Late night tour

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two characters, one cocky and the other even cockier, decide to grabs coats and room the streets of sleeping London.

Submitted: December 28, 2017

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Submitted: December 28, 2017



“how do you sleep at night?” I asked playfully as I paced around the room inspecting it.

“i don’t” she simply replied and in her words, i could sense the smile that formed on her face, i didn't know how to feel about that.

I turned around and went over to her desk, sitting in front of her. “what do you do then?” asked I again, this time a bit more curious.

She didn't answer right away nor did it take her too long to speak, in fact it felt as if it was calculated. she knew the answer, it was obvious, but it wasn't something to burst out to anyone, at least that’s what i understood.

“why such question?” She was smiling again but now it felt almost like anything but pure or genuine.

I shrugged for i had none other than one simple explanation: curiosity.

She gave a quick nod before getting up to fetch her coat. My eyes followed her until i was turned around in my chair waiting for her to say something. When it never came I asked and her reply was. “Well, it seems you long to know what i like to do in my, lets say, free time. I am here to give you the satisfaction of knowing a secret you could use against me, whenever you please.”

And at that, she simply opened the door and left.


I sat there stunned, if even quite startled. I knew i was a bit foolish to think for a second that she might actually become civil in my presence but it seems that those born enemies, shall always remain enemies. I sighed as i stood up and grabbed my coat and left, hoping i wouldn't somehow lose her.


Her office or study, however she liked to call it, was on the top floor which was an inconvenience at that time since running down an endless flight of stairs did not only leave me breathless but almost dying.

When i reached the bottom she was talking to a carriage driver. He did not personally work for her for i knew some of the employees’ faces and his wasn't familiar, but that was strange since she rarely acted like a regular civilian; for example, she never took the bus or talked to people on the streets or even bought medicine from shops for when gets sick, she has a doctor come to her house, on any given hour might i add.


I waited for her to finish and when she did, she turned back to me as if she had known this whole time that i had come. With a wave of a hand, she gestured for me to get in and i did.

The ride wasn't that long, in fact while i was sitting close to the window, i kept thinking; a bit too hard actually, and it made time go by so fast that the next thing i knew was the door opening and someone stepping out.

The act startled me a bit but i regained my focus and followed her outside.

Looking around, i realized we were still in the city but it was calmer now. Hardly any citizens were seen rooming the streets and definitely no carriages. i lived at the center of so much noise and rush that i wanted to stop and appreciate every second of moments like these, the cold making me shiver a bit pleasantly and the silence feeling like music to my ears; i did not want it to end.


“Are you coming?” Her voice cut my train of thoughts brusquely. At times, i did not appreciate her annoyed tone, it seemed too annoyed if i was quite frank but i suppose my mind was going places too far from here and i needed waking.

My focus turned towards her; she was holding the front door of some building open. the place looked abandoned and very unsettling but i could hear noise coming from the inside. Where was she taking me? Thats what i kept asking myself.

I stepped froward and entered, she, behind me. There was a lobby but it was empty; the noise though, never stopped.

She walked in front of me when i slowed down confused, for she probably knew i wouldn't quite catch the whole thing instantly. i followed her through hallways until we got to some stairs.

I could not see the bottom for it was too dark but still, the noise was getting louder at each step.


We started going down slowly, each wooden step making a cracking noise at our feet; it almost felt as if it was about to break but fortunately it didn't and we made it downstairs safely.

At that moment i was about to ask her where we were or if she was sure she knew this place but the chance never presented itself for she opened a door and upon that swift motion came a wave of noise and hot, steamy air almost hitting me right in the face.


It was a fight club.


I did not know what i expected at the beginning of the night when I asked her cockily what she liked to do during her sleepless days; i did not know where i expected her to bring me nor what we will do. It was as if my mind was not functioning greatly at that moment or i just didn't care, either way i was stunned.


We stepped forward. I was almost shy, insecure in this unknown world but she was confident, her steady walk, her piercing gaze, her head which she held oh so very high; it was a site to admire.

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