Amber Marshal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Amber marshal:, was recruited to Mountain State Rehabilitation  center on March 15 2013.  She has a history of Problems one most likely for her being held hear is her "    Schizophrenia" she has been hearing voices in her head ever since the death of her husband in 1995. 
He died on the way to the hospital while she was in labor. Drunk driver hit him. She begged him to wear a seatbelt but he said it gave his neck a rash. Never could get him to wear a seatbelt. 
It was a night no one would forget she gave birth to Little Emily Marshal. As soon as she had the baby the nurses and doctors came into the hospital bedroom with a police officer who took his hat off and gave her a most unsettling look. The words he said to her shook her to her core.

"Ma'am I'm terribly sorry to be telling you this on what should have been one of the greatest days of your life. 
Your husband was struck at precisely 8:57 pm going 70 mph to get to the hospital. He was hit by a drunk driver going at least 90 mph...I know this is horrible but you must keep the composer for your little one. Your husband flew out of the windshield and flew into the drunk drivers windshield. Both were killed instantly. 
You have our deepest condolences and if there is anything we can do for you during this most difficult and unsettling time please do ask. The officer places Amber one of his cards on her bed. 

As she is shocked up. The nurse takes Emily. The doctors then line up and tel her how sorry they are for her loss. Amber starts shacking in the bed and crying and then her sadness turns to rage as she screams "WHY?" She throws her shoes through the glass window of the hospital room shattering the glass all over the hallway. Doctors come in and strap her down. 

Doctor Nathan Coleridge enters the room. He is the head of the hospital. " she must be admired to mountain state." Sir she just lost her husband I don't think she is insane." One of the nurses said. "I know that look. 
That look is the look of a Brocken women I'm afraid there is nothing left for her in the world. But her baby? Take the baby to a foster home or orphanage. "But sir we can't" "Hey! I am the head doctor of this hospital you work for me! You will do as your instructed ok?" The nurse gives Nathan a disgusted look and says "Ok" she grabs a phone and calls the local orphanage who give her a number for a good foster home. 

"That day Amber lost her New born baby Emily. Her Husband Jim and her sanity."

The day from hell comes next. As Amber was walked outside of the hospital wearing a helmet and walked out to a bus like she was a common criminal. The doctors even boarded the bus until she was safely seated. They got off. Nathan watched from the window of the hospital. "Godspeed" he says. 

11:15 on March 16th she arrives at Mountain State Asylum. Doctors board the bus and take her inside. "Please I'm Not crazy." Amber says. I just need to grieve I lost everything." 

"We're here to make you feel better Mrs Marshal" one of the doctors say. As they enter the building. A man in a white coat approached her. 

"Hello mrs Marshal. My name is Doctor Steven  Cooling-ton.  Doctor Nathan Coleridge gave me a lowdown on your situation I am very sorry about what happened and we are hear to make you feel at home. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more comforting please let us know. Do you understand?" 

"please I am Not crazy! Let me leave please." 

"I'm afraid that cannot happen Mrs. Marshal you are here to stay." 

"Now doctors bring her to Ward 7-B! Please". 

The doctors gently help place Amber on to a gurney and wheel her to "Ward 7-B. 

"Please I'm not crazy!" Amber shouted as she was wheeled down the hall passing several wards with people looking at her. And then they start to shout 

"Yeah I'm Not crazy either please let us out we're not supposed to be here." 

The doctor suddenly stops. He helps Amber up. As the other doctor takes out his key and opens the door. Then in one swift movement the doctor pushes Amber into the Ward and slams the door shut and locks it. 

Amber pokes her face through the letter box and screams "Please I don't belong here please." The doctor slams the letter box shut and locks it from the outside. 

Amber pounds on the door crying. She looks around the room. The room is completely padded down so you can't hurt yourself. There is nothing but a cot for her to sleep on. A mirror, a stainless toilet and a sink. She then Notices a note on her cot. It reads 

"Dear Amber Marshal. "Your Not crazy I know. But you have to realize you have an illness and by that I mean you are now a danger to this world. But what you don't understand is that We are protecting YOU from the outside. NOT vise versa. You are safe inside the walls of "MOUNTAIN STATE ASYLUM"

Submitted: December 28, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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