Stuck in Between

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: MyFanfic

This is my fanfiction for Kylo Ren/OC. It is a fanfiction written for my friend Anyone can read this but it is not recommended. :-D (I do not own any of the Star Wars Characters)

Table of Contents


PROLOGUE The officer in charge of the Medbay had a bad luck today. People took shifts here praying they wouldn’t meet any higher up... Read Chapter

Getting a Babysitter

CHAPTER 1: Getting a babysitter Nimueth was the best doctor of the Grand Republic Medical Facility. As such she was highly respected.... Read Chapter

New Home

CHAPTER 2: A New Home   It took her approximately half an hour to pack her stuff. She did not have much. Her father was not ... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 3: New Meetings   It took Nimueth almost an entire hour to explore her new working space. The room was relatively sm... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 4: Closer   Another couple of weeks went by and Nimueth’s job grew more difficult. At first, she only had to fix o... Read Chapter

Curiosity killed the cat

CHAPTER 5: Curiosity killed the cat   The following weeks after her rest were much better. With replenished energy and new m... Read Chapter

Emotional Roller coaster

CHAPTER 6: Emotional Roller coaster   It took another couple of weeks before anything even remotely interesting happened. Fo... Read Chapter

CHAPTER 7: Take care of yourself too

The rest of the day was spent at medbay and Nimueth didn’t even bother to unpack. Nobody really told her anything but she wasn’t stup... Read Chapter

another home, new beginning

  CHAPTER 8: Another Home, New beginning   The main base was a huge construction on a planet Nimueth never even kne... Read Chapter

old friends, new enemies

CHAPTER 9: Old friends, New Enemies   The bruise had healed, First order settled down and as promised, General Hux continued... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 10: Stay   The bounty hunter incident was frightening but after cleaning her small injury, everythi... Read Chapter

One-step closer

It took unexpectedly long time for Kylo Ren to get out of bed. Nimueth wasn’t sure whether he actually needed the rest or simply w... Read Chapter


CHAPTER 12: Healing When Nimueth woke up again she felt significantly better. Yes, her body still ached all over and her leg needed t... Read Chapter

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