates/position in space, by effort from external sources.
# Manifestation of creation begins (beyond) the plane of 
our physical world. What defy's logic and laws of physics is for something to have been created out of nothing, Even the idea of that possibility 
being believed to be true is almost inconceivable, 
Without knowledge, authority, and power equal to the Almighty lord of worlds, 
We have no way of even answering some of the most basic questions concerning their existence. The idea of us having power over physical 
creation is only considered mystical nonsense, simply considered impossible.
1 # Does physical reality exist without perception? Think about it... subject A, perceives reality simply because he sees it, has touched it or he 
knows it there, maybe because he/she smells it. Subject B, Doesn't know anything and has no knowledge of even his own existence, therefore its 
impossible for B to perceive even himself much less anything external. From Subject B's (point of view / lack thereof), physical reality is 
2# Whats true for both? 3#What the difference? It is true for both A and B beyond a shadow of a doubt 
existence is Truth its reality. The only difference being, Subject B, has no concept of this truth? because of an absence of 
knowledge, In this case ideas or conceptions cannot possibly be manifested,

4#(Concerning the question: Is physical reality possible without knowledge? Lets think about it without knowledge the possibility of the idea or 

model for creation is not even possible. So then (for existence to be perceived) and 
known (manifestation of thought must occur). In absence of manifestation of thought, observational awareness of existence is not present so 

development of a conception of reality, simply cannot happen, its impossible only because 
it hasn't been perceived not because it isn't there. 
# (Concerning the question:) Was our world was created by entity with intelligent intent or if it simply just was, is and always will be everyone's 

# The fact of the matter is its practically useless to think of it you'll drive yourself koo koo for co co puffs but for what its worth lets go ahead 

and see if we can even come close to finding any evidence.
(Fact/: # Although many theories can be developed, science cannot confirm or deny an answer they can accept as truth with any certainty 

(Conclusion/ : Nobody knows) 

(Theory): # Without an (entity or presence) possessing (Knowledge and conceptions) of our world in regards to creation it is simply accepted as 

an impossibility.

(Fact) : # Regardless, even with inability to perceive something, its still possible and may exist or be true, even though it cannot be seen.

In the question of, Possibility, Impossibility, Existence, Nonexistence, Creation 
Ability to have perception of such concepts is vital, in absence of knowledge our world, appears to be non-existent, because an Intelligent 

observer must be 
present to develop a concept of its form. For example: If an artist doesn't know how an object is shaped. Then how can he attempt to duplicate it 

paper. Its impossible. 
Without knowledge, even the idea of creation is inconceivable. 

(The theoretical conclusion) Without knowledge, 
creation is impossible because how can something without thought create something with ability to reason? 

(Theory Accepted as Fact) : Without assistance from a higher authority with ability to reason and presence of thought, the concept of our world 

wouldn't even exist.

Submitted: December 26, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Philosophical Wiz Kid. All rights reserved.

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