Reflective Innocence

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This poem is based on police brutality and is about a boy who is questioning why the fact that although he is just as innocence as anyone else, why is it that he has to fight for his life unlike
anyone else the majority of the time when it comes to the police unlike anyone else.

Submitted: December 28, 2017

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Submitted: December 28, 2017



In the mirror I see a boy with skin darker than yours;

dark skin that ran away with my shadow at birth just as yours did,

In the mirror I see a boy with eyes darker than yours;

eyes that could eat holes out of the rays of the sun,

In the mirror I see a boy with hair darker than yours;

handfuls of hair that left behind a trail, so my identity could find its way back to me

whenever it would accidentally wonder off,

but even with these attributes, that doesn’t mean my heart is darker and colder than yours;

it’s actually just as warm as yours.

In the mirror I see a boy dreaming bigger dreams for his future just as you do;

dreams that could possibly fly out of the hidden shadows we call the projects

and into the mouth of the ocean we call the American Dream,

In the mirror I see a boy feeling the same feelings just as you do;

feelings that not only gives me the opportunity to feel but also speak, yell, cry, and scream

when the pain becomes unbearable just as you do,

In the mirror I see a boy searching for true happiness just as you do;

happiness that not only leads him to his own rib that he must stay committed

to until death do them part but also to a brand-new spot of his own on that family tree.

So, if I am just as human and just as innocent as you are,

how come only one of us

have to fight to live

when it comes to the men in blue?

That “only one of us”, I’m talking about is me.

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