The man

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Submitted: December 26, 2017

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Submitted: December 26, 2017



The man

“Are you sure about the information this time young man?” asked the man in his customary cordial tone especially reserved for those who fail him a few times as he furiously jotted down the details on his notepad. “Yes sir. Absolutely positive this time. I was in the room in front of Mr. Howard when he divulged these very details to me and the rest of the project team.” said the young secretary to the CEO of Pegasus Industries, Ronald Higgins over a secure phone connection routed across several misdirected pathways designed to block traceability for a full 5 minutes per call.

The man had gone through quite a bit of trouble and considerable expense to make this possible. Then again, affordability wasn’t his problem, lack of knowledge was. That’s where the young secretary, his agent inside Sundance Inc. came into the picture.

Just before he ended the call, the man said, “Now Cody, you know exactly what to tell Mr. Williams when you speak with him today then?”

This resourceful albeit greedy young man, Cody Davis, came to the man’s attention through one of his countless flings, a girl named Dolores who was old enough to make it legal but young enough to make it an evening’s worth of fun. She had recently made her rather sought after & understandably costly services available to Cody during one of his days off work where he did the spending, drinking & talking too much part and she provided the right motivation for him to exert himself financially & physically. Cody didn’t need to know that Dolores had spent some quality time with other interested parties where both liquor & information flowed quite freely.

The man abruptly placed the pure gold mouthpiece back on its ornate cradle as Cody was trying to confirm the substantial payment for this information. Minor details. He whispered the contents of his scribbled note with a slightly malicious smile, “At 10:00 am CT on 07/28/2015, a car with Sundance Inc.’s cutting-edge security technology will leave hangar 10 located in Indianapolis, IN for its destination in Dallas, TX. When this trip is successfully completed, we will have taken over 100% of the market share leaving all our competitors in the Stone Age.”  

“Now you’re pulling my leg…right?” said Cody as he embraced the irresistible Dolores whom he had been courting over the last 6 months. “No big boy, I am serious. This is exactly what I heard my best friend, Mrs. Howard, tell me when we dined at Das Schloss last week. Isn’t that just wild?” Now Dolores had never met Mrs. Howard and there was no doubt that the fine Mr. Howard wished to keep it that way but Cody didn’t need to know these silly little details so a ruse would work just as well. “This is wild stuff!” said Cody as he put on his clothes hurriedly as he tried to get out of bed and run to the front door at the same time. “Where are you off to in such a hurry sweetheart?” asked Dolores in her most inviting tone of voice as Cody shouted his apologies, slammed the door to the hotel room and rushed to the elevator. He needed to call the man and let him know of this new development right away lest he lose his substantial payment this time around for not supplying the correct inside information…again. “Well I never…!” said Dolores as she saw a blur of Cody Davis run out the hotel room still trying to get his clothes & shoes on. Most men usually looked like he did coming into the room with her.

Cody pressed the button for the elevator as he began to dial the secure line on his cell phone. No cell phone signal. Cody rushed to the nearest exit and started to dart downstairs to get out into the open and recover a good signal to make the call. A poorly tied shoelace caused him to trip and reach the next floor down in record time but it would have been quite an achievement to talk about if he had made it there alive. He crashed into the edge of one of the stairs with the back of his neck and that was the last anyone would hear of Cody Davis…and the exciting piece of information for the man.

At precisely 10:00 am CT on 07/28/2015, as planned, the car with its sole occupant, the driver, left Sundance Inc.’s hangar 10 in Indianapolis, IN en route to its planned destination in Dallas, TX. Mr. Howard may very well have his infidelities here and there but he was a stickler for punctuality in all matters, especially for making a substantial profit. The car was being driven at a steady 65 mph on the right-hand side lane as any law-abiding citizen would to ensure that it did not attract any undue attention. In fact, for a vehicle that contained some rather remarkable cutting-edge technology, it was actually a visibly used 2006 Honda Civic. Most respectable people wouldn’t look at something like that even once much less a second glance. That would explain the lack of a convoy to accompany a loaded car like this. “Clever plot”, thought Quincy, “but not nearly clever enough”.

The man’s most trusted mercenary, Quincy “Thor” Williams, was already on the vehicle’s tail since he was told what to look for as per Cody’s information. Quincy gained his comical middle name after one of his relatively easy assignments during which he rearranged a target’s visage and other vital body parts with a hammer. This assignment was going to be even easier if everything went according to plan. Kill the driver, dump the body in a field nearby, steal the Civic and drive it to the location designated by the man. The task of losing the tracking signal that the car would not doubt be sending out in real-time would then fall upon the man’s other team with its own special skills that was already waiting at that location. Then there was the little matter of collecting his pending payment of USD 10,000,000 for a hard day’s work.

Quincy followed the Civic until it was out of city limits and moving at a steady pace on the highway. At 12:00 pm CT, the car was on an isolated section of the highway and given that it was a weekday, not too many cars were to be found in front or behind his car and the Civic.

Quincy turned on his police car lights and moved closer to the rear of the Civic as a signal to pull over on the side of the highway. Quincy had been driving a mock Ford Crown Victoria police car complete with the lights and other paraphernalia required to make an effective highway or city police stop for any civilian. He had used this ruse on several assignments. After all, it is much easier to shoot people sitting still inside their car with the window down, hands on their lap and a trusting smile upon their face.

The driver of the Civic obediently pulled over and waited for the police car and its occupant to take action. Quincy waited for the customary ten minutes before exiting his car and walking slowly towards the driver side of the Civic. This ten minutes slot typically feels like a lifetime for anyone watching flashing police car lights in the car’s rear view mirror. As soon as Quincy was beside the driver door of the Civic, the driver rolled down the window glass and looked at Quincy and smiled. “Good afternoon officer”, said the driver with no hint of any particular accent. “Good afternoon sir”, said Quincy to keep up the act. Not a bad way at all of openly concealing several million dollars; perhaps billions of dollars’ worth of cutting-edge security technology thought Quincy to himself as he reached into his jacket to pull out the gun. He might need to renegotiate his payment if this is the magnitude of misdirection that Sundance Inc. had employed to transport their latest and greatest technology in broad daylight. A 2006 Honda Civic…ingenious!

Quincy quickly pulled out the gun and aiming directly at the driver’s temple; put his finger on the trigger and began to press it. Time to end this charade and enjoy the benefits thereof. The driver’s threw his arm out in a flash and placed his left hand’s pointer finger right behind the trigger to stop Quincy’s finger from moving it any further. Quincy had never seen anyone move that fast. As he was starting to move his other hand to counteract the driver’s move, the driver forcefully swung open the driver’s door of the Civic hitting Quincy hard on his chest and abdomen. That knocked the wind out of Quincy for a few seconds but that was sufficient time for the driver to fully open the door, get out of the Civic and pull Quincy’s hand with its finger still on the trigger towards him and grab Quincy’s neck with his right hand. Quincy was still gasping for breath but as the driver pressed his windpipe, the last thing Quincy thought he saw was a strange gleam in the driver’s eyes. The driver wasn’t smiling anymore but even after those swift movements in the July heat, not a sign of sweat anywhere on his forehead or face.  

The driver quickly disarmed the late Quincy “Thor” Williams and disposed of the gun by throwing it in a nearby ditch. As for the corpse, well, a rather silent co-passenger for the next few hours would be no problem at all for an android and certainly no problem for Sundance Inc. to make it disappear without a trace.




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