Warlock Gaiden: Lost Girls

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Warlock Gaiden: Lost Girls - Warlock Gaiden 5 takes place after Warlock 3. The group meet an Elf who claims to have been sent from his Realm to capture a renegade, but has been injured in his
quest. With much persuasion from Kathrina, the group agree to help the Elf to both recover and complete his quest. However, Kathrina and Thea, along with the Elf, mysteriously disappear the night
after they agree to help him. The sisters are pulled into the Elven Realm where they come face to face with the Realm's king. He confronts them, claiming that they possess an ancient power that he
desires. But the sisters have no idea what he is talking about. One of the King's sons comes to their aid, but can they really trust anyone here?

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Gaiden's Soundtrack

Submitted: December 26, 2017

Each Gaiden that has relation to the Warlock series has its own unique soundtrack. Here is this Gaiden's soundtrack:  ... Read Chapter