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The light from the new morning streamed in the window and covered half of the bed. Delia woke. She leaned up to look at Damon. He was still in a deep sleep, she decided to wake him. She sat up on her knees and leaned over him slightly, and moved the hair that had fallen over his face. She continued to run her fingers through the silkiness that was his hair. She heard him take a deep breath and his head moved into her hand.

“Are you going to get up anytime today?” Delia asked as she looked at him.

Damon woke up smiling as he looked at her, “Good morning to you princess.”

“Did you sleep well?” Delia asked and blushed slightly.

He nodded and sat up, “I have to say that I did.”

Delia placed her hand in her lap. A silence settled over them as they looked at each other. She found herself looking at the muscled chest that was bare. “So,” She said as she paused and looked him in the eye, “I guess we need to get ready for the day then?”

The smile that crossed his lips said that he knew what she had been thinking. “Yes, it will probably be an extremely long one.”

She sighed and got up out of bed. She noticed Damon stay where he was and watched her. She looked back at him, “What would be the best thing to wear to start training?”

“Something lite and easy to move in.” He told her as he finally moved from the bed.

She nodded and thought about that for a moment, she decided on a pair of light blue linen Capri’s and a matching form fitting shirt that didn’t have sleeves. A pair of comfortable shoes on her feet, and her hair was back in a pony tail. “I guess I should eat some type of breakfast before we get started.”

“That would be a good idea.” Damon said as he came over to her.

‘Delia, are you awake?’ Aletha’s voice came in her mind.

‘I am’ I looked away from Damon as I replied.

‘would it be a problem if we came to your room for a moment?’ Aletha asked.

‘Sure, you remember where it is?’ Delia looked back at Damon. “Aletha and Drake need to stop by first.”

Damon nodded and a moment later there was a knock on the door. Delia walked over and unlatched the lock and swung the door open. Aletha stood there and Drake was in his tiny dragon form on her shoulder. Delia stepped out of the way ans they came in. Delia shut the door and looked at them.

Drake glided off of Aletha’s shoulder and in a blink he was back in his half human form. He looked from Delia to Damon.

“I watched over her room last night while she slept.” Damon said as he and Drake looked at each other.

I watched them and knew I needed to clear the air. “He also watched over me as I confronted Casimir.”

Aletha and Drake looked at me confused, “Your spirit demon?”

I nodded to her. “Yes, that is her name. She is a panther.”

“I can still offer you training” Drake said looking at her.

“I had also offered to train her.” Damon told him and Drake looked at him.

“I don’t doubt your ability, but I have a way to make her training better. The way it will be done is with one of my generals and the area she will train in, time will move slower than normal.” Drake told him.

“I see,” Damon said as he looked from Drake to Delia. “That would help her more than what I could give her.”

It was silent in her room as Delia thought about it. It came down to she did not know how long she wound be able to train before she would need it, so she chose Drake. “I know you are more than capable Damon, but what Drake is offering would be better, seeing as we don’t know how long I will have to get this down.”

Damon nodded, “That is true.” he paused for a moment and then looked at his sister, “What do you have planned for the day.”

“I’m not sure yet.” She told him.

He nodded and looked at Delia, “I know you will do your best without me having to tell you. So I guess ill see you later.”

Delia nodded and looked at Drake, “I guess now is as good a time as any to start.” Damon and Aletha walked passed her and out the door, leaving Drake and her in her room.

No better time than now to start.” Drake started to walk toward the door.

Delia looked at him and took a deep breath, “I need to tell you something first, and if you decide to leave because of it I will understand.”

He stopped at the door and turned around to look at her intrigued.

She fiddled with her hands as she looked at the floor. Another deep breath and she looked back up at Drake, “I know that you like me, it was kinda hard to miss when you kissed me at the lake in the cavern.”

“I feel there is a but there.” Drake said.

She nodded, “There is,” she paused as she looked at him “before I met you I was attracted to Damon, and he is the one that I choose.”

“I see” He said and looked at her for just a moment before he turned toward the door. “I will still journey with you if you would like.”

Delia felt better, “I would like that.” she paused for a moment, “I need something to eat before I start training,”

Drake nodded, still not looking at her and the next moment he was a little dragon. She placed him on her shoulder. She opened the door and closed it behind her and walked down the hallway. She ended up in the kitchen and asked the cook, a very plump woman with black hair, for something to eat. She went and sat at the table and waited for her food.


Damon knocked on the door he stood at.

“Enter” Gregory was sitting in a chair by the window with a book in his hand. He looked up and saw Damon. “Good morning to you.”

“Good morning your majesty.” He said as he looked at Greggory.

Greggory laid his book on the table and gave Damon his full attention.

“I have come to ask you for Delia’s hand in marriage.” Damon told him.

Gregory looked at him. “no beating around the bush is there with you?”

Damon cracked a sly smiled and nodded, “I don’t see why I should.”

Gregory nodded and shifted in his seat. “Yes, I suppose so.” He paused as he thought about it. “I had told her, if she where to find one that makes her happy and I deemed suitable, that it would be announced three months from the night I announced Eric as her fiance. I will have to say that I did not think one would approach, especially one such as you.” He paused for a moment before he continued, “I will have to say I could not find one more suitable.”

“I am honored that you do find me suitable.” Damon said smiling.

“All I ask though, is that you keep her safe. I can tell, not just from her answer yesterday, but by the way she moves and acts, she is different from before she was taken.” Gregory added as he looked at his future son in law

“I will do what I can.” Damon told him honestly.

Greggory nodded, “I will tell her when you and her are finished training, when do you wish to announce the engagement?”

He asked him. “That I will leave up to you and her.” Damon looked at him.

Greggory nodded to him and smiled, “I am glad that you have been there for her.”

Damon smiled and nodded, “I am as well, she is quite something.” He bowed to the king as he said this then turned and walked back through the door and went to find Delia.


Delia sat at the table they had dined at the night before eating eggs, bacon, and toast when Damon came walking up to her. “it didn’t take you that long, where ever it was that you went”

Damon nodded and looked at Drake “Do you still plan on training her?”

Drake nodded as he looked at Damon. “Once she finishes eating we shall go.”

Damon nodded and took a seat as Delia finished up her plate. “You go ahead and go, I will find you after I eat.”

Delia nodded and Damon and then looked at Drake, “So, off to the garden?”

“Yes, off to the garden.” He said as he hopped off of the table and headed toward the door.

Delia got up and followed him. “Do you wish to walk, or would you rather me carry you?” She looked back at Damon as she walked out of the doorway.

“I’ll walk.” He said looking at her.

Delia nodded and walked out the door way. They turned the corner and continued down the corridor. They soon came to a door that the servants used that took them outside. They walked out the door and took a right. Several minutes later they came to a very old rusty gate that was over grown with vines. Delia opened the latch and pushed the gate open, it squeaked very loudly. Delia latched it back when they were inside.

Delia looked around. She remembered the last time she had really came out here and spent time, had been years ago. Before Curtis had gotten mad at her. Yes, she still came out nearly every day to tend to the vegetables and what few fruits that grew here, but she never stayed more than an hour or so.

After she looked around for a moment she looked to Drake. “So, what now”

“Now you meet your trainer.” He told her as his eyes turned pure black.

A half cat demon appeared in front of her that looked like a knight. The female was around the same height as Delia. She had bluish yellow eyes and yellow fur with black spots. Cat ears replaced human ears with fur that came in a line almost to her nose. She was dressed in lose fitting brown clothing. She looked at Delia, “My name is Dessirris.”

Delia nodded to her and introduced herself. “I am Delia, princess of McFarland.”


Drake closed his eyes and concentrated on the barrier and slowed time inside of it as the two females talked.

Dessirris handed Delia a wooden sword. “First, you need to learn how to hold a sword.” She showed Delia where to place her hands. “Good, now swing it.” Delia looked at her as she swung the wooden sword over her head and she tried to do the same. “No, watch me.” Dessirris said as she showed her again, bringing the sword over her head in an arch motion. Delia did the motion again and looked to her teacher. “Better, but it still needs work.” She told her.

For the next few hours Dessirris showed Delia how to do different motions and such, when Dessirris thought she was ready she told Delia, “stand ready, lets see what you have learned so far.”

Delia stood with her legs apart slightly with the practice sword held in both hands. When Dessirris came at her Delia blocked her, spun, and brought her sword down on her.

“Good.” Dessirris told her as she stood back up and looked at her. “Let’s move on.”

She showed Delia more moves and different stances. After what seemed to Delia like a good half a day, they tried what Delia had just learned.

Delia was sore, especially in her torso and her arms. They were killing her. She felt like she had been doing this for days, but the sun had barely moved any.

“Come, you have rested enough for now.” Dessirris told her after a few minutes.

Delia rubbed the back of her hand over her forehead, sweat dripped from it. She stood looking at Dessirris, her arms up and ready to go at it again. They went at each other, Delia’s sword came down and Dessirris’s sword blocked hers. Dessirris came back at her fast, but Delia blocked. She stepped forward, giving herself more leverage, and tried flinging Dessirris’s sword away and almost succeeded.

“You are doing well, but you still have a ways to go. Rest for a moment and we will continue.” Dessirris said as she lowered the wooden blade in her hand.

Delia nodded and sat where she was. She was exhausted. She looked up at the sky. The sun was starting to set, but there would still be daylight for some time. When the break was over they continued to battle each other. Delia would get an advantage over Dessirris, then it would reverse. After what seemed like more countless hours, Delia succeeded in removing Dessirris’s weapon.

“Good, I think it is time for us to switch to real swords.” Dessirris told her as she took the wooden one from her and walked over and grabbed the one Gregory had given her the night before and another one that resembled it a little, except the hilt was blue and the guard was gold.

Delia took the sword, it was heavier then the wooden one, and it made her arm hurt that much worse. She forced herself to wield it, her arm screamed in rejection as she stood in one of the stances she had learned. Dessirris readied herself as she looked at Delia. They came at each other, the sound of metal clanked as there sword met in midair. They brought their swords around, as if mirroring each other and clanked again. They looked at each other, and Delia brought her sword down and around as Dessirris brought hers back and up. Clanking sounded again. Delia stepped in closer and she ducked seeing Dessirris bring her sword around and she turned coming up and brought her sword right under Dessirris’s jaw, point first.

Dessirris smiled and laughed, “Good.”

They took another break. Delia fell to the ground, as if she could collapse from exhaustion. She laid all the way back and looked up at the sky. It seemed as if only an hour or so had passed. There would still be an hour or two left before night set in.

Delia looked over and saw Dessirris get back up and nod to her. She sat up then stood slowly. Yet again, her arms screamed in rejection as she brought the sword back up.

They went at it again till it started getting dark. Delia brought her sword around again, twirling her body, and brought her sword to meet the other. It hit and she stepped forward, as she had done before and brought her shoulder in and her sword up, knocking Dessirris’s sword up out of her hand. Delia stood and her arms dropped to her side and she bent over, trying to slow her breath.

After she caught her breath somewhat, she walked over to where Drake was and sat down, still breathing hard.

“Want a drink?” He asked as he looked over at her.

She nodded still out of breath.

“OK.” He said smiling as a black onyx tankard appeared in front of her.

Delia brought her arm up slowly, her muscles were so sore, took the tankard and brought it to her mouth. She sipped it. She looked over at Drake, “Mead?”

“That is what that is, you can have it if you want, or I can give you something else. I gave that to you first to knock the exhaustion out of you.” He said as he looked at her.

“Something else please” She told him as she looked at him.

He made her tankard turn into a tea cup. “I think it is time for us to go in and you to take a bath.”

Delia brought it back up to her mouth and drank, and drank, and drank. She opened her eyes before she lowered the cup and just about choked. Her nails had grown about two or three inches. “What the…”

“How long do you think you have been training for?” Drake asked her.

“About twelve or thirteen hours, Why” She asked still looking at her nails.

“Outside my barrier has been that long. But inside it has been a hundred and fifty days.” He told her still looking at her.

Delia looked over at him, “It’s been how long?”

“One hundred and fifty days.” He told her.

Delia started to laugh slightly uncontrolled, “No wonder I am exhausted. One hundred and fifty days, that’s what, about half a year. Damn.” Delia said in disbelief.

Drake let the barrier down and as he did the knight disappeared. “Your hair is longer also. Now go and take a bath. It will help relax you” He said looking at her hair.

Delia stood and looked behind her, her jaw dropped, her hair was ankle length. She looked at Drake.

“Yeah, your hair is really long.” He stood and started toward the gate.

Delia walked after him. She opened the gate, stepped through, and shut it again. She proceeded to the castle and went in the servant’s door and came to the dining hall. Apparently, they had just finished eating. As soon as Delia smelt the food, her stomach started growling. One of the servants passed by her and she stopped them, “May I please have something to eat brought to my room?”

“Yes your highness.” The female told her as she looked at her. Her eyes went to her hair, “Would you like someone to come and cut your hair, I hadn’t noticed that it has gotten that long.”

“Please, and also a pair of nail clippers” Delia told her, “I am taking a bath, so it will be a while before I am out.”

The servant bowed to her and went on her way.

Delia continued up to her room, grabbed a towel from her closet and proceeded out her door and down the hall. Delia opened the door and stepped into a huge bath room. The tub was large enough for five or six people, and it was on four legs that looked like claws. The tub its self was white porcelain and the water spout was gold. A table sat in the corner with several bottles on it, each one a different sent. Delia sighed as she looked at it.

You could tell she was very tired, she leaned down and turned the water on. She walked over to the table and grabbed a bottle and brought it back over to the tub. She opened the cap and poured a little of the liquid in the water. Instantly bubbles started to appear. She walked back over and sat the bottle back in its place on the table.

Delia proceeded to take her shirt off then her pants, leaving her in a pair of black lace bra and panty set that matched. She stretched and then put her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra. It hung there for a moment and she then pulled her arms from it. After freeing herself from the bra she took her panties off.

Delia stepped into the tub and sat down slowly. She sighed and laid her head against the back of the tub. After a minute she sat up and turned the water off. She laid back and slowly slid under the water, she stayed there for a minute then came up. She relaxed as she stayed against the wall of the tub, and when she realized she was falling asleep she sat up.

She grabbed a wash cloth that was laid on the side of the tub and a bar of soap. She lathered it and started washing herself.

‘Where are you’ Damon’s voice popped into her head.

‘Taking a bath’ Delia replied to him smiling.

Delia blinked a few times, she could feel that Damon’s interest had been peeked when she had told him what she was doing. “no, that can’t be.”

‘Having fun?’ Damon’s asked her.

‘Trying not to fall asleep at the moment. Today was very long and I am exhausted.’ She told him as she ran the cloth over her legs.

‘I would say that you are. I watched you for a while today.’ Damon admitted to her.

‘I guess I was too wrapped up in what I was doing to notice you’ Delia told him and blushed.

‘It’s OK, you were quite busy.’

‘Where are you? I should be done here shortly.’ Delia asked as she started to rinse the bubbles off of her.

‘sitting outside of where you are.’ He told her and she blushed and looked at the door. ‘I’m not going to leave you unattended just in case. Drake told me you had went separate ways.’


She grabbed a separate bottle and started to wash her hair. ‘I am almost done’ She ducked under the water again to rinse.

‘You don’t have to hurry.’ Damon told her.

When she was done she reached and flipped the switch on top of the water spout and let the water drain. She stood up and got out of the tub and walked over to her towel. She grabbed the extra towel and wrapped her hair in it. When she had finished drying off she walked over and opened a wardrobe, pulled thin silver gown with a matching robe out and put it on.

She put all the bottles back where they belonged and made sure her dirty clothing was where it went than walked over to the door and opened it. Damon sat on the floor on the left side and looked up at her. He stood walked beside her and they walked back to her room in a comfortable silence. Delia opened her door and walked in.

Shana was there, a tray of food was sitting on her bed. Shana was sitting in a chair she had brought up with a pair of scissors. Delia smiled at her as she stood. “Do you wish to eat first, or your hair?”

“My hair” Delia told her as she walked over and sat down in the chair.

Shana nodded and stood behind Delia. She brushed her hair out and took the pair of scissors and cut her hair to mid waist level. When she was finished with her task Shana spoke, “I will return and retrieve the tray. She had swept up the hair she had cut and had it in a container under her arm.

Delia nodded and walked over to the table with the tray of food and sat down and started to eat. She ate in silence and within minutes she was done. There had been a hunk of duck and some other side dishes. She stood and walked over to the bed. She had just sat down when Shana walked back in.

“I wish you a good night’s rest princess” Shana said as she picked up the tray and walked back out the door.

Delia yawned as she watched Shana walked out and close the door. She looked over at Damon, “I think as soon as I lay my head down I will be out.”

Damon walked over to the bed and looked at her, “Good night.”

Delia looked at him, “Aren’t you going to get in the bed”

“Only if you want me to” He said looking at her.

Delia looked at him, “you did last night, so why would tonight be any different?”

Damon nodded and got into the bed next to her.

Delia lay down and cuddled in next to Damon, and as she had said, as soon as her head hit the pillow and she closed her eyes she was gone. Dmon laid down facing her, came in close to her and put his arm around her before closing his eyes.


Eric stood over Curtis as he shook him, “Wake up Curtis.”

Curtis opened his eyes to look at him, “What is it?” He asked after a few minutes.

“Your father beckons us.” Eric told him pointing to the cauldron, steam rose from it though there was not a fire going.

Curtis shot up and walked over to the cauldron. He looked inside to find the face of his father. Aquamarine eyes looked out at him “Yes sir, you asked for me?”

“Yes Curtis, I need you to come back. There is something that I forgot to do before you left the last time.” Nicholas told him.

“Yes sir, we shall be there shortly.” Curtis said looking at the face in the water.

Nicholas nodded his head and disappeared. Curtis turned toward Eric and saw him nod to him and they teleported back to the place they had left days before in a hurry.

Eric walked in first to the dark chamber Nicholas always stayed in. Curtis came second. They both walked up and knelt on one knee and bowed their heads to him. “You beckoned for us?”

“I did,” Nicholas said looking at them for his chair. “I have been thinking, if we were to stop tracking her for a little while, and they didn’t see or hear from us in a while they might think we have given up. In the mean time I am sending a ‘new recruit’ to the castle as a servant. After she manages to get in good with the king she will bring you back into the castle. Yes, it will take longer then I would like, but had you two not messed up in the first place I would already have her power.” His hands were under his chin moving back and forth. “Genevieve, show you’re self.”

A moment later a human stepped out from the shadows behind Nicholas’s chair. She looked to be about twenty five or twenty six. She had blond hair the color of the sun, and piercing blue eyes the color of crystal clear water. She was rather short for a female, looking to stand only a little over five feet and was a bit on the too skinny side. Though she had no hips what so ever, she was well blessed with her breasts. “You called master?” Her voice was like honey as she spoke to Nicholas.

“Yes, are you ready to play your part for me?” Nicholas asked as he continued to look at the two below him.

“Yes master, anything you ask I shall do.” She said as she walked down the steps toward Curtis and Eric.

“Curtis, teleport her to the out skirts of the castle, Genevieve, I know you do not like to get dirty or anything of the sort, but he will have to bruise you a lot for it to work.” Nicholas told her as he shifted his gaze to her as she walked.

Curtis stood and nodded to his father then looked at Genevieve. “Are you ready?”

“Yes.” She replied to him as she looked back at Nicholas.

“Do you have the device I gave you to contact me through?” Nicholas asked her.

“I do.” She said and looked back at Curtis.

“Then go.” As Nicholas said this Curtis reached out his hand and touched her on the shoulder and transported them to the out skirts of the city. He looked at her and smiled.

“I know I have to look like I have been beaten so go on and do your worse.” Genevieve told him as she looked around.

Curtis nodded, “As you wish.” And started in on her


Delia woke, light flooded in as she opened her eyes. She wasn’t sure how long she had slept. She sat up and looked around. Damon was sitting at a table with a drink she supposed a servant had brought up for him. “How long was I out?”

“Two days.” He said as he looked over at her.

“Two days” her eyes grew big as she stood. She noticed her legs and her arms were still not wanting to move, her arms more so then her legs. She felt very hungry. She stretched and then walked over to the window and looked out. It was very sunny, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. “Have you been here the entire time?”

“Yes, I have. I have been making sure you were safe.” He told her sipping his drink.

Delia looked at him and smiled. She walked to her closet and opened the door. She looked around in it and decided on a plain pink cotton dress. It was floor length and had white lace on the bottom and around the v-shaped neck line. She walked back out and grabbed the brush that was sitting on dresser and walked back over to her bed, sat down and brushed her hair out. “Did anyone come up? I mean, I don’t know if father would have told anyone not to bother me or not.”

“Your father came to check on you and I had a servant come up where I could get something to eat and drink, but besides that no.” He said as he watched her.

Delia nodded and got back up and walked back over to her dresser and laid the brush back on it. She saw the finger nail clippers laying there and picked them up and trimmed them. She then proceeded to walk back over to Damon and looked at him. “I suppose I should go and get something to eat myself, that and I want to talk to father.”

“Do you want me to come along, or do you want to go by yourself?” He asked her still looking at her.

“You can come if you would like, though I would like to talk to father alone.” She told him as she smiled.

“Alright, I will have breakfast with you then after you talk with your father I will meet you somewhere in the castle.” He told her as he stood.

Delia nodded and headed towards the door. She walked down the corridor and down the main stair case, and to the kitchen area. “Good to see you are up and about princess, we were starting to get worried about you.” The cook said as she looked up to see Delia.

Delia smiled, “It’s good to be up and about again. I was wondering…” She started when she was interrupted.

“If I could fix you something, of course dear, just go sit down and I will have Shana bring it to you.” The women said as she turned and started on Delia’s food.

Delia nodded and walked into the dining area and sat down. Shana came out shortly, though she didn’t have anything in her hands. “Your father wishes to speak with you after you have eaten, your food will be done shortly.” Shana told her as she stood by her.

“I was planning to go and have a chat with him anyways.” Delia told her and thanked her.

Shana nodded her head and walked back into the kitchen.

Delia looked over at Damon, “I wonder what he wants?”

“Have no idea.” He said as he waited for the food to come out.

A few minutes later Shana came back out with a tray that held a big plate of biscuits, a large bowl of gravy, some sausages, half a dozen boiled eggs, and toast. A pitcher of milk sat in the middle of the tray on top of two plates and two cups sat beside it. Shana sat it down and started to unload the tray, smiled and walked back in to the kitchen area.

Damon and Delia finished their plate of food in about fifteen or so minutes. Delia sat there a few minutes longer, then stood and looked to Damon, “I suppose I shall see you a little later then.”

“Yes, I am going to explore the castle.” He said as he stood up. “I haven’t really went looking around since I’ve been looking after you. Not that I mind that.”

“I don’t know how long I will be so I will see where you are when I am done.” Delia said as she walked behind him out of the dining area.

Damon nodded and headed off in one direction of the corridor while Delia went in the other.

Damon wondered down one corridor then another. When he couldn’t find anyone he popped his head in one of the rooms. Shana was tidying the room and saw Damon out of the corner of her eye. She turned to look at Damon, “May I help you?”

“You are friends with Delia,” Damon said as he entered the room. “I wondered if you could tell me any tales about her. I know we have traveled quite a bit but I wanted to know what she was like when she was younger. Though if you don’t have the time that is OK.”

Shana laughed and shook her head, “I don’t mind, though I do have chores to do. So if you wish to hear them you will have to listen as I work.”

Damon smiled and nodded, “I could help if you would like.”

Shana smiled and started in on how Delia and she had first met when they were mere kids.



Delia knocked on her father’s door. “Come in.” Gregory’s voice said behind the door.

Delia turned the door knob and entered the room. Gregory sat in his chair with a book in one hand and a cup in the other. “Father, I was told that you wished to talk to me. That and I also had some things I wished to talk to you about.”

Gregory sat his book down and stood. He walked over to his daughter and gave her a kiss on her forehead. “Come, let us walk out in the gardens and talk.”

Delia nodded and they proceeded outside. They came to the rusty gate that Delia had entered only days before. She shut the gate after they entered and they started to walk. “What is it you wished to speak to me of?” Both Gregory and Delia said at the same time. They both laughed and looked at each other.

“Go ahead daughter, it will take a while for me to say what I need.” Gregory told her as they turned down a path at the end of the garden.

Delia hesitated for a moment, “Well father, it is about more than one item I wished to talk to you about.”

Gregory looked at her and nodded, “Go ahead child, speak your mind.”

Delia nodded and looked at the pathway as they walked, “Well, the first thing I wanted to know is there any pictures of mother?”

Gregory looked back at the pathway and shook his head, “Alas, no there is not. She never would let me have one of her painted. I always wanted to but she would not allow it.”

Delia nodded her head, “I was just wondering, I know they say I look like her, I was just wanting to see how much so.”

“I understand,” Gregory paused then continued, “And there was something else?”

Delia looked at him, “Go ahead with what you wanted and then I will speak of the other matter.”

Gregory looked at her, wonder on his face, “This wouldn’t have to deal with Damon would it?”

Delia’s face went a pale shade of red as she looked away, “Aye, father it would.”

Greggory smiled, “What a coincidence.”

Delia looked back at him not understanding what he was talking about. “Coincidence?”

“Yes,” Greggory told her as he stopped, “Let’s sit.” He walked over to a nearby bench in front of a big fountain that was squirting water from its top.

Delia nodded her head, still not understanding and sat down beside of her father. She looked at him as he was watching the water from the fountain fall.

“He seems to make you happy.” Gregory said not taking his gaze off of the water.

“Yes, he does.” Delia said as she turned her gaze to the water. “Happier then I have felt in a long time.”

“So I have noticed, at least in the few days you have been back.” Gregory paused not knowing how to say what he needed to say without letting it slip that Damon had came to him and asked for her hand. “I suppose he has no other?”

Delia’s head shot over to look at him, and she slowly said, “No, he doesn’t.” She sat silently as she watched her father. “I had come to ask you if he would be one that you would deem suitable.”

Gregory sat there for a long time not shifting his gaze nor looking at her. He finally opened his mouth to speak. “You know, your mother used to do that.”

Delia looked at him puzzled, “Do what?”

“Come to me to ask something when I wanted to talk to her about the same thing.” Gregory said as he looked over at her.

Delia started to smile, “So you do then?”

Gregory looked deep into his daughters eyes, “Delia,” He paused, “One. As long as he is good to you, and he has been. Seeing as he would not leave your side while you slept. He has watched over you, which I know of, since you have been back. Two, he makes you happy, happier then I think I have ever seen you.”

Delia hugged her father for a long time. “Thank you father” She let go of him and he could see she was holding back tears.

“Next thing,” He paused and she stopped smiling, “When are you going to announce the engagement?”

Delia thought about it for a moment, “I will have to talk to him about it first. I would say it will probably be the night of the masquerade, but I am not sure.” Delia said starting to smile again.

“What made you come to this conclusion?” Gregory wanted to tell her, but instead he said, “Like I said, I have been watching you two since you came back. He treats you like a man should, and he makes you happy.”

Delia nodded, “Alright.” She hugged him again.

“When do you want to have the ceremony?” Greggory asked looking back at the fountain.

“I will have to talk to Damon about all that, so I don’t know.” Delia said as she looked where her father was looking.

“Yes,” he paused for a while just watching the water when he spoke again, “Just come to me when you and he have decided and I will get the best for you.” Gregory said calmly.

Delia looked back at her father, “I will.”

They sat there for a little longer when they heard some commotion coming from the other side of the high bush that kept people out of the court yard. Both Delia and Gregory leapt up out of their seats and ran to the nearby gate.

A few servants that had gone to the market for different things had dropped their baskets and were trying to wake a female that was lying on the side of the road battered and beaten. Her hair was golden blond, looked to be in her mid twenties. Her dress was tattered and ripped to pieces. One of the servants looked at the king and said, “She has a pulse, but it is lessening.”

Gregory looked to Delia as she looked to him, “Can you help her?” He asked her.

Delia nodded and stepped forward. The servants looked from Gregory to Delia and watched as she bent down, closed her eyes as she placed her hands over each other and laid them on the woman’s chest. A few seconds later they saw a faint purple aura surround both the female and the princess. A short time later the women opened her eyes. They were as clear as the sea on a calm day.

“Are you alright” Delia asked as she opened her eyes and saw the female looking at her.

“I…I think so.” The female said as she looked around. Her voice was high pitched, but it was very calming and relaxing.

“Come, bring her inside.” Gregory said as he looked at her then looked up and down the road.

“May I know your name?” The women asked still looking at Delia.

Everyone looked at the female then to the king and the princess. “I am Princess Delia Alisia Burdett, and this is my father, King Gregory Luther Burdett of McFarland.” Delia told her, “I suppose you are not from around here.”

The women looked from her to Greggory and back, “I was saved by royalty…I am forever in your debt.” She said as she stood, stumbled a little, and curtsied. “I am from Paradee, my name is Genevieve.”

“Come, you may rest in the castle and we can decide what to do from there.” Gregory said as he looked from the female to his daughter. “Go on in Delia, you have much to decide about what we have talked about.”

Delia looked at her father and her face lit up again as she smiled. She walked over to him and hugged him before she headed back through the gates. When she walked back into the door of the castle she telepathically asked Damon, ‘Where are you?’

‘Talking to Shana in the library’ She heard him respond.

“Why is he with Shana?” She asked herself as she started to ward were he had told her they were.

It didn’t take that long to get there, she opened the door and walked in to the large room. Damon was sitting in the chair next to the window and Shana was cleaning the window.

Damon stood up and smiled at Delia as she walked over to them. She raised an eyebrow at him. “Why do you have a mischievous grin on your face?”

“I asked Shana here to tell me stories.” Damon told her.

Delia looked from Damon to her friend, “And what all have you told him?”

Shana laughed, “I started with how we first met, and I had got to your ninth birthday.”

Delia stared at Shana.

“Did you want to go do something?” Damon bringing Delia’s gave to him.

Delia looked at him and blinked a few times. “just wanted to talk to you about something.”

Damon nodded. “What do you need to talk about?”

Delia smiled at him, “I want to go back to the room before I tell you.”

“Alright, but why do we need to be in the room to talk about it?” Damon asked looking at her.

Delia blushed as she thought about it for a moment. “We don’t have to, it’s just, well.” She paused for a moment “I would rather talk alone”

“alright, come on” He said and started for the door.

Delia turned and walked behind him. They walked out of the door and back down the corridor. It appeared everyone was trying to help the female from Paradee. When they reached the room Delia opened the door and walked over to her bed and sat down. Damon sat down in the chair by the window and looked at her.

Delia leaned back against the wall trying to find the words she wanted to say. “Father had wanted to speak to me, and I him. He has noticed that since I have returned I have been a lot happier.” She looked to him to see what he would say.

“You seem happy most anytime I am around.” He told her as he looked at her.

“That I am.” She paused as she looked away and continued, “The night I was taken, was also the night father announced Eric’s and my engagement. You seen that hiding as you watched out for me. He knew I wanted nothing to do with Eric but still he pushed it. That night he told me if I were to find someone he would deem suitable within three months that he would give his blessing.” She looked back at him, “Damon, I know we really haven’t known each other very long, but I meant what I said to father when he asked our relationship the other day. I do have feelings for you, very deep feelings.”

Damon stood and walked over to her, “I have feelings for you to. But let’s not talk about this now, let’s get ready for dinner. I hear they are making your favorite tonight. That and I have heard chatter about something happening tonight.”

Delia looked at him confused. She was going to say something but the look Damon was giving her she dropped it and stood. She walked over to her closet and opened the door. She looked at him again before she walked inside.

She looked throughout her wardrobe and couldn’t find anything suitable. ‘OK, it would probably be more romantic to tell him about it walking around the grounds anyway.” She thought to herself.

“If you would excuse me, I remembered something. Ill meet up with you in a bit.” Damon said and she heard the door open and close.

Delia stuck her head out of the closet and seen he had left her.

She thought about it for a long time. She touched her side and in an instant a silver silk dress appeared on her. The entire back was out of it and it was low cut. It hugged her shape well and the skirt flared at her knees. Her hair was up in a bun with loose sprigs of hair at the base of her neck and on her forehead. She had silver sandals on that wrapped around her ankle, and tied with heal of about an inch and a half. She walked out of her closet and looked at herself in the mirror in her room.

“I like it.” She said as as looked at herself. When she was satisfied with herself she left her room.


Damon made his way from her room in search of Gregory. He found him on his way to the dinning room.

“Your majesty, if I may there is something I would like to ask.” Damon said as he came up to the king

Gregory nodded as he stopped walking and looked at him, “Go ahead my boy.”

“I would like your permission to propose to Delia at dinner tonight.” Damon asked and pulled a small black box from one of his pockets.

Gregory clasped his hand over the box, “No need to show me, I will see it when you do. And I believe it would thrill her.”

Damon smiled and nodded, “Thank you sire.” and placed the box back into his pocket.

Gregory nodded and turned and continued on down the staircase.

Damon took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. He was getting nervous, even though he knew how this would go. He took his time going down the stair case, and by the time he had come to the bottom he heard the sounds of footsteps coming from above. He turned and looked up the stairs. His jaw dropped but for a minute and he smiled as he saw Delia look at him smiling as she declined the stairs, one side of her skirt pulled up in her hand. “You look lovely.” He told her when she dropped her skirt at the bottom of the steps.

“Thank you.” She said as she looked at him, you could tell she had been thinking about something.

Damon offered her his arm, she placed her arm through his and lightly held his. They walked into the dining area this way. Aletha was sitting in her place, Drake was in his small dragon form on her shoulder. They both looked at them as they walked in. Genevieve sat beside beside Aletha. They walked over and everyone stood. Everyone sat when Greggory did.

The servants brought out the main course. It was pork chops that had been baked with mashed potatoes and other side dishes.

Delia looked at the food as it was brought out and smiled.

“I didn’t know you had a pet dragon.” Genevieve said as she swallowed a bit of her food.

Delia looked at her and just smiled. “Are you feeling better?” She asked after she had taken a bite and a drink of her wine.

“Yes, thanks to you. I have talked to your father. Seeing my circumstance, he has agreed to let me stay and I am to serve in the castle.” She told her still eying Drake.

“So you will be staying with us for a while then?” Delia asked looking back at her food.

“Yes.” Genevieve told her then stayed quiet.

“You seem to be busy here as of late.” Aletha said to Delia.

Delia looked up at her, “Yes, I am sorry but there have been other things to attend to.”

Aletha smiled at her, “No need to apologize, you are the princess after all and I am sure you have certain things to attend to.”

Delia smiled to her then continued eating. They stayed quiet for a while, they seemed to be about half way through dinner when things changed.

Damon chimed on a nearby glass, getting everyone’s attention. “I have something to say.” He said aloud to everyone.

Damon stood and knelt on one knee facing Delia. A little black box was held in his hand. Damon looked at Delia and as he cracked open the box he asked her, “It will be my honor if I could have your hand in marriage.”

Delia had dropped her fork, she had heard a couple others fall as well. She turned to look at him, her jaw was slightly dropped as her hands went to her mouth. Tears filled her eyes and one little tear fell. She removed her hands as she opened her mouth, “Damon.” In her mind she was saying, ‘you knew that was what I was trying to tell you, that’s why you stopped me isn’t it.’

‘I was waiting for the right moment.’ He told her in her mind.

Delia smiled at him as she nodded and threw herself into his arms and kissed him.

Damon kissed her back, “I take that as a yes then.”

Delia looked at him, “And what else would you take it as?”

Damon smiled and she sat back in her chair and placed the ring on her finger then sat in the chair next to her.

The ring was made of amethysts and diamonds. Two Amethysts sat beside each other with four diamonds around them were all the way around the ring. A larger amethyst equaling a caret was set above the others with diamonds around it.

“Congratulations.” Genevieve said her voice still held shock in it.

“Yes, congratulations” Aletha said smiling at them.

Delia looked over at Aletha and Genevieve, “Thank you both.”

Genevieve continued to look at them in silence.

They finished eating soon after and everyone looked at the two of them as they stood. Delia nodded to all of them as she wrapped her arm through Damon’s and looked at him. “Would you like to go on a tour of the grounds? I don’t think you have seen them all.” Delia asked him as she looked at him smiling.

“We can go whenever you feel like it.” He said still beaming as he looked at her.

Delia looked over to her father when he spoke to her. “I am happy for you, it is about time you are truly happy.” Gregory told her as he smiled.

“Thank you daddy” Delia told him and saw his smile deepen. She looked and nodded to everyone else that was at the table and then took Damon’s hand and led him from the room.

Delia saw Drake watch them as they left the table. Delia led Damon down the hall and out the main door to the court yard. It was night and the moon was just about full and there were many stars in the sky. They came to the bench in front of the fountain and sat down.

“It’s nice out tonight.” She said as she looked up at the sky, her hand in his.

“Yes it is a very beautiful night out tonight.” He said as he leaned over and kissed Delia on the lips.

The light that was given off by the moon and the stars was reflecting on the water making it shimmer. Delia turned toward him and kissed him back.

“How do you feel about staying up to watch the sun rise?” Delia asked him as she looked back at the sky.

“I would enjoy that greatly. It has been a while since I have seen the sun rise.” He said looking up at the sky.



Genevieve bid Gregory good night and closed the door to his room as she tied her skirt together smiling. She walked down the corridor and took a right and came to the door of her room. When she walked in she closed the door and locked it. She cleaned herself up and changed cloths and then proceeded to the cauldron that she had found and taken. She said a few simple words and in moments Nicholas’s eyes were looking at her.

“You will never guess what happened tonight.” Genevieve said smiling at him.

“Tell me, what has happened since you arrived, it looks as if you were not hurt that badly.” Nicholas told her.

Genevieve smiled deeply, “That is because the one you call Delia healed me, and I must say she is quiet the looker. And the power I felt when she healed me, my god.”

“Yes, I know. That is why I want her, her power should be mine, it will be mine.” He told her raising his voice a little.

“Shh,” She said as she placed a finger over her mouth to silence him, “The king has put me close to hand, for anything he might need during the night.” She told him then continued, “Apparently, it seems that the princess has had a fan for some time, she was proposed to tonight.” Genevieve took a step back as she looked at Nicholas, his eyes started getting darker, she could tell he was getting angry.

“Can you tell if she is still pure?” He asked trying to keep his voice at bay.

“I cannot say for sure, but from what I can gather from everyone, she still is.” She told him twirling her thumbs as she looked at him.

“We must act quickly, do you know when they will announce the engagement and do you know anything about the suitor?” He asked as his voice rose slightly.

“I know he is called Damon from Delia, but I know nothing else.” She told him and saw him look away from her and knew he had motioned for Curtis and Eric.

“Nicholas,” She said as she stepped closer, “I want to come home. I know I need to stay here and do my duty, but must I sleep with the old man?”

“I must admit, I want no other touching you Genevieve, but you will have to do as he wants, though he will pay when Delia is out of the way. You are mine and for touching you it will cost him his life.”

Genevieve was about to say something when she heard footsteps, “There is someone coming, I must go.” She whispered to Nicholas and she saw him nod as a knock came from the door.

“Coming” She said aloud and cursed under her breath. She opened the door to find Gregory smiling at her. She forced a smile back to him and invited him in her room. “I see that before hand was not enough for you.”

Gregory looked from her to the cauldron and he was going to ask where she had found it when his mind was averted from the cauldron to her body as she slid out of her cloths. She pointed a finger to him and motioned for him to come.


Eric and Curtis knelt before Nicholas. They had heard him calling for them a few minutes ago and had come. “You called for us father?”

“Yes,” Nicholas smiled at them as he sat down, “It seems our little princess has found her a suitor.”

Curtis head shot up as he stood, “What?”

Nicholas looked taken back and eyed Curtis as he looked at him, “She is to be married, when I am not sure, she was proposed to tonight.” He continued to look at him, wheels in his head started to turn, “Why so taken back when I said this Curtis?”

Curtis didn’t know what to say, “No reason really, I just didn’t think anyone in their right mind would want her.” He told him hoping that what he had said covered for his actions.

Nicholas continued to look at him before he gave them their orders. “Go, seeing now that she is more likely to lose her virginity, I must have her as soon as possible. Do not come back without her, and if you do you better have a good reason why she is not with you. And try and find out some on her fiance.” Curtis and Eric nodded to him then left the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them Eric turned to Curtis. “What in the blazing hells where you thinking?” Curtis kept looking in front of him as they walked and didn’t reply. “I see, so I seem to be right, you do still have feelings for her don’t you.” Eric said as he stopped and took his hand and pulled him to a stop and forced Curtis to look at him.

“And if I do?” Curtis asked him, “Then what. Will you tell me to stand against my father after she tore my heart out before? You heard him, she is engaged now, even if by some chance she had still felt something for me when we first took her, I blew that when I tried to rape her.”

Eric just looked at him and shook his head, “You should have thought about your feelings before we started this mission Curtis. Will you be able to do what needs to be done when the time comes?”

Curtis looked at him, “You don’t get it do you. I had those memories blocked out for a reason, which is why I was so reluctant to let you in my head in the first place. And you know what, you uncovered them just like I knew you would, so if you want to blame someone if I can’t do what needs to be done, though I will, then blame yourself.” Curtis shoved his hand off of his arms and continued down the hall way.

Eric stayed for a moment looking at him, as if he had been hit with a brick and made to realize something. He ran to catch up with Curtis and stayed in pace with him till they were outside. Curtis looked at him, his eyes were colder then Eric had ever seen them, except perhaps that day he had seemed to have let out of Curtis’s memories, if he remembered correctly, when Delia and Curtis had fought, his eyes were the same then.

“To the castle then” Eric nodded as he looked at Curtis, “What will you do when you see her?”

Curtis looked at him, “I don’t know,” He paused, “To tell you the truth, when I first lay eyes on her the night we took her, I didn’t want to go through with our plans. I sure as hell don’t now, but if we do not then we must face father. So I will go through with his plan, and I will bring her to him, but I will not watch as he kills her.”

Eric nodded and hesitated before asking the next question, “What about her fiance?”

Curtis looked away, “I don’t know. Are you ready? We don’t need to stand around here all day.” Eric nodded and in moments they were gone.


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