Warlock Gaiden: The Enchanter's Light

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Warlock Gaiden: The Enchanters Light - Warlock Gaiden 6 involves a short journey the group went on during the time period they spent waiting for Luka to contact them with information on their first
Elemental target.

Shortly after defeating Gahi, and on their way back to Niagraad, the group are stopped by a mysterious man claiming to be a Wizard - which is hard to believe, as Wizards went extinct just after the
start of the war. After much convincing, the group agree to help him on his hunt for the Warlocks who had killed his Master. With Gahi dead, the remaining Warlocks who were not sired to his blood
were alone and weak - and easy targets.

With nothing better to do, the group, including Kathrina, Elijah, Tsunami, Alpha, Octavia, Nightly, Divina, Opus, Logan and Joe, decide to assist the 'Wizard'.

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Gaiden's Soundtrack

Submitted: December 26, 2017

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One Stormy Night

Submitted: April 26, 2018

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