Her night in paradise

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Submitted: December 26, 2017



“Her night in paradise.”


Her name was Michaela, she was 18 and had flown out to Hawaii to visit her sister (Marissa) and brother-in-law (Tyler). This was her first time visiting and she had no idea what was in store for her. They had gone out to do the normal, tourist activities during the days and the evening brought new friends over to relax are the firepit with a few drinks.

But tonight was different. Michaela felt adventurous enough to try a few sips of her older sister’s vodka and sprite. While she wasn’t a huge fan, she could feel a buzz creeping up and started to relax more then usual. Michaela was normally a very quiet, shy girl but had a very illicit mind. In her off time, she would write stories about sex and let her imagination run wild in the process. She was beautiful, tall, long hair, and a smile that could melt any man or woman staring long enough. And that was the problem.

You see, her brother-in-law couldn’t take his eyes off her tonight. She was wearing a pair of short, tight black shorts and a white camisole that was practically see-through to her pink bra. He had been drinking dark rum which always puts him in a mood as he had described. They had all sat around the firepit exchanging laughs for a few hours until friends started to leave. Michaela’s older sister was tired and asked Tyler to finish cleaning up as she was heading to bed.

Michaela offered to help and the two of them were left putting dishes away as everyone else departed. Tyler couldn’t stop thinking about Michaela and she knew it. She would glance over to him and catch his eyes pointed directly at her waist. He would smile and turn away but they both knew what was on his mind. As they finished cleaning she said goodnight and went to their spare bedroom to undress and get ready for bed. He followed her upstairs quietly as to not make her aware of his actions.

Unaware Tyler was peaking through her doorway, she slowly slid down her shorts, climbed into bed and closed her eyes. Seeing her that way was driving him wild. She was wearing a matching pink lace thong to her pink bra. Tyler began rubbing himself outside of her doorway while imagining her. Suddenly she felt someone on the bed with her.

Before she could make a sound, she had something pushed over her mouth. It was a fabric preventing her from making any noise. He grabbed both of her wrists and while holding her down, began kissing and biting at her neck. She struggled a bit but the weight of him exhausted her. She was rolled over onto her stomach and wrists then tied behind her back. She was helpless.

He pulled her hips up into the air and pushed her face down into the pillow. Suddenly, she no longer felt the need to resist. She knew this was wrong, but she couldn’t. She was paralyzed. He pulled her thong off to the side and began sliding his tongue up and down her clit. Almost teasing her with it. She tried to get one last mumble out telling him to stop but it was useless. He slid a finger inside her just once and then pulled it back out to taste her with it. He pushed it back into her a little harder this time slowly speeding up. He leaned forward licking her clit while he pushed his finger into her repeatedly.

Once she was wet enough he pushed a second finger into her. Faster and faster he went with little resistance at this point. He sat back up and with his other hand, quickly pulled his shorts down exposing his hard cock. He couldn’t help but rub himself to the pace that his finger pushed in and out of her. He stopped for just a moment as he pulled her panties down to her knees. He positioned himself behind her and grabbed her wrists that were still bound together behind her back and pushed his hard cock inside her. He gave her no mercy. Instantly thrusting as hard and as fast as he could. He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head up toward his chest and used his other hand to reach around her waist and rub on her clit with his fingers. She started quivering as she reached orgasm. Her moans muffled by her gag, he pushed her head back down to the pillow and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands spreading them apart. Pulling his cock out of her and leaned down to run his tongue up and down her pussy to taste her. He couldn’t resist licking up and down even tasting the rim of her ass.

He wasn’t satisfied just yet. He slowly pushed one finger into her ass. Back and forth stretching her. After a few seconds, he pulled his finger out and pushed his stiff cock into her ass. She tried screaming again. She had never been fucked in the ass before. It hurt but there was no escaping him. He started slow and quickly speed up. To her surprise the pain quickly passed, and it started feeling good. She couldn’t believe it. But that didn’t stop her from struggling once more. Michaela had finally broke her wrists loose tried to squirm away.

All she had succeeded in doing was pulling herself away from him enough that he was no longer inside her. He quickly grabbed her and rolled her onto her back grabbing each wrist with his hands and holding them down to the bed next to her head. He positions himself back between her legs and pushes his cock back into her pussy and fucks her as hard as he can. Her attempts to get away have made him merciless. She can feel another orgasm coming and she attempts moaning again. “No use making noise.”, he says. “No one can hear you.”

She cums extremely hard this time. Shaking violently and can barely take in any air. It’s as if her heart stops. He pulls out once again watching her in sweet agony and continuing to stroke himself. He straddles her upper torso bringing his dick toward her face. He strokes himself harder and faster. His hot cum pours out onto  her chest and neck. He presses the tip off his dick to her lips cleaning himself off onto her chin. Michaela tastes him ever so slightly on her tongue and swallows hard. It was over .

He climbs off her and pulls her panties back up to her waist. Leans back over and kisses her forehead and leaves the room peaking back over his shoulder as he exits the doorway. Exhausted, she instantly passes out.

The next morning she awakes with an odd feeling about the night before. She uncovers herself to find her clothes still on and the bed almost completely untouched. Had her night in paradise all been a dream?

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