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Submitted: December 26, 2017

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Submitted: December 26, 2017




I want to show you everything

all of this until there's nothing left

take your photograph and kiss you on the neck

I love when we get buzzed and walk downtown L.A.

your laugh and smile, you're beautiful when you fade away

I like your dark hair and how you carry the world on your shoulders

holding a cigarette and getting another year older

unbutton your jeans and come dance with me

we can make waves til you leave

you will become the ghost that I write about

at least for a couple months til it's someone else

“girl, to me you are a light…”

“don't finish that” you said

you looked down at your feet and I could tell you were sad

no matter how much you turn away, we both love that song

what if the plane went down when we flew to Paris?

our bodies blown apart, I'd like to see that mess

every thought and action reduced into little bags

goodbye, sleepless nights

hello, violent crash

maybe, that's what will truly make us happy?

I guess that's what we need

mangled up together, forever and ever

I can still see you blowing smoke towards the street

tell me again why you have to leave

say it enough and it might make sense...


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