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I think of this as a prose..I hope you enjoy it..thanks for reading

Submitted: December 27, 2017

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Submitted: December 27, 2017



I wanted to do somethimg worth while. Sitting around all day, dreaming, fantasizing about could or could not. Hoping for something not to hapen then it happens. It was cyclical. This day, this date, this time, only the year changed, same season same old story. My mind flooded with is it or was it, could it or can it. It really got old and there was no shocker to it all. Dreams not turning to reality just dreams. Stories and dreams all the same. The result never changes. People also don't change. They get worse. Outward yes inward they stay the same. Appearances can fool the world but inside you know who you are. A poem, a song, a story they never change. But you change according to your mood. The world I thought I knew. Life I thought I understood. A car racing on the freeway I thought I could catch up. The sun shining brighter than any other star I thought I could out do. My life I dont know.....

thanks for reading...

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