Garden of Love

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Garden of Love

Mother Superior was walking down the hallway when she saw Miyel looking from afar “looks like someone is enjoying the scene” she said to a surprised Miyel “Mother Superior? No, I should head out now” she said as she excused herself from Mother Superior. Miyel left the Land of Pearl to head out and complete her mission.

At K Town, they are talking about Sweet Hearts Day, it is a special day, every year where lovers and couples go on a date or give a card or flower to a special person. Although Miyel knew about the celebration, she never really paid attention to it because it was something she don’t and wouldn’t do even if she could. She would ignore this day and specially her feelings…

“I can’t wait, it’s Sweet Hearts Day in two days” said an excited Romin, “I haven’t seen Miyeli in a while, what did you do with her Kichi?” Ara said teasing him, “Why are you asking me?” Kichigo asked as he turn red, “isn’t obvious pal” Loren said, “I don’t have a crush on her” Kichigo denies and dodges the question but they all agree that he is so obvious, and everyone knows about it. Miyel came in the classroom and sits down for a while and noticed that all her classmates are looking at her. “Can I help you?” she asked, “Ah! Miyeli you are…” it was cut short when Sister Faye came “Ah excuse me Miyel can you come with me for a second?” she said as she grabs Miyel’s arm and pulls them away. They all have this puzzled looked on their faces because they weren’t expecting a nun, as this is happening Oren and Romin are arguing again like they always do about something not important.

“Why did you pull me here Sister Faye?” Miyel asked with a serious tone on her voice, while Sister Faye looked at her and said, “to say hello” but Miyel is not buying it and proceed to ask more questions. “You are really in a bad mood today” she said as she sighs “well anyway, don’t be its Sweet Hearts Day pretty soon so…” she added, “so what if it is?” Miyel said, “are you not a bit curious about it?” Sister Faye asked as she looks at Miyel, “No I am not, so tell me, why are you here Sister Faye?” Miyel then asked again with a more serious tone. Sister Faye explained that the Council sent her to give Miyel her other mission, the Council thinks that Miyel is the only one capable of doing this “particular” mission. “what mission?” she asked, “to open the…” (transition) to Toshi and the others talking about the Garden of Love as well, “what’s that?” Kichigo asked, “all we know is that it is a sacred place for lovers” Ran said, “according to the information we gathered from the Surrounding lands “they” are planning on destroying this sacred place” Toshi added as Ruren interrupts and asked, “Isn’t this place in the center of the surrounding lands?” And said, “they say it can only be open by one true love”, “that sounds so cheesy” Oren said with a dead pan face, “yeah, but it is a sacred place” Romin said.

Meanwhile Sister Faye is still teasing Miyel about love and she heard a rumor that Miyel is in love with a boy named Kichigo, according to JC it was intense and passionate between them two, you can tell just by looking at them. But Miyel is thinking that maybe there’s another way to open the Garden of Love and she is not paying attention to what Sister Faye is saying at all. Kichigo and the others happened to pass by and overheard them having conversations. “Sister Faye said “I admit I don’t like you sometimes, and that’s because you are stubborn and don’t listen, but you always do the job, not even once did I ever suspect that you wouldn’t. I know you better, I helped raise you and I know that it will come to this because you are just like any other girl, curious about things like this, it is natural…” when Miyel interrupted her and said, “love is nothing for someone like me, however I will complete this mission…” she said as she saw Kichigo who came out of hiding, Miyel looking at him coldly. Sister Faye suspected that Kichigo is the boy that Miyel is into as she questions him and Kichigo ending up denying it, as he looks at Miyel “is she mad at me?” he thought as Miyel walks away.

Toshi was greeted by Ara when Ran teases Toshi, “there’s your “Sweet Heart” Captain” blushing as Ara approaches and said, “what brings you here Captain Snowy?” “you for starters” Ran said, “Ran will you shut up” he said as he blushes while Ara tells him “your cheeks are red, are you okay? Are you sick?” she seems concern as Toshi just keeps on blushing. Nina on the other hand saw Kens and just admiring his muscular body and thinking to herself “oh my god, look at those muscles, he must be working out every day, all day…and that butt…’ she must have said it loudly because her best friend and the others are looking at her as she is just looking at his butt when Shinj and Kichigo came and interrupted her. Oren seems to be falling in love as well with Shinj and she can’t help it, she just do, no matter how she wants to stop it she couldn’t. Ruren and Lakuya seems to be getting close as they are also celebrating Sweet Hearts Day tomorrow and they seem to be both happy. Lakuya invited Ruren to a dinner for the upcoming Sweet Hearts Day, which is very rare because he never really asked her before in the past.

Kila Izumo, from the Land of Nobles seems to be secretly in love with Melina, one of Romin’s best friends, nobody knows about it other than Hisashi and he have tried to tell her a couple of times but every time he tries he chokes but he admired her from afar for so long. Chaz has been in love with Loren since the day she accidentally punches him in the face, although she knows about it, she just ignores the fact that he has some feelings for her because he is not her type. Her type is someone that has blonde hair and blue eyes not to mention a Prince Charming that will save her every time she needs help which is the opposite of Chaz, he knows that she can save herself and that even though she gets so mad he still pursues her every time. Leila and Love seems to be getting close since they are friends and have the same likes and dislikes for instance they both love to read manga (any kind) and they both love green. Allana and Yumi although they hate each other, they are both one in the same for instance they are both narcissist who judges almost everyone and everything through beauty, and they both are so vain, and these traits are the things that made them both hate each other but they both refused to see that in each other. Ikaku was in love with Ruren and probably still is, but he is promised to Brina, Ruren’s sister. She claims she doesn’t like him or care about him, but she does in secrecy, but at the same time she openly insults him all the time and lashes out to a point where she randomly attacks him. Carly and Hisashi are hiding their relationship to everyone, Carly is promised to someone else and as a princess it is her duty, that is why she kept it a secret. He agreed to this because Carly promised that she will tell her parents and her Grand Father the King of Nobles about the relationship, so they can stop looking for a suitor.  Kcari, the youngest of the Asagiri sisters is promised to Keni Maraki, personally she doesn’t care, and it doesn’t really bother her if whoever she will marry in the future and it never really occurred to her anyway, because to her it is important to have a union that will strengthen the bloodline for the coming generations. Ima and Renj, the classic, exes, nobody really knew what happened with them, and what ended the relationship, it was a serious relationship though, I guess it has something to do with Renj being in love with his childhood friend Kia.

A woman seen floating in the air, looking down at K Town, she speaks “Flow into their hearts desires, filled them not with grief but with passion. Lift up their loneliness and change their desire for destruction to love, and then, reveal their inhibitions’’ as a blinding light envelops K Town as Miyel stares at the night sky and noticed the light, she engages her Gods Eyes.

Morning comes, Oren and Allana are talking about the Sweet Hearts Day and telling Oren to tell Shinj what she truly feels but she refused to say, “it is not that important anyways”. Ara came along and said, “no dates too huh”, “don’t rub it in” Oren said with a dead pan face, Romin came and Oren teases her and said, “no date too huh”, “I have a date, he’ll be here soon” Romin said but Oren doubt that Karashi will come at all. The girls are walking when they saw Miyel sitting on the bench reading something. “She seems busy” Ruren said, “with what? Homework?” Oren sarcastically said, “so my brother didn’t ask you huh?” Nina said as she is referring to Kichigo, “who needs that” Miyel said, “girls like us” Romin said, “we can have fun without boys” Miyel said, “what’s wrong Romin?” Nina asked, “I am beginning to think that we are loners and losers” Romin said as she cries, “we are proud loners” Ara jokingly said, Ruren noticed that Miyel is fascinated with the Garden of Love, Oren didn’t know they have books about it, and Romin teases “that goes to show that you don’t read” as Oren just ignores her.  Miyel explained that it is a fictional book and it really is not that special.

The girls are late when they saw a new girl standing at the rooftop, “who is that?” Nina asked, “I have no idea” Ruren said, “she’s a Goddess” Keigo said, while the boys said, “my love” and the girls are shocked to hear and witness as the boys are totally in love with this new girl, it was like they fell head over heels in love with this girl and they haven’t even know her, it was only for a day, which was very unusual and they think that there’s something bad going on. Karashi kneels and said, “I have been waiting for you my love, my one true love”, Shinj then pushes Karashi and said, “I can’t stop loving you”, “is that a song? Oren said with a dead pan face, “love me my love” Kens said as Nina is surprised to hear him say it and at the same time it kind of hurts, even Ara felt the same way when she saw Toshi looking at her and said “your eyes shines like sun setting at the sky, and that lips capable of death… poison me my love”, even Lakuya joined in and said “my princess, my one and only love, I have been waiting for you, for all of my life…you may be the sunset but to me, you are my miracle sent from the heaven and a flower that blooms every spring” he said as he kisses her hand. Ruren was shocked to hear Lakuya say those words, then Kens came forward and said “forget the flower, you are my light that blinds my every path and my wind that blows me away…” when Kichigo pops out of nowhere and said “I simply love you with all my heart and soul, Ruthie, you are like a song filled with beautiful melody singing right through this heart of mine and telling me I love you too” as Miyel listens and looks at them, she simply ignores it and sits down. Ruthie however is looking at Miyel and the other girls but mostly fixated with Miyel.

“I am Ruthie Valentine” she said as Miyel still ignores her and she carry on telling every girl that they are jealous of her, Oren then said, “why would we be jealous of you?”, Ruthie answered by insulting and berating them, calling them losers when Oren is going to slap her, Shinj interrupts and slap Oren across the face and it stunned her, so shocked to see the man she likes and loves, she is just frozen looking at Shinj all over Ruthie. Ara grabs Oren and pulls her away from the scene when Ruthie instructed Toshi to kick Ara as she trying to aid Oren, Ruren tries to help when Lakuya broke her arm and when Nina ran towards the girls Kens jumps and kick Nina’s chest who lands on the wall hard, Romin helped as well but only to be stop by Karashi, her nose is bleeding profusely. Miyel got up and was attacked by Kichigo, as she goes flying all the way outside, when she cones back and squeezes Ruthie’s neck when the boys gang up on her attacking an already beaten up Miyel, to Ruthie’s and everyone’s surprised she still got up, Miyel told Loren “to get “them” out of here”, Loren don’t want to and said “but…”, Miyel insisted and said “just go” Ruthie then saw that the girls are getting away when she instructed the boys to get Loren but Miyel stand her ground and able to stop the boys but not for long.

The following days, the guys have become more vicious, rude, disrespectful, and became Ruthie’s pets in a sense, they are all under her spell. Miyel is healed and called Chin-Chin (another Assassin who is super tech savvy) to investigate something for her. Meanwhile the girls are at Ara’s place to talk about how they can take the guys back from Ruthie when Miyel came and surprised to see her there “Miyeli” Ara said with a concern face, “are you supposed to be in the hospital right now?” Ruren asked, “no, I hate hospitals” she said as the girls agreed with her. “But aren’t you still injured?” Melina asked, “no, I am very much okay now” Miyel said, “so even that narcissist huh” a disappointed Allana said, “don’t tell me you are in love with that guy?” Oren asked, “nope, I am just as curious as all of you because he said he likes a girl with a sense of humor which I have by the way, and that girl doesn’t even have one” Allana said, “either way they are not themselves, so we have to do something to save them from that horrible person” Nina said “so I can admire his muscular body all over again” she said not realizing that she said it out loud, “here let me wipe that drool away from your face” Oren said with a dead pan face, and Nina was a little embarrassed about it. “we will kick her sorry ass” Romin said, “how? The guys are obviously protective of her and defending her” Loren said, “well we just have to think about something” Romin said, “well if kicking her ass means that they will return to their former selves then we just have to kick her sorry ass” Ara said.

Meanwhile Carly, Brina, and Kcari came to see Ruren and the others when they get ambush by the guys and Ruthie. The girls however came just in time and explained to the Princesses what was going on and Brina starts talking way too much “don’t be an idiot Brina” Kcari said with a very stoic voice, Carly just sigh and said, “oh my sister”, Ruthie then starts laughing at Brina and said, “your insults are nothing but words of a person that knows that they can’t do anything”, “she gets into trouble often does she?” Nina said as the sisters agreed when Ikaku move forward and said “you are going to die, you have no right to insult my sweet, sweet daisy”, “gosh, it is really gotten this bad” Brina said, “let me take care of that woman right there with the red hair” Chaz said as he points at Loren, Loren freaking out and said, “the name’s Loren you idiot, you should know that, you idiot”, “and I will take care of that girl right there for you my love” Shinj said as she points at Oren, Karashi came forward as well and point at Romin. “Don’t let them escape” Ruthie said as she saw Miyel who is walking towards them, Ruthie furious upon seeing Miyel walking and without visible damage. She then commanded the boys to attack and the girls blocks. Fighting each other, sword to sword; Kichigo attacks Miyel from above only to be block by her immense spiritual pressure. “even you” Kcari said as she looks at Keni laughing because he is about to enjoy the fight “let’s kill each other till neither of us moves” he said as this further annoyed Kcari. Ruthie noticed that the guys are outmatched so she commanded them to fall back and warned everyone that she is coming back with a vengeance and tell Miyel that she will kill her. Ruthie and the guys soon fall back when Miyel got a phone call from Chin-Chin. According to her she couldn’t find anything other than she is a fallen “Invidia’’.

Miyel freezes time and calls Michaela (angel of Mercy), she came; “so tell me is it true? Is she a fallen Invidia?” Miyel said as she looks at Michaela sigh, “true, she was one of the high ranking Invidia before then she fell out of love” Michaela said as she is looking at the wreckage that Ruthie caused, “how convenient, why is she here?’ Miyel asked, “to take her revenge on Sweet Hearts Day, she lost the love of her life and she didn’t take that lightly” Michaela explained, “and who is this “someone else” you referring to?” Miyel asked, “me, she heard that I am your Superbia Hubris and she want to take her revenge on me by killing you, I apologize for dragging you into this” Michaela said, “don’t worry about it, I will eliminate her once and for all” Miyel said, “but Miyel…”, Michaela said when Miyel interrupted her and said, “you don’t understand, look at them, they are in love with those guys she took away. To be honest I don’t see why they gave in to her spell, besides this is our battle now, but I need you to tell me everything about her” Miyel said as Michaela agrees.

Ruthie was so mad at Miyel she said, “the next time we encounter Testarosa you kill her, I want you to kill her” she said as she is talking to Kichigo, “kill all of them” she said as they all agreed. Meanwhile the girls are making plans to save the guys from Ruthie and Brina suggested to attack her right now, but Carly insisted that the guys are still under her spell and will protect her if they attack her, Romin changed the subject and asked why the Princesses are here Carly explained that the Land of Pearl sent someone to open the Garden of Love, when this event happened. Loren got mad and said, “why do they all fall for girls like her, she is cruel”, “they are under her spell” Ruren said, “even so Ru, how can they be under her spell? Kichigo most specially we all know that he is so much in love with Miyel, how can he fall for that wicked girl? How? If what he felt for her was so strong, how?” Loren said when Ara uttered “like what Chaz feels for you?”, “we’re not talking about him” Loren said as she avoids the question. “Well perhaps you are right otherwise the spell won’t work unless they truly care about us” Ruren said as they all sigh.

That morning, Ruthie and the boys are at school, when they heard a loud noise coming from the gym. Kcari is fighting Keni, Carly is fighting Hisashi, Brina is fighting Ikaku, even Melina joined in against Kila, Renj was also under her spell and is fighting Kia.  Leila and Allana looks outside and saw Yumi and the others fighting. Leila leap over from the window to block Yumi’s sword, he said “you can’t slash me”, “she said “I can’t but she can” as Allana attacks Yumi while Leila moves away to give her a clear shot, when Love attacks her from behind, but Leila’s hair transform into blades attacking Love while Chaz blocks Loren’s attacks. Chaz said, “I can’t let you pass”, “Loren looks at him and said, “What made you think that a girl like me would ask for any permission to pass, I don’t think so “Flames of Death #1: Urameshi””. A flame blade transforming at her right arm as she attacks, meanwhile Melina is dodging Kila’s attacks. “You fear my sword, don’t you?” Kila asked, “answer me” he yelled, “no, I don’t fear your sword, the truth is I envy your sword, it doubles the weight of whatever it touches, I, on the other hand only have clay as my weapon, I learned to love it though, it may not have the same effect as your sword but certainly it can be a very destructive weapon, “Clay Art #62, remain bomb”. A wide explosion falls through the area, as the clay hands engulfs Kila and takes him all the way down to the earth Allana used her paper mummy to tie up Yumi completely like a mummy, so he can shut up. But he got out as he unsheathes his sword.

Loren is having a hard time fighting Chaz, with brute strength she has no chance in winning against him. “Are you alright Red”? Ara asked with a concern look on her face, as she helps Loren get up, but it doesn’t help as much because Toshi is there trying to stop Ara. Another loud explosion. Allana saw Keigo trying to move around as she wrapped him with her paper mummy as well, he kept on moving around and trying to get away when Allana kicks him and rolls all the way to the hall way and hits his head at the wall. Chaz is walking towards Loren as she tries to move “hey Chaz do you remember the first time we met? I punched you in the face” she said as he keeps coming towards her, and going to land a punch when Loren moves away just in time as the ground collapsed, “I don’t care if anything happens to you, just as long as you are my love’s enemy, I will kill you” he said, “then I have no choice but to make you see and remember “Flames of Death #8 Reshin” she said as she is healing drastically. She attacks Chaz this time faster, but Chaz stopped her hand with his fist and he released a devastating attack directly at her abdomen, when suddenly he remembers he remembered the very first time he saw her and the day he met her, the girl he fell in love with is falling right in front of him as his eyes widens in shocked. Ara felt her deteriorating spiritual energy. Melina’s out of breath and thought to herself “thank god I am a long-range fighter and I have prepared the mines earlier, I don’t know how he got out earlier but, I hope they are all okay” she turns her back and Kila strike her eight times as she goes down, she tries to get up, but she can’t, the weight of her body is unbearable, “are you ready for your death?” Kila asked, “if my death will help you remember then so be it Lieutenant” she said as she smiles at him, “huh” he said as he seem to be remembering something, it was Melina’s smile that made Kila fell for her anyway, as a result it triggered certain memories but as he remembers Melina is unconscious.

Brina and Ikaku are both insulting each other and on the other hand Hisashi came as well “it must’ve been fate that brought you here” Carly said, “what are you bubbling about?” Hisashi said, ‘oh nothing, don’t mind me, but if I happened to cut your arm, I’ll just apologize later” Carly said as she draws her sword, meanwhile Keni has been attacking Kcari more and more, but she seems so calm about it as she dodges every single attack. The battles intensify.

“You” Ruthie said as she saw Miyel walking towards her, she said “you are destroying them, what happened to you has nothing to do with them”, “what do you know about me?” Ruthie asked, “a lot, the fact that you are an Invidia says a lot” Miyel said, “so Michaela told you about me, humph…”, “Let me take care of her for you my love” Kichigo said “, “well if you want to kill the key then be my guess” Ruthie said.

Hisashi released his sword and attacks Carly who easily fend off his sword and Brina is terrified and hiding because Ikaku just release his sword’s final transformation. Ikaku is approaching, she breaths in, got up, and sheathes her sword. She breaths in and out again and said, “I am in love with you Ikaku”, Ruren heard her and looks to where they are, then suddenly Ikaku bursts into laughter, even Carly and Kcari stops on their tracks because they all thought that Brina hates Ikaku. She laughed and said “woo! It worked”, “what are you talking about and what the hell is going on??” Ikaku asked, “I only said that to bring you back so you can remember, besides why would I like you, you are everything I hate in a guy” she said as Ruren knows she is hurting inside, “and you’re everything I hate in a girl” Ikaku said back, they got interrupted when a sudden and violent shaking of the ground, “this is…” Ikaku said as he grab Brina and moves out of the way, and as he grabs her close to his chest, she felt her heart beat faster as she looks at him. They are at a cliff when they saw the devastating effect of what happened earlier. “this can’t be” Brina said, “your sisters are monsters” Ikaku said, “you haven’t seen nothing yet, they are really strong and here I am terrified” Brina said as her face flooded with disappointment, “you can be a formidable foe, besides you’re a Princess, that is strong enough” he said as Brina blushes.

Hisashi is wounded and Keni is so into the fight that he wants to fight some more, he craves for this, the excitement he feels fighting Kcari, to him is intoxicating.  Carly on the other hand pierces Hisashi, he stumbles, but before he falls to the ground, Carly whispered something in his ear. After a while he opens his eyes and he saw Carly sitting on a rock as the earth shakes again. “it’s been like that since they started fighting, they are really going all out but don’t you worry we are protected by this barrier in the meantime” Carly said, “I don’t remember anything except the fight, but I apologize I didn’t mean to hurt you in anyway, you know that I…” Hisashi said as Leila lights a cigarette and interrupts “that you what?”, “is that really your punchline, you’re really going to go with that?” Brina said, “let’s get out of here, this barrier won’t hold much longer” Carly said. They break the barrier and flash steps away as the two approaches.

Kcari sets up a stone wall for defense and Keni continuously punching the wall until it breaks and crumbles down, Kcari flash steps at his back and touches him. “Crumble” Bell” she uttered as Keni turned into stone, but it crumbles down as soon as he released his immense spiritual pressure as Kcari looks on. “I guess it can’t be help she has to release her final transformation” Carly said, “when did she…?” Brina said as she stops herself. Kcari unzips her jacket and tosses it to the ground and said, “you will only see this once, so pay close attention” she then bends her knee forward, holding her sword by her left hand horizontally, “final transformation release Bell Wabbashi”. Her physical appearance changes into a statue like that is made with marble so as her sword, and she has these tribal markings from her left arm to her face. She launches a devastating blow, she severely wounded him but, yet he still stands, then both lunges at each other for the final blow. They both fall on the ground, they called Helena to heal them both. Kcari woke up and said, “how is he?”, “he will be okay…huh! These are the guys spiritual pressures” Carly said as she feels all of them.

Oren and the others tries to reach out to the others without hurting them or each other but it wasn’t working. Lakuya attacks Ruren meanwhile Oren’s dodging Shinj’s attacks after releasing his sword. Ara standing looking at Toshi as he attacks. Ruthie floating in the air when Miyel waves her hand and hit Ruthie. Romin is hiding from Karashi; he found her and attacks her with his lightning blade which she dodged. Miyel looking at Kichigo, he said “I will not forgive you for laying your hands on my one true love” Miyel remains quiet as Kichigo attacks while Ruthie called her monster cherubim to attack the others.

“what do you know we are surrounded” Yanica said, “I wont worry about it, besides we still have some ace” Stacy said, “like what?” Angelina asked with a dead pan face. Urius fires his arrows as the girls moves away from the area and slashes the remaining cherubim. “you almost got us” Yanica screams, “I just saved your ass” he screams back, “why aren’t you infected?” asked Angelina, “I wasn’t there when it happened” he answered, “you mean you had a date?” Stacy said.

The remaining guys that are under her spell activates their final release and even Karashi activates his red eye while the girls went hiding and tries to ambush them. Oren ambushed Shinj by punching him on the face then shimmers away from him. Kens got Nina, but she disappeared moments later “what a cheap trick” he said as he is looking at his surroundings trying to find her, he looks up, Nina is riding a magic carpet when Kens attack her as winds gushing towards her. He jumps up and nearly cut Nina who in turn, turns into papier Mache, Nina then draws spears and spikes which in turn was blasts by Kens’ winds and he is so fast, he is already at her back without her noticing. At the same time Ruren was cut all over by Lakuya’s final release but she doesn’t want to retaliate because she doesn’t want to. She was trying to get up, telling herself to get up. But then she heard Miyel saying that she must otherwise she’ll die; Lakuya is coming towards her to attack, when Ruren blocks him by her devastating lightning as she finally able to stand up. Her wounds were healing and said, “forgive me but I won’t let you put me down no more further” as thunder and lightning roaring through the heavens, everyone looks up. “Finally, our sister has awakened” Carly said as Brina agrees.

Meanwhile Oren is concentrating on calling her “chains of fate”, although standing there wide open without protection and no defenses, risking this exposure but as Shinj ready to strike, he stops, he hears chains clicking and moving around him. “Just because I am deeply infatuated with you I’ll let you score a blow and get beaten up by a man? No way! Be prepared, “Chains of Fate “Ryug”, activate” the first chains constrict but he got away just in time. Romin in the meantime surprisingly stop Karashi by activating her telekinesis accidentally, in a moment and realized that Karashi got away while she boasts about what she just did and runs. Toshi attacking Ara directly but she heals so easily, Toshi attacks by using his ice dragon only to be turned into rusts. “If we continue this path of fighting I doubt you will be victorious because I can regenerate pretty much easily” Ara proudly said, “then I will just attack you repeatedly without stopping until I find a way to kill you” Toshi said as Ara sighs.

Kichigo severely wounded Miyel but he is not done yet because no matter how many times he strikes her, Miyel just keeps on getting up. Miyel got hit directly by a devastating black energy as she lands hard on a wall and tore off her clothes. Ruren hesitated for a bit as she feels Miyel’s spiritual energy fading and got hit by a destructive ten thousand blades from Lakuya. Oren tried to use her power of touch for him to remember as she removes her gloves, but as she does, Shinj pierced her heart. Romin forced to use her telepathy again on Karashi but this time not to attack but for him to remember her, he remembers but its too late his lightning blade already pierced her forehead. Nina got hit as well after she confesses her true feelings for him, which woke him up as he lands a devastating blow on her neck. Ara calls out his name one more time and told him to remember her as she told him about the times they both talked and the times they both laughed, but as soon as he did, Ara landed at the protruding icicles in between her shoulders and arms.

They have realized what they did; Lakuya came to Ruren out of nowhere, it was like his body moved on its own, Kens is waking up Nina as she lies on his arms, Shinj is surprised, almost like in a catatonic state, he had slain Oren, Karashi on the other hand can’t move as he saw his fallen fiancée right in front of him, and Toshi cries as he calls her name, trying to wake her up. “Ara please wake up, don’t die, I haven’t told you what I… wake up” he cried as Shinj trying to revive Oren. Kens carrying Nina as he sees Shinj reviving Oren and said, “you too?”, “this girl is a fighter, she won’t die that easy” Shinj replied, “let it go, she is dead Lakuya” Carly said, “I killed her” he said, “brother” Kia “what…did…you…just…say? I let her be with you, without question because I thought it was the right thing to do but you…” Yumi and Hisashi are pulling Ikaku away from Lakuya while Karashi is hugging Romin so tightly and didn’t want to let her go. Kichigo is crying and shivering nest to Miyel when suddenly Miyel grabs his shoulder and the girls are okay.

“What the hell is going on?” Shinj said as the bodies deteriorates “Hi” Romin said as Ara waves at them, “what happened?” Kens asked, “it was my idea, don’t be mad at them” Miyel said, “Oh! That’s awesomely cool” Brina said as Miyel explained everything. “so you were saying that Nina drew the landscape and your clones, Romin used her telepathy to manipulate their brains into thinking that you are the real you, Ara used those cards to hold this “dimension” that you created, in some sort a barrier while Oren used her chains to hold the barrier, and Ru used her atmokinesis to sense all of you using her lightning and the guys electrical impulse and you used your ability to manipulate dimensions in order to pull the girls out and exchange the clones. That is awesomely cool like ten thousand cool” Kcari said as she is so excited, “did you really thought about that?” Kichigo asked, ‘well we did, to bring you guys back” Miyel said, “so welcome back” Romin said.

Toshi and the others captured Ruthie and has been interrogated, that night Ruthie escaped and while she is on the road, Miyel grabs her and slams her on the ground. “You are still alive?” Ruthie said, “do you think a mere hit like that can disable me?” Miyel said, as the place changes to the middle of the surrounding lands, Miyel then push Ruthie on the ground. “this is… how do you know about this place?” Ruthie said as she is shocked, “did you hear the sound?” Miyel asked, “so you sent that, it was all planned after all, all of it, they were just a decoy for you to get to me, for me to open the Garden of Love” Ruthie said, “you are really clever, even our Great Grandmother favors you” Ruthie said, “the Garden can’t be open by one true love, it can only be open by a Valentine, like yourself” Miyel said “I had a mission to destroy the Garden and to kill you as well, so why don’t you open the Garden” Miyel added, “no I won’t” Ruthie said, “I wasn’t asking, I am ordering you” Miyel said as she engage her Gods Eyes. Ruthie opens the Garden of Love and as she does Miyel destroyed it using her eyes, as the garden sinks to the ground without anyone noticing. The Garden vanishes and Miyel killed Ruthie by beheading her as Miyel shimmers away from the area.  

A girl seen feeling her sister died, broken, she screams. Meanwhile Miyel is back as Hiyo came and gave something to both Oren and Nina. “Oh, a love letter” Ara said teasing both Oren and Nina. Romin and Karashi will go on a date later tonight while Toshi asked Ara on a date while Ruren and Lakuya will have dinner later tonight, “why don’t you tell her what you feel already?” Loren said to Kichigo as he just stares at Miyel, “no, I don’t know” Kichigo said, “are you going to wait till some guy swoop her away?” Angelina asked, “well...?” Stacy said, “you two are the class love team, so go ask her out already” Stacy added. The class ended when Kichigo asked Miyel on a date and she said yes.

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