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Chapter 10 Casimir

Curtis looked over at Eric. It was well past midnight and they had found where Delia was, just not sure how to get to her. Neither one of them could figure out who the half dragon was and wasn’t sure how, what, or why he was with her. They had both healed fast, Eric just about fully healed, and Curtis’s leg was the only thing that was wrong with him.

“So what do you think our base of action should be?” Eric asked him as they settled down for there last night of sleep at this campsite.

“I am not sure as of yet, though I do know we have to act fast. We do not need father taking his frustrations out on us again. It had been nearly a week and my leg is still not healed.” Curtis told him as he looked into the fire.

“Alright,” Eric said as he yawned. “I say I will be out in minutes, you should get some rest as well, you are the one that needs it.” Eric turned on his side. Within minutes as he had said, Eric was snoring.

Curtis just lay there staring into the fire as his mind wondered. Ever since Eric had gone into his mind, he hadn’t been able to let his mind off of Delia, of how they used to be. He thought of the day that he had left her, made her run from him crying. He had realized when Eric had brought that memory back he still cared for her, he knew you couldn’t tell by watching him around her, but truthfully, he realized now he didn’t want anything to happen to her.

When he had seen the dragon man with her, he had gotten somewhat jealous. He wanted to know what kind of relationship they had. He could tell by the way she acted around him that something had happened between the two of them. He lay there for a little longer as his eyes closed, Delia’s face engulfed his thoughts as he fell asleep.


“Delia, is that you?” Delia heard a familiar female’s voice come.

Delia turned around in the corridor to see Shana. She smiled as she walked toward her, “Yes, it is I.”

Shana hugged her and looked at her, “I am so glad that you are alright” she paused as she looked at her “You seam different, I do have to admit, if it is that guy with the black and crimson hair, I say go for it.”

Delia looked at her friend and blushed crimson, making the girl smile knowingly, “It’s not quite like that,” Delia started and stopped, knowing Drake was still with her. She wasn’t sure why but she didn’t want to talk about her problems about Damon with Drake there. She was fairly certain that it would be the same if Damon was there instead of Drake.

‘Who is that?’ Drake asked in Delia’s mind.

‘That is one of the maids, and one of my friends, her name is Shana.’ Delia told him in reply in the same way.

Shana looked and saw the little dragon on her shoulder, “where did you find that?”

“It started following me around in the forest, so I just said o well and kept him with me.” Delia said looking at Drake.

Drake started to coo at Shana. ‘Pet me.’ He told Delia in her mind.

Delia smiled and then told the message to Shana, “I think he wants you to pet him.”

Shana looked from her to the dragon then slowly reached out her hand and quickly ran a hand down his back and let go.

Drake hopped down off of Delia’s shoulder as he walked over and started rubbing his head on Shana’s leg as he continued to coo.

“He really isn’t that bad Shana. Though he does like a lot of attention” Delia said as she looked at the two.

“I…um… OK.” She reached down and lightly ran her fingers down his back again then stood up, “You should get going your highness, your father has been waiting for you. He is in his usual place.” She said as she took off.

Delia nodded to her as she left then looked down at Drake and started walking the way she was facing as Drake walked beside her.

‘I think I scared her. What would they say if I was smaller?’ He asked her in her mind.

Delia looked at him, ‘if you don’t know people in castles are usually made to think badly of dragons.’ She told him “how small would you be?”

He looked at her and shrunk, and was big enough now to fit snugly in her hands. She placed him on her shoulder and he wrapped his tail around her neck.

“Alright, let’s go see father.” Delia told him as she started walking again.

After walking down a few corridors Delia finally came to the door she needed to go through to her father’s favorite chambers. “Here goes nothing.” And she opened the door and walked in.

“Delia, is that you?” Gregory asked standing and started to run toward her. Delia put a smile on her face as she embraced him.

Gregory held her at shoulder length where he could look at her and saw the little dragon, “Where did you come from?”

‘I came from the forest.’ He said in the king’s head, looking up at him.

Gregory looked at Drake as his mouth hung open, then looked at Delia, “It talks?”

“Yes father, he can talk.” Delia told him as she looked down at Drake.

Gregory looked at Drake for a little while before he spoke. “How did you come by him?”

“He found me father, when I was in the forest and followed me, so I brought him with me.” Delia told her father as she looked at him.

Gregory nodded then motioned Delia toward his chair as he turned and walked. His head was hung, as if he had done something wrong. “I am guessing that you now know.”

“About mother, yes or at least somewhat. I know what I am and what she was. I know that I am just about the exact image of her. But I want to know more.” Delia told him as she walked over to a spare chair and sat down.

Gregory looked at her for a while before he spoke. “I know, but you know what you need to, at least for the moment. There is an obstacle that you must overcome. There will be plenty for you to learn about Yadira after your battle.”

Delia looked at him as he spoke. “So you know what mother predicted?” She asked him, not sure what to expect.

“Unfortunately, yes.” He told her as he looked at her. “Your mother told me of what she had seen the night she died.”

Delia looked at him, she felt uneasy as she sat there talking about her mother and the journey ahead of her. They had hardly ever talked of her mother before, and it just didn’t feel right now. “I don’t know if you would know or not, seeing as you are fully human. But you do know of mother’s demon form, right?”

Gregory looked at her as he nodded, “You are wondering what you are, am I right?”

Delia nodded to him, “Yes, I need to find out what I am.”

“You are a cat, I know that much. Your mother was a lioness.” He told her, his eyes seamed to gloss over as if remembering her.

“I know. I have been told that much. I also have to figure out what I can do to defeat Nicholas when my journey comes to an end. And I am not sure how, I do not know how to wield a sword, I have never even held a sword for that matter.” She told him as she looked out of one of the many windows in the room.

Delia had been in this room many different times, but this was the first time she really looked at it. There were at least eight different windows on the far side of the wall, only two or three chairs sat in the room with a small table to go with each of the chairs.

“I know of something. I will have to locate it, so it will be a while. And if need be I can get our best knight to train you with it.” Gregory said as he looked back at her.

“I will have one of my knight’s train her. They have more experience than yours. Plus I can do something to give her more time to train. I can’t do that in front of your knight’s.” Drake said out loud, still on her shoulder.

Delia and Gregory both looked at him, “What are you talking about?” Delia asked.

“Yes, please do tell, I know I shouldn’t but since when has a dragon as small as you have knight’s to serve you?” Gregory asked as he looked down at Drake.

Drake jumped and glided to one of the nearest tables from her shoulder. Drake smiled and as he did the room distorted. “I’m not just a little dragon.” As he said this he changed back into his half dragon form. He sat on the table cross legged as he looked at Gregory.

Delia watched him change, knowing this other form already, though Gregory’s jaw dropped, “Who are you?”

“Father, this is Drake, Drake this is my father.” She said introducing them, “Father, he has been watching over me.”

Gregory looked at her then back to Drake, “I would have to thank you for that.” He said as he continued to look at him.

Drake nodded. “Now you see why I have knights. Plus, I can have one like her, train her.” He said as he climbed down and stood next to her.

Gregory looked from Drake to Delia, “I…” he started not sure what to say, “As for your question for your demon side, I am not sure what to tell you, you will most likely have to go and ask one of your traveling companions.”

He turned his eyes back to Drake, “Sir, I bid you to take care of my daughter,” He paused, “I trust her judgment, last time I didn’t, well, I suppose you already know that.”

“I will stay with her.” He said as he looked down at Delia.

Gregory nodded and stood as he looked at his daughter, “Go and find Damon or Aletha,” He paused making sure he had gotten the females name right, “and see if they came help you with your demon side. I will call upon you when I find what I will be looking for.”

“Do not tell anyone what you have seen here, I stay hidden for a reason.” Drake said as he transformed back into the little dragon on the table and the room went back to normal.

Gregory looked at him and nodded after a moment then looked at Delia, he looked at her for a long time and gave her a long hug, “I am glad to have you home.”

Delia hugged him back, kind of shocked at first then smiled as she did so. “I am glad to be back father.”

Gregory pulled back and looked at her as he smiled. “I will seek you out when I find it.”

“What is it that you are searching for?” Delia asked as she looked at him.

“You will learn in due time.” He told her then let her go and walked from the room.

Delia looked at Drake, “That was definitely not what I was expecting.”

“What where you expecting” He said as he looked at her.

“I don’t know, I just wasn’t expecting him to be so…so…so fatherly. He never has been.” Delia said as she stepped closer to him and held her hands out for him to get in where she could put him back on her shoulder.

“Oh, OK.” He said as he climbed in to her hands.

Delia brought her hands to her shoulder and felt his tail curl back around her neck.

Delia looked down at him for a moment and then out the door “OK, now to find Aletha or Damon” She paused and closed her eyes, ‘Aletha where are you?’

A few minutes passed when she heard her voice, ‘In my chamber, and you?’ Aletha asked, it sounded as if she had been asleep.

‘My father and I just finished talking, I had a question but if your asleep ill find Damon.’ She told her.

‘If your sure, I don’t mind getting up,’ Aletha sounded like she was about to pass out again.

‘Go back to sleep Aletha.’ Delia told her.

When she didn’t get a response from her she tried Damon. ‘Damon?’

‘I’m here. Is something wrong?’ his voice sounded in her head.

‘I had a question I wanted to ask.’ She told him.

‘And what may that be?’ Damon asked.

‘About the ‘finding the demon in me’ what do I need to do? I have no idea what to do’ Delia asked him.

‘where are you?’ Damon asked.

‘I just met with my father,’ she paused for a moment, ‘I could probably find you faster than you could me. Unless.’ she felt herself start to blush.

She could feel him smile and she blinked a few time.

‘Unless what?’ He asked interested.

‘When you were watching me the night I was kidnapped, do you remember where my room is?’ She asked and felt her cheeks start to redden.

He was silent for a moment, ‘I do.’

‘How far are you from it.’ she asked.

‘It wouldn’t take long to get there from where I am.’ he told her.

‘OK, I will meet you there.’ Delia said and started out of the room.

“Do you wish for me to accompany you?” Drake asked from her shoulder.

“You can, but when Damon leaves I will ask you too as well. I was told to be alone when I do this.” She told him as she walked.

“I will go to Aletha then and when you are finished I will come back.” He unwrapped himself from her and he glided off her shoulder and was gone.

She blinked after him for a moment and shook her head. She kept walking, and when she got to the door that led to her room, she hesitated before opening it.

Damon sat in the window looking out. He turned towards her as she entered.

“Thank you for coming.” She said as she stepped backwards to close the door where she was still facing him.

“Your welcome” He said as he watched her.

They were silent for a moment, “This is where I first saw you.” Damon said as he looked back out the window.

“I remember,” She said as she walked over to the window he was standing at.

He turned toward her and sat back on the window seal.

“I’m sorry if I interrupted something you may have been doing.” She said as she played with her hand as she looked at them.

“You don’t have to be,” He said as he stood again and took the remaining step toward her. “You should know that if there is anything I can do for you, I will.”

Delia felt the blush creep back to her cheeks as they looked at each other. “Damon.”

“I know you are under a lot of stress right now, and with that I am part of that. I don’t want you to be side tracked when the time comes, so I want you to know that I would wait on you as long as I had too.”

Delia’s face turned redder and looked away, “You should know that Drake is here too.”

“I know,” Damon said and Delia looked back at him, “I felt him with you when you arrived back.”

“It doesn’t bother you?” she asked before she realized that it had came from her mouth.

“Of course it does, knowing that he has gotten closer to you. Know that he can have access to you when you are asleep. To know that no matter what I do he will always be there. I have seen the way he looks at you and it drives me crazy. But you are not mine and I have no right to feel this way.” Damon said resisting to touch her.

“Damon,” She paused and took the final step that was between them, “It’s true that I ave been under a lot of stress, and part of it has been you. And another has been Drake. But even though he has kissed me, I backed away from him for it. I have not shared a bed with him as I have with you, on not one but two occasions.” She paused as she looked at him, “It’s true I have a connection with both of you, but I have a stronger one with you.”

Damon looked at her just briefly and before Delia could say anything Damon slid his arms around her and his mouth crushed down on hers, and without hesitation and wrapped her arms around Damon’s neck and opened her mouth to him.

The kiss didn’t last as long as Delia would have liked, and it must have shown on Delia’s face.

Damon smiled and chuckled to himself as he looked at her, “Im sure there was a reason as to why you called me here.”

“yes, well” Delia started, getting her bearing again, “I was going to go ahead and try to meet with my animal and wanted pointers.”

“Ahh, all I really can tell you is you have to drink the potion and meditate till it comes to you” Damon told her.

“OK, What will you do why I am doing this. I do remember there is no set time that I will be done with it” Delia asked.

“if it’s alright, I would like to sit guard. Either at your door or outside in the tree” he told her.

She nodded “I guess I will let you get to it then.” Delia told him smiling.

“Good lock Delia.” Damon said as he caressed her cheek and then turned toward the window and leapt from the window to the tree.

Delia watched as he settled himself in the tree out from her window and turned towards the inside of her room.

The room was rather large, a cast iron four poster canopy bed with satin sheets was in the far corner with a chair and table for reading by another window, a small book shelf stood by the table. A wooden door stood on the other side of the room. And a dresser with a rather large mirror on it was sitting beside it.

She made sure the door to her room was locked and she walked over to the bed and sat down. She looked down and thought to herself, ‘OK, I’m by myself now so I can at least get comfy’ She laid her hand on herself and her clothing turned in the loose fitting lavender dress she had wore on their way to the lake.

“Gix, I need the small black vile I had asked you to hold for me.” The vile appeared in her hand and she looked at it.

She opened the top and smelled it. She quickly pulled the vile away, “I have to drink this? Uck” She continued to look at it.

Delia pinched her nose and leaned her head back as she tossed the liquid from the vial into her mouth. As soon as she had sat the vial down after closing it she closed her eyes. Her legs were crossed on the bed, the skirt of her dress hiked most of the way up her legs. Not too much longer after she had closed her eyes an image formed in her mind.

It was a majestic forest scenery. Large trees a shade of green Delia had never seen raised high above her. A river could be heard nearby. Sounds of the forest could be heard. She traveled down the path she had been set on and decided to travel off of it. She started to hear the river roar louder. She continued on till she reached it and decided to follow it a little longer. After following it for a while she found a type of paw print. She looked at it and wondered if she should follow it. She decided that she would go on.

The river turned to the right and became a waterfall. She stood on the top and looked over the lake at the bottom. Something black caught her eye, but when she went to look at it more closely, it was gone. Delia looked around for some way to get down to the lower part of the fall but couldn’t find one. She wondered how deep the lake at the bottom was when she decided to jump.

She stepped backwards a few feet and took a running jump off of the fall. It was a long fall, and when she felt the water surround her it chilled her. She looked around as she swam toward the surface, and noticed the lake its self seamed to go on forever. Only after she swam to the shore and started walking on land did she notice that eyes were looking at her, Delia continued to look at them as she slowly walked toward them. She noticed something moving behind it. Delia couldn’t tell what it was, because it blended in with the shadows, though something told her that she had found what she had been looking for.

Delia bowed to the majestic animal. “My name is Delia and I am the daughter of Yadira. I came looking for my spirit demon.” Delia told the animal as she looked at the ground. She wasn’t sure what she should say, or if what she had said was the right thing. She heard something move and looked up.

A panther came from the shadows. It’s fur as black as midnight shone in the light as it walked, showing its muscles as it moved. Its eyes were glowing amber with a hint of amethyst in them. “I am called Casimir, and I know who you are. I have been awaiting your arrival for a very long time Delia.”

“You know who I am.” Delia said a little surprised as she stood straight and looked at the animal.

Casimir started to walk around Delia as if going to pounce. Her long black tail whipped back and forth as she watched her. “We are destined to be together, so why should I not know your name?”

“I…” Delia paused as she watched Casimir, “It’s not that I don’t doubt you, it’s just…” She paused and the big cat finished circling her.

“Just that you didn’t know me, I know child. You have been hidden away and have lots to learn in a very short time” Casimir told her as she continued to circle around her.

“Yes. But I also have a few questions if you don’t mind.” Delia asked still watching her.

“Go ahead.” She said coming up to her, stopping only a few feet away and sat down. “I have been told, that once a half demon and there demon animal merge, there is a chance that we will get stuck like that. If that is so, what will…” She was cut off.

“Do not worry of such child. You may not know much of what you are, but know this, you are very powerful for just being a half demon. I do not think that once we merge that we will be stuck in just that form. Though there is the chance that we will, if that be the case you may be able to choose something else.” Casimir said as she came up closer to her.

“What do you mean by that?” Delia asked curiously.

“You will find out in due time.” Casimir said looking up at her. Her head was every bit of two feet wide and long. Her eyes sparkled as she looked at her companion, she was every bit a hundred pounds and five or six foot in length and three to four in height.

Delia nodded then asked, “How do we merge?”

“Do you wish to find out?” Casimir asked still looking at her.

“Yes.” Delia told her truthfully.

“Then it is time that we become one.” Casimir said.

Delia nodded as she watched her. Casimir came closer to her and started rubbing her head against Delia’s leg. Out of what felt like habit Delia reached down and started petting Casimir’s head. Delia noticed that she was starting to feel warm inside and saw a purple aura around them. Delia bent down on a knee and looked at Casimir, her hand still on her head. Casimir let out a roar and Delia could feel it ring throughout her, as if she were the one roaring. Delia closed her eyes as she opened her mouth and another roar echoed again.

She looked to Casimir, but only a purple mist was there, and it was fading fast.

“Casimir” Delia asked the air as she stood. She felt different, her senses felt more acute, more aware of her surroundings.

“Yes?” Casimir’s voice came.

“Where are you?” Delia asked looking around for her.

“I am inside of you.” The voice said again.

“What do we do now?” Delia asked not sure.

“Try and change, to complete the merge.” She was told.

“How do I do that?” Delia asked still not sure what to do.

“Close your eyes and imagine yourself turning into me, though if it starts to get painful stop.” Casimir told her.

Delia did as she was told. She saw herself in human from, and saw herself change into the majestic creature she was merging with. She saw her head change, her hands and feet change into paws, and when her torso started she felt the pain and screamed, only as she screamed, a loud roar rung out. She imagined herself back as a human and could tell she was turning back when the thought of Casimir’s tail and ears hit her. After she felt back to normal she walked over to the water’s edge and looked at her self. Her reflection showed midnight black furry ears. She looked behind her and saw the tail that Casimir had. She also noticed that her clothes and hair were still soaked, but she didn’t care. She looked around one last time before she left for home.

Delia opened her eyes, apparently she had fallen over onto her back some time in her trance. She stood up and walked over to the dresser to look at herself. She still felt very different. Her senses were still much more aware. She could smell the meal for that night that was still cooking in the kitchen as if she were standing in the kitchen doorway. She could hear the faint brush of leaves of the tree out of her window and could pin point exactly witch branch Damon was sitting on.

When she looked into the mirror she saw herself. Her eyes were pure deep amethyst. The Black Panther ears stood straight on her head as if listening for something. Her hair clung to her face, and her dress clung to her body, her breasts were quiet noticeable and nipples hard under her soaked dress. She looked around the room and remembered the kiss that Damon and she had shared before she had drank the stuff in the vile.

She started walking towards the window, and as she did so she could hear Damon jumping from the tree branch he was on and landed in the window seal and he looked at her. He turned beet red when he noticed the state of dress she was in.

“Ahh, I see you found your other half.” He continued to look at her.

Delia nodded as she looked at him, “Yes, I did, but we have been brought back together.”

“Why are you all wet and see through? I do like the ears and tail.” He said as he stepped down into the room from the window seal.

“Long story short, I had to jump off of a waterfall to get to Casimir. It just transferred over.” She said as she continued to look at him.

“Ahh, well, you should probably put on some dry clothes.” He said as he looked past her at the rest of the room, “Your bed is even drenched” He walked toward the bed to examine it.

“Yeah, I think it was when I splashed into the lake from jumping.” She told him.

He nodded as he continued to look around her room. He picked up a few trinkets and looked at them and sat them down carefully before moving to the next one. By the time Delia had gotten clean dry clothes picked out to wear he was looking at the cooks on her book case.

“Alright, I’ll be out in a minute, if you want to go ahead and get comfy. It might be a while, I’m going to change the old fashioned way and put them on.” She said as she opened the door to her walk-in closet and stepped inside.

Damon looked at her and nodded, “Alright, I’ll wait.”

Delia smiled as she fastened the clasp on her bra and turned it around and slid her arms threw the straps. She held the panties she had picked out up and looked at the back of them, “That’s going to be a problem” she told her self looking at the back of them and changed them just a hair where her tail would fit and she put them on. She toweled her hair partly dry and shook it out somewhat to give it a rough look. She looked at herself in the mirror that hanged in her closet.

A knock came from the door.

“Ugh,” Delia said and yelled from the room she was changing in, “One moment please.”

She through on a lilac dress with darker purple beads and covered the back with her hair. She opened the door and looked at Damon. He shrugged and went back to the book he was reading.

Delia walked back over to the door to her room and unlocked and opened it.

Shana smiled at her as soon as she saw her, “I have come to tell you that dinner will be served in thirty minutes, do you wish me to help you get dressed, oh, and your father wishes to see you beforehand.” Shana told her and her smile faded, “Is there something wrong? Your eyes are different.”

“No, Shana, I had something I had to do and I had just finished. As for getting dressed I will do it myself.” Delia told her as she forced a smile.

“As you wish princess” Shana told her, bowed, then turned and left.

Delia shut the door again, it didn’t seem as if she had seen Damon in her room. She took a deep breath and turned around to look at him.

He Placed a marker in the book, closed it, and sat it on the table by the chair and looked at her.

“I um,” Delia started and blushed, “I know I told her I didn’t need help, and that was partly because you were in here and well, I wasn’t sure what she would think if she seen you and knew that my dress is halfway undone,” She noticed Damon’s eyes travel down her dress as she admitted this. “And I could just use my powers to button them, but I would like something to be as they were before I was thrown into this mess.”

Damon laughed as he stood, “If my princess asks it of me, then I will do so.”

Delia turned her back toward him, guided her hair over her right shoulder, and showed off half of her back that the buttons needed to be buttoned.

Delia gasped as she felt his nails slightly rake over the skin on her back and he chuckled to himself when goosebumps popped up on her skin. A moan escaped Delia’s lips as his nails traveled up to the base of her neck.

Delia’s head tilted to the right, exposing her neck, she felt her breath coming faster and she gasped again when she felt Damon’s lips on her throat. “Damon.” Her voice came lower than she expected it to, more sultry that she had ever done.

Damon ran his tongue over her skin and then lightly bit down. His head lingered there just for a short time and he straightened up and hit hands started buttoning the buttons on the back of her dress.

When he was done Delia turned toward him and looked at him, what she seen in his eyes made her gasp.

“know this Delia,” he started and brushed his fingers down her jaw, down her neck, towards the dip in the material for the dress where her cleavage was, “I would do anything for you, but it doesn’t mean I wont do it my way unless you specify it not to be done.”

“Damon,” Delia’s still trying to slow her breathing, she stepped closer to him and started to lean forward to kiss him when he stopped her with his hands on her shoulders.

“Believe me when I say this,” He started as he looked her in the eye, “I would like nothing more than to stay in your room and bombard the window and door so we couldn’t be bothered for the next few hours or so, but your father had wanted to see you so now is not the time.”

“Alright,” Delia told him after looking at him for a moment. She quickly went to her dresser and brushed her hair out and pulled it into a bun. When she was finished she went and grabbed Damon by the hand and they left her room.

She led them down the hall, made some lefts and rights till they came back to the grand stair case and went down them. She turned the corner and went down another corridor and stopped in front of a wooden door. Delia knocked and heard Gregory’s voice, “Come in.”

Delia entered. Gregory looked up from a box he held in his lap, “I thought you weren’t going to come in time, though I will have to wait till after dinner to give it to you now.” He said as he stood and laid the black box on the table in front of him.

Delia looked from her father to the box and back again, wonder on her face as she looked at them. “Father, what is it?” She asked as she walked closer to him.

Greggory looked at her and smiled. “You will find out after dinner.” He hugged her lightly, now seeing that Damon was standing at the closed door. “There are other matters that I wish to tend to beforehand.”

Delia looked at him as she spoke, “And what would they concern?”

“First comes to you, seeing that it was your party that you were taken at. I was wondering whether or not you would want to have another, kind of birthday/coming of age/homecoming party. I was also thinking that, seeing as I didn’t listen to you, you could let everyone know that your engagement with Eric is no longer, and if you had someone else in mind you could name them. Second,” He said looking at Damon, “I know you have been watching over her, and helping her. I can’t thank you enough. But, I would like to know what kind of relationship you have with my daughter. I know if she is anything like her mother, which I don’t doubt that she is not, I would just like to know.” Delia looked at him then looked at Damon.

“You do not have to thank me for watching over her, it has been an honor. As for a relationship, that is up to her.” Damon said out loud as he looked at the king. ‘Though I would talk to you in a more private matter, just you and I alone.’ He continued in Gregory’s head.

Gregory looked at him and nodded then looked at Delia, “And your reply would be to that?”

Delia’s face was a little red as she spoke, “As for the party, yes, though I have been thinking. I would like the next one to be a masquerade. And as for Damon, I will not lie. I do have feelings for him.”

Gregory continued to look at her smiling, “I can’t say that I will stop you from what you want, the gods know that is what I had done with Eric and look what came out of it. But I will say I was hoping that you would have chosen Damon.”

“Father,” Delia said as she looked at him blushing slightly, “I have felt a connection with Damon since he and I first met.”

Gregory smiled, “I am glad of that.”

Delia told him, “How much longer till dinner?”

“We should head out now, it should be served very soon.” Greggory told her as he walked to the door and opened it. Delia watched him and followed him out the door with Damon’s hand around hers, to the dining area. The hall was very large and the table sat at least thirty people comfortably. There was a royal blue lined with gold runner along the middle of the table. Fine china laid on place mats that matched the runner. The plates had roses on them and the glasses were crystal. Aletha was already seated with Drake on her shoulder when they walked in. Aletha waved at Delia.

Greggory walked to the head of the table and sat down. Delia sat beside of him on the right hand side and Aletha on his left. Damon sat beside Delia.

Delia looked at Aletha, “So, did you sleep well?”

“Very, it has been a long time since I have slept in a bed that comfy.” Aletha told her.

Delia looked back at her father and smiled as she said, “What is for dinner tonight?”

“Roast, with vegetables.” He told her smiling.

“Alright,” She said as she spotted the waiters coming with big pans and sat them on the table.

A server opened the lid, steam and the aroma of the food propelled into the air. The server pulled a butcher’s knife out and started carving. He sat a hunk into Gregory’s plate, then Delia’s, Damon, and last Aletha.

Drake spoke to Aletha, Delia, and Greggory at the same time in their heads, ‘Who I am and what my name is stays between us, if anyone else is around and asks, all I am is a little dragon. Treat me as such and don’t worry about consequences. There will be none.’

Delia looked at Drake and nodded, he looked at her with his head cocked slightly.

Delia looked at Aletha when she spoke, “This is very good.”

“Yes it is.” Delia agreed then asked Drake telepathically, ‘When will you eat?’

‘I do not need to eat often.’ He said telepathically as he looked at her.

Delia nodded as she continued to eat.

Servants came and removed their old plates and the main course and brought out an apple pie. As before, it was cut as new plates were being brought out and a slice was sat in each plate.

Delia ate it in silence and sat her fork in her plate, waiting for the others to finish. When they were done they all stood.

“Come Delia, we need to talk.” Greggory told her as he removed himself from the table.

Delia said goodnight to Aletha and Drake who was still on her shoulder. She took Damon’s hand again and followed her father back to the room he had been in before dinner. They walked in and sat in the tree chairs. Greggory picked the black box back up and handed it to Delia.

It was velvet with a silver insignia on it of their family crest. A big tree with a meadow beside of it and a fox or cat running through the meadow to the tree. It was about four feet long and very slender. Silver clasps held it shut. Delia unclasped it and opened the lid.

A three to three and a half foot long sword lay on black silk. Delia looked to her father, eyes wide, then back to the sword. The hilt on it was the color of the setting sun. The guard was made of silver and had what looked like some sort of feline engraved on it. “Where did you come by this?” Delia asked him as she removed the sword from the box.

“I had it made for you when you were but an infant. When your mother prophesied what was to happen.” Greggory told her as he watched her.

Delia held it out straight and watched the blade shine and gleam. It looked to have just been forged. She also inspected the handle and hilt.

When she was finished looking over the blade she placed it back in the box. “I suppose I start training as soon as possible.”

Damon looked at her “May I see the sword? I have seen some similar to it and I want to see if it is what I think it is.”

Delia picked the sword back up and handed it to Damon.

Damon stood, took the sword and twirled the sword in his hand and held it in front of him as he looked at it. He put some energy toward it and the blade burst into a red aura. “It is what I thought it was.” He handed it back to Delia and as soon as he let go his aura was gone.

Delia watched him as he had twirled the sword and made the aura around the blade. She took the sword and looked at it, then to him, “So what exactly does that mean?”

“In time with training, you will be able to channel your energy in to the sword.” Damon told her as he looked at her.

Delia looked at him then to her father, “So you had it made like that. I suppose my aura will be different then Damon’s.”

“Yes.” Gregory told her as he watched her.

“I wonder what color it will be.” She asked aloud.

“Probably the same as the color your eyes take when you get mad, angry, or use your powers.” Gregory told her as he laid his hands on his lap.

Delia thought for a moment, “So amethyst?”

“If that is what color they become, then yes, that will be around the color the aura is.” Gregory tried to explain to her.

Delia looked over the sword one last time then placed the sword back in the black box and closed the lid. She then looked up to Damon.

“Who will be teaching you?” He asked looking at her.

“Drake had said he had someone that he would get to.” Delia told him.

“I see,” he said and paused, “Fighting is one of my best qualities, I could teach you as well if you would like.”

Delia nodded, “You know you can’t go easy on me.”

Damon nodded as he looked at her.

“So, teacher, when do lessons start?” She asked having made up her mind.

“When do you want the lessons to start?” He asked with a smile.

Delia thought for a moment then told him, “The sooner the better I suppose.”

“Bright and early in the morning will be your first lesson. Where would be the best place be with an open area that is private?” Damon asked them.


Delia and Greggory both thought for a minute, Delia spoke first, “There is my private garden. Would that do?”

“Yeah, that will do.” He said standing there looking at them.

Greggory stood and looked at the two of them, “I will take my leave now. I am off to bed, and you should be to.”

He looked to Damon deciding whether or not to ask. “Are you staying in the same room as my daughter?”

“I would prefer to guard her as she sleeps, but it is up to her.” He said as he looked at him with a straight face.

Gregory looked at him for a moment then nodded. He then looked to Delia and walked to her and hugged her, “Sweet dreams.” He told her as he kissed her forehead and walked to the door and left the room.

Delia looked at Damon, “I suppose we need to get some sleep.” She walked over to him.

Damon took her hand, “Yeah, I say we do. But seeing as what he asked, and I staying with you or in the tree outside.”

Delia grabbed the box with the sword and they walked out. Delia started toward the grand stair case and went up. A short time later she returned to her room. She walked in and shut the door and walked over to the bed and sat down.

Damon walked over and sat in the chair he had been reading the book in, “I really didn’t know what to say to your father when he asked me that question.”

Delia looked at him “Yeah, I could tell. Though I can’t say I blame him for asking as he does.”

“You never did answer me,” he said as he looked at her, “am I staying in your room or am I going to be sleeping in the tree out side your window?”

“Would you really sleep out side in that tree?” Delia asked, not quiet believing him.

“I would,” he paused, “I know I could have my own room, but it would probably be farther away from you than that tree, and I don’t trust Eric and Curtis not to think your not back yet or won’t be soon.”

She nodded and stood from the bed. “Well,” Delia said as she changed in to a sky blue silk night gown that came to her finger tips and was low cut, “I can’t very well have you out there in the cold to get sick, nor if they pop right in my room who knows if you would get here in time.”

He stood and walked over to her, his eyes roamed from her bare legs up to the small area of exposed chest, “Well, if you want me to be a gentleman while in your room, you may want to change into something a bit less revealing.

She laughed and nodded, “Alright, fine” and the dress changed into a camisole and carpi set and her hair was down. “None of the dressing gown I have here are much better than the one I had one.”

Damon raised an eyebrow as he looked at her, “I’m not sure that is much better.”

Delia laughed and looked at him for a moment, “Well, I guess ill just have to take my chances.”

“Really now.“He said as he lay back on the bed.

Delia nodded as she climbed up on the bed and laid beside him, her head on his chest. “So I guess tomorrow is going to be a long day.”

“Yes.” He said as he put his arm around her and closed his eyes.

Delia closed hers as she told him, “Alright. Good night Damon.”

Damon replied “Good night.” And they both fell asleep soon after.


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