Rap Without The Beat

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I wrote a rap, without a beat. just words that sounded right.

Submitted: December 27, 2017

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Submitted: December 27, 2017



Always feels like I’m doin it right

Till I look at it in the light

And realize

Its not what I thought

Its not as it was

I must have forgot

The crucial part, the why, how and because

How did I miss

The part I needed the most

The part that I clung to

The half that I lost

The shard that is sharp

Pierces the softest parts of us

And it’ll burn

Like ice in a golden flame

Suck it in and blow it away

Smoke in the air

Rings that have no name

Call it what it sings

Ill see it through the colors gone gray

Till there’s just nothin more I can say

So fuck goodbyes

See you later has no reason to rely

On the fact that tomorrow, might

Or might not come

To wherever its from I can’t think I can’t blink

And its just enough

To say that this is enough.

Maybe its too much

To not be a lot

Either way I can proudly say

That any road I take

Will be the only way

There is to go

Where it leads how the fuck should I know

I guess I’ll see

Fuck man I guess I’ll see


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