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A story about Billy and space

Submitted: December 27, 2017

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Submitted: December 27, 2017



  "You missed a space over there" said the foreman. Billy took a glance at the foreman and where the finger was pointing at and looked at the floor. Billy gave a quick nod of his head and dumped the mop in the bucket of dirty water. He heard the foreman walking away and he continued his mopping with the enthusiasm of watching snails race.

  Space, thought Billy, was something that he had heard quite often. It brought him back to the days when he was in school as a much younger version of himself. "Stop staring into space Billy!" said who was that again?  He couldn't remember the teacher's name. It didn't matter anyway. He turned out exactly like what they had said about him. Guess they were right after all.  He started mopping the space that was pointed out to him with the movements he was so used to every night. Forward, backward, forward, backward, forward.

  Backward to the days in school, he was not interested in Space. There were a few lessons about the planets and the stars, every boy in class was paying attention and had a bright star-like sparkle in their eyes. Not Billy, he couldn't care less. It was the same as with Maths and Art. He had no interest in the subjects taught in school. He had no interest in anything at all. Being like this made sure that he had few friends in school and after school hangouts were something that Billy was not invited to. Space was a whole bunch of darkness to him with some spots of light. What was the big deal? If he stared at the lamp for a long time and closed his eyes, it would mimic Space.

"There is this space between us Billy that was not there before. Please talk to me" he recalled his mother saying that to him around his adolescent time. When did it happen? He remembered he was close to his mother, talking to her about his day in school and what he was taught. Then one day it all changed. He didn't want to talk to her or anyone anymore. He went straight to his room after school and stayed in there for hours. Listening to music and doing what his teachers have asked him not to do, staring into space. He wondered how she was doing, it has been a long time since he moved out and called her. He put the mop into the bucket of blackened water and carried the bucket towards the entrance of the building. There, he took out the mop and swiped the floor. Left, right, left, right.

  "Right Billy! You are always right! Everything I do or say is wrong! You happy now?!". These words screamed in his mind. They were spoken from his ex-girlfriend Blaire. "Give me some space Billy, I need some time to think" were the last words he heard her say. The breakup shortly afterwards was sent through a text message and attempts to meet her and talk it through were rejected. She was the first and only girl he ever had. He remembered the restraining order to be at least a hundred yards away from her. She had the space from Billy. He was done.

  He poured the water away on the grass patch outside the building and loaded the cleaning equipments into the company van. The van sounded like thunder in the dead of the night, the quiet was too much to bear. "Space 78.3 FM, playing you songs from out of this world", Billy drove home with the radio station that played songs from his past. He was the only living being on the road. Funny, he thought, man did not need to travel to space to experience loneliness. It is right here. 

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