Letter From the Man in Blue

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This is a poem also about police brutality but instead it is from a police officer's perspective and how they do not want to be known as the enemies of society and do not want to be compared to the
police officers that do harm to their citizens, but the police officers that are heroes to them.

Submitted: December 28, 2017

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Submitted: December 28, 2017



Dear Pure Innocence,


Please don’t wake me up to the possibility that another life will be stolen from the sky by an intruder that sits in my right blue pants pocket because I am not the crow that waits outside your window waiting to give you the worst news that your baby boy bird has permanently left the nest and won’t ever return.


Please don't make me the killer that awakens the stars and eat at the plains because I am not the blue collard bully with a badge of gold and false integrity you mistaken me to be.


Please don’t accuse me of opening the center of the Earth and pulling a heart out from the sun because I was just as scared as you were when the sun’s smile fell from the sky.


Please don’t assume that I am just like the others; just because one blue collard bully decided to look at only stereotypes instead of character and actions doesn’t mean that all blue collards do the same.


Please look at me as someone who would invite you to sit at my dinner table next to my kindness ready to burst out of my heart the moment you open it because as long as those lies continue to live in the holes in the Earth making me seem like the villain I didn’t know I was I can’t continue to live as the hero I used to be.  


Sincerely, The Man in Blue

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