My Friend or someone else

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She has know him from last 3 years now. They started as enemy then gained acquaintance and later became friends, rather best friends. Was that all they want to settle with ,or there was some thing
else going on between them.

Submitted: December 28, 2017

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Submitted: December 28, 2017



“I still think you should tell him where you are going.”

My best friend Sucheta argued

 “And why is that”

I was adamant and probably in denial of my feeling for him.

I have know him for couple of years now and we have been good friends since then, but recently I started having feeling for him which invokes me to cross our boundaries of friendship . I want him to be someone who is more than just a friend. 

I still remember the day I saw him for the first time. He was wearing an orange shirt and pair of blue jeans .  Even though orange could not make into my list of favorite colors, it somehow looked nice on him. With strong and steady pace he approached me for the first time .His eye were fixed on me. I could not make myself move. My heart was beating so fast in anticipation of what he was about to say. What on earth he has to talk about?  He was still looking into my eyes with absolute no expression.

“What is your problem?”

“What is my problem ?” I couldn’t resist asking him back , what does he mean by my problem?Is this how you start a conversation. Anyways I was not expecting anything logic to come out of his mouth, but serious this was far worst then what I expected out of him.

He was looking at me with disappointment.

“See I don’t understand why you can’t agree with rest of us”
Ahh now I get it, he is sent by those jerks who don’t believe in studies and are here to waste their parents money.

“I don’t have any problem as long as I am not held accountable for this. I am supposed to represent our class and when your guys will be on run, I will be called and questioned, not you.” I swallowed hard and lifted by chin and boldly met his gaze. I was hoping that he could understand my dilemma, but it was vain attempt.

Without breaking our eye contact he smirked and said  “You are a smart girl you can figure that out . Now leave college premises or stay out of reach. Either hide in hostel or in some pit hole. I don’t care just don’t be visible for a day or else you have to face the consequences.”

I stared at him in disbelieve and decided it will be sheer waste of time to argue with him. I decided to leave this matter behind and left that place and came back to my room.
 It really didn’t surprise me that he actually made someone follow me ,to make sure I stay hidden.

 That was two years back, things have changed dramatically between us now.
We started as enemy, then gained acquaintance then slowly we learned more about each other and became good friends. 

Now after coming this far , I don’t think he will ever want to me more than friends with me.
My best friend Sucheta was not very supporting of our friendship either, I didn’t expect her to be overly receptive of my feeling. But she somehow didn’t like the idea that I was running away from him without telling where I was going.

I was worried if he follows me then chances were very high that I will break and may even end up sharing my feeling.

Don’t get me wrong he is surely a good man but I don’t see a way by which we can be together.Our union will cause lot to agony and agitation. I think it is best to leave this matter here and start creating distance between us.

“See Sucheta i know you are my good friend, but I can’t call him now. It is too late already. I have to catch a train in an hour and it is impossible that he could see me or even talk to me at this time. I think even our destiny want us apart.”

I gave my last shot to convince her .

“Well I am not a philosopher like you but at least I know what he will feel when he will get your news. Even though I  don’t like him much but I know what he means to you. I am just telling you want you really want to hear” She said shrugging her shoulder.

“Whatever happens please take care of yourself and don’t over analyze.” She said after a moment of silence between us.

I was relieved that finally she stopped . I hugged her and left her place with my luggage. With heavy heart I reached train station. I  was struggling to carry my luggage when I heard someone behind me saying “If you have trouble in carrying your stuff then you should ask friend for help.”
I turned to look who this person was and froze in my place. I couldn’t believe my eyes. For a moment I thought I was hallucinating. By this time we were facing each other and I was staring at him in complete disbelieve. He took my bag from my shoulder and started moving towards the platform.
I couldn’t believe he was here . What was he doing here ? Maybe he came to drop someone. May be he came for me , but how can that be I didn’t tell him where I was or where I was going . None of my friends knew that.

I was silently following him. He surely was in good mood today. How came he was not arguing or questioning me when I was leaving him without informing. May be it was all in my mind and he didn’t care much for me. 

Once we reached platform , he stopped and turned back. Even though I was standing still my mind was running with a pace of thousand miles. I wanted my answer and I wanted now.

Finally I gained enough courage and asked “What are you doing here?”

“I came to drop you.”

“I didn’t ask you to and how did you know where I am going and which train will I catch.”
 He didn’t reply and kept smiling. Then I heard announcement that my train is about to come.

“Ok then see you when I am back. ” I spoke ignoring him. By this time the train was entering the station.I took my bag and started moving towards my train.
I got inside and turned to look at him. He was standing next to the door with forced smile on his face.

He is definitely not a good actor and makes no effort to hind his expression.
Soon his smile was taken over by sadness, but why was he sad.

“Don’t go ” He said with heavy heart.

“Please” he added

“Why” I spoke looking at my shoes and then stared at him.

“Because I am incapable to leave you alone” he said staring at our clasped hands.
I was lost in that moment when I realized that train has started. Slowly train started moving and he began walking to keep our hand clasped. I looked at him for the last time and knew exactly what I want.

I want to be with him. I love him from bottom of my heart.
I have already crossed my line and now he owns my heart.
But it was too late to tell him now. Train has already left the station and he was standing there with wistful eyes.


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