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Nicholas sat on his thrown, his huge head in his hand as he leaned to the side his arm rested on. The door to the dark chamber opened, letting in a small amount of light. He looked up to see who had come. Curtis walked closer to him followed by Eric. When they reached the stairs they knelt down and lowered their heads.

Curtis spoke up, “We still cannot find anything on the mysterious dragon person. But apparently they are on their way. Genevieve reported that she was interrupted while she was in Gregory’s chamber and over heard talk of leaving.”

Nicholas looked at the pathetic excuses of a son. He sat strait as he looked at them, “Then why are you here, should you not be preparing for battle?” His temper flared as he spoke and yelled at them. “And as for the dragon, see what he can do before messing with him since you imbeciles cannot gather information to see what he is capable of.”

Curtis nodded and stood back up and started back the way he had come, Eric on his heals as he walked. When they had the door shut tightly Nicholas leaned back onto his hand smiling, “So, they are bringing her to me on a silver platter, how thoughtful of them.”


Curtis kicked the door as it shut, ever since he and Eric had went back to the castle he had not been able to get Delia from his thoughts. He looked across his room at how dark and gloomy it was, where he had lived ever since he had left Delia. “I have to get her from my mind or I will fail when battle comes.”

He walked over and sat on his bed, closed his eyes, and put his face in his hands. Delia’s face played images across his eye lids as he sat like this. Memories of them walking through the palace gardens, dark corridors in the palace lit by scones in the walls holding torches as he chased her down them, her head on his shoulder as they sat watching the sun set.

He sat there for a few minutes when a knock come on his door. Curtis leaned back and sat up straight, “Come in.”

Eric opened the door and walked in and shut the door back and looked at him, “You have been thinking of her again haven’t you.” He already knew the answer by the look on Curtis’s face.

Curtis looked at him for a couple of minutes before saying anything, “I won’t say that I am not, but I can’t help it, it is your fault,” he paused and looked away, “I haven’t been like this in a long time, a few weeks after we split to be precise.”

Eric nodded as he came closer, “I know and I am sorry, but we need to decide what to do about it and get to our stations. They could be here now, or be here in hours and with the way you are, you cannot face her and win. You are still in love with her.”

Curtis looked at him hard but knew what he spoke was true. “And what is it you think I should do?”

“Honestly, I do not know.” Eric stopped a few feet in front of Curtis and continued to look at him, “But in the shape you are in, you will lose.”

Curtis looked at him and stood as the alarms began going off, “Then so be it” and with that he teleported to the front gates.


When Delia stepped out into the other side of the portal something felt different. They all took a few steps forward and Delia looked at Drake.

As Drake walked he had a black aura surrounding him, his eyes were solid black. Any place he stepped that was living died. The blade of his scythe he carried was of the purest black. Delia continued to look at him for a moment as if in a trance, and suddenly snapped out of it as she heard sirens alarming the people of unwelcome guests.

“Here goes nothing.” Aletha said as she looked back at Delia and then walked out of the thick trees.

Damon shook his head as he did the same as he looked once more at Delia. Delia took a deep breath, her nerves were worse then she had ever felt them. When she stepped out from under the tall tree, a gloomy beat down looking castle loomed above them. Tall trees surrounded the once majestic place. Movement and loud clanking made Delia look in front of them. A well armored guard was rushing at them.

Damon stepped to the side and looked at them, “Go on, I will take him on. Delia,” He paused as he looked at her, “Please be careful.”

Delia smiled at him as she answered, “I will. I love you. Don’t die on me.”

Damon grinned and looked at his foe as he rushed forward. A hidden sword appeared from under his clothing as he moved forward to meet his enemy.

Aletha led them to the side, where a door could be seen. They approached it careful, but moving fast. She looked back at Damon as she inched the door opened and peered inside. She saw no one, opened it the rest of the way and waved the rest of the party in.

Delia was the first one in. She looked around as she entered and continued to move forward. “Where do we go from here?” She asked as she slowed and looked back at Aletha.

Aletha looked around a moment and moved to the front of the line. She motioned for them to follow her and sped silently down the hallway. They moved in this fashion for a short time when Aletha stopped dead in her tracks.

Delia looked forward and saw Eric leaning on the wall, looking at them smiling, “So, my bitch has returned.”

Aletha laughed, “I am not yours any longer. To think I ever was.” She shook her head as she said the last part to herself.

Eric’s smile dropped as he looked at her, “And if not mine, then who?”

Drake stepped forward, “She is bonded to me now. She is mine.” Drake’s aura started to radiate off of him.

Eric leaned off of the wall and stood strait as he looked at Drake. “And who the hell are you?”

‘You know who I am, you’ve done stated it once.’ Drake replied to him in his mind.

Eric stepped back as he looked at Drake as he tried to recall what he might have said. Then it hit him, and in his mind he stated, ‘Holy shit.’ He looked at Aletha and asked her, “Why the hell are you with someone like him?”

“It’s better than being with someone like you, and besides, he treats me like a guy should.” Aletha told him smiling.

Eric looked from Aletha to Drake and from Drake to Delia, “OK, so you’re with Aletha and Delia, come on, share the wealth.”

“Aletha is bound to me by oath, Delia is my friend. You need not know more.” Drake turned his scythe.

Eric looked at Delia again, and looked her up and down, “I will say that everyone here will be pleased that you dressed appropriately.”

“You have my word, I will not be his tonight. Your master will fall this night.” Delia told him.

“Are you going to let us pass, or are you going to waist all of our time talking us to death?” Aletha asked him as she leaned on her other leg.

Eric was still looking at Drake as he spoke, “What are you going to do if I do not let you pass? You forget the only one that is wanted is the one, I would say, with the nicest body.” He looked back at Aletha when he finished talking.

Aletha stepped forward, “You will let them pass. I will stay behind if need be.”

Eric smiled deeply as he looked at her, “What, does someone miss the old times? We now have better chains and whips if you want me to tie you up.” He paused and stepped forward. “You do remember last time, don’t you, if I am correct, that was the day you escaped us, of course, that was with some help.”

Aletha smiled as she stepped forward, “Ahh, I think though this time I will be the one that is doing the punishing”

Eric looked at Drake and then Delia, and when he did he hoped when they crossed Curtis, Curtis wouldn’t turn sides.

Drake looked at Aletha, “I want his balls for a trophy. Preferably taken while he is alive”

Aletha looked at him and nodded. She looked back at Eric. “I suppose you will get to be played with then, it must be your lucky day Eric.”

Eric continued to watch Aletha, “I want to see you try.”

Aletha walked toward him smiling, “And you will.” She ran full on, and as her brother, a short sword came from nowhere.

Delia asked Aletha in her head as she walked past, ‘Alright, where do we go?’

‘Continue down this hall, and when you come to the end take a right. There is a pair of huge wooden doors near the end of that hallway. That is where Nicholas will be, but beware, Curtis will be around somewhere.’ Aletha told her in her mind as they made their way down the hall.

‘Thank you. Please, be careful.’ Delia told her. She kept going, not running, but she still kept a fast pace with Drake behind her.

They kept going and soon the end of the corridor was in sight. Delia slowed a little as she neared, sensing someone was near. Out of the darkness of the hallway they were to follow came Curtis.

“So, you came.” He said as he looked at her.

Delia looked at him for a moment before she answered him, “Yes, this was bound to happen sooner or later, so I decided sooner. We have things to look forward to after this.”

“So you would rush to your death?” He asked still looking at her. After a moment of silence he turned his gaze to Drake. “So, I suppose you are the one that she has chosen?”

“She is not rushing to her death, she has been trained well.” Drake said as he stepped in front of Delia. “And as for her partner, well that is none of your concern.”

“Trained, by who, you?” Curtis asked still looking at Drake.

“No, by one of my servants who has been around for three thousand years.” Drake told him.

Curtis looked at him, “one of your servants? Alright, who are you then sir?”

“You know who I am, you just haven’t put it together.” Drake said as he readied his scythe.

As Curtis looked at him he turned a shade whiter and then looked to Delia, “Why him?”

Delia laughed, “You have no right to ask any question about who I have chosen. You are the one that left me.” She paused for just a moment, “Why do you care anyway.”

Curtis looked away when she asked her question, “Um,” he paused as he started to turn red, “I don’t care, it just something that popped into my head so I asked.” After he stopped blushing he looked back at her.

Delia looked at him and shook her head. She looked over at Drake and told him, “I suppose I’m going on ahead.” She sighed as she continued to look at him, “Wish me luck.”

“Good luck, I will deal with him. I will be there shortly.” Damon said as he readied his scythe, he continued to look at Curtis, “Remember the other gift I gave you when I gave you Gix.”

Delia smiled as she looked at him, “Oh, I planned to use it here.” She started to move towards the hallway she was to go down, stopped, and looked at him once more, “See you soon.” And she continued down the hallway.

Delia continued for quite a ways. She was beginning to think that maybe she had heard Aletha wrong when the huge wooden doors came into view. She hesitated a few moments the swung the doors opened and walked into the room.


Damon swung his sword over his head and blocked a blow from his appoint. He swiftly brought his sword down and slashed the fellows left arm deeply.

The guard that Damon had attacked yelled out in pain, and as he done so he swung his sword for another blow. Blood gushed form his wound, flowing to the ground to join the blood soaked ground. They both struck each other and blocked blows. The ground was starting to become mushy because of the blood moistening it. The guard was starting to become sloppy in his fighting from the amount of blood loss that Damon had caused.

Damon blocked another blow and the guard came up with his knee and collided in between his legs. Damon howled as he staggered backwards. The guard came after him and he jumped high, the pain in between his legs still causing him not to see straight. Damon lifted his sword over his head and looked down to see if he could make out the figure of the guard. The guard stood ready for the attack, his sword in one hand as he prepared for Damon’s landing.

He swung his sword when Damon came down, causing the blade to collide with skin. The blade went deep into his side. Damon screamed as he brought his blade down, pain shot from his side causing his eyes to lose their sight again. Even though he could not see, he knew he had hit somewhere on the guard as the sword hit and heard the guard scream and felt him give way under his weight.

The guard lay lifeless after a few seconds, when Damon could see again after the pain subsided, he saw the last blow that he had dealt. His sword had caught the guard at his throat.

Damon pulled his sword out of the side of the guard’s neck and stood. He stood there looking around catching his breath for a moment and put his sword back up. His thoughts went to Delia and how she was fairing, and to his sister.

Eric popped into his head and he wondered if she had met up with him and if she had how things were fairing. Damon started to walk towards the door that Aletha and Delia had entered. He stood there a moment longer before he opened the door and entered. When he was inside he began to walk faster until he was at a jog. After continuing like this for some time he slowed as he heard the sound of swords clanking and the laughter that he recalled to come from his sister.

As he rounded the slight corner at a walk the figures of his sister and her old lover came into view. By the looks of it Aletha was in far greater shape then her opponent. Aletha had a few minor cuts on her and one or two deeper ones. Eric though didn’t seem so lucky.

Eric had at least two deep gashes on each arm and one very bad one on his right hip. He was sweating very badly as Damon came closer to them.

“Where the hell did you receive lessons to fight like this?” Eric panted as he focused on his opponent.

“I taught her before you got a hold of her.” Damon said smiling as he came closer. “She is quiet good isn’t she?”

Aletha smiled as she glanced behind her quickly, “So I see that you have taken care of your opponent. Though I will have to say it took you longer then I thought it would.”

“Is that so? You know I could say the same thing for you.” Damon told her as he watched them exchange blows. “Tell me, why is it that you are taking your time with him?”

Aletha swung her sword at Eric again as he swung at her, her blade connecting at his thigh. “I’m going to have some fun before I finish him.” Eric screamed as the blade of Aletha’s sword connected with his thigh.

He immediately brought his blade down as she brought hers up but not in enough time. His sword came down on her upper right arm.

“Watch out sis, be more alert, you could have blocked that blow.” Damon said from the side line as he watched.

“Will you shut up and let me do this?” She asked as she brought her knee up.

Eric noticed what she was doing and laughed, “Do you really think I would let you do something like you are planning? And I promise that you won’t get what your new master,” he said in disgust “wanted. You will not get near enough to them to take them.”

Damon looked at Aletha and asked, “What is he talking about?”

“Oh, Drake wanted me to take his balls as a trophy for him.” Aletha said, “Didn’t you say Eric that there are new play things here? I suppose we shall have to go and I will try them out on you.” Aletha smiled as she swung her sword again. “Damon, if you want you can stay here and rest a bit while I go finish up, or you can come and watch if you want to. It doesn’t matter to me unless you want to go on.”

Eric blocked the blow and as he did Aletha grabbed his wrist and teleported them to the dungeon. Aletha let go of his wrist and looked around the place, and as Eric had said they had gotten newer supplies. A leather whip hung on a nail with what looked like rocks and glass tied to the end of the straps. Next to it was a metal looking stick. Bunches of different devices to make people suffer hung from nails on the wall. An iron seat with straps sat empty in the middle of the room.

Eric started to move to the right, but as soon as Aletha started to see him move she kicked him straight back into the chair. Hurriedly she rushed over and pinned him with her foot against his chest.

Eric held fast to his sword, and he raised it to strike her, but as he came down she easily pushed his arm to the side and removed her foot from his chest to lift it higher and bring it down hard on his hand, forcing him to release his grip on the sword and it fell to the ground with a clank.

Aletha placed her foot back on his chest and secured his hands in to the restraints. When she was done with his arms she looked around the room and walked over to the table and laid her sword down. She picked up long lengths of rope and tied it on to the nearest iron bar. She then proceeded to walk back over and bent down to his legs. She took the length of rope she had tied off and started tying it to his leg. She tightened it enough so his leg was stretched out, his other leg kicking her to get her off of him. Aletha did the same with Eric’s other foot and when she had it stretched as far as she could Damon popped into the chamber.

“I see you have him tied up, bravo.” Damon told her as he looked at her work.

“Thank you.” She told him as she walked over and grabbed her sword again. She walked back over to Eric and placed the tip of her sword at the top of his shirt collar, pressing hard enough that she started drawing blood she brought it down until the front of his shirt was completely sliced and gaping open.

Blood ran down from where the blade had sliced him. “What the hell do you think you are doing? You cannot really be thinking of cutting a part off of me.” Eric shrieked as Aletha sliced the shirt.

“Oh but I can you see,” Aletha told him as she raised her blade and started to slice open his pants. “I have every right to do this for all the torment you have put me through. Maybe next time there is, by some chance in hell, a woman that falls for you, you’ll remember what happened this time. Or if you just happen to have one here, just remember, we females all aren’t as careful as the others.”

Eric looked at her and then looked at Damon, “I can see why she is here, but you I cannot.”

Damon looked at Aletha and then back at Eric, “You have no reason to wonder why I am here.”

“You realize there are many that want her do you not.” Eric focused back on the twin in front of him.

Aletha and Damon both over heard what he had said, “What do you mean by that?”

Eric looked back at Damon as Aletha walked over to look at him, “I am just saying she is a very popular person, you are in love with her, one of our own is still in love with her, and apparently the dragon is in love with her. There are probably more I just am not sure who they would be.”

They both looked at Eric as he smiled, “Let me guess, Curtis?” Aletha asked as she looked at him, the whip with rock and glass in her hand.

Eric looked at her and then to what she held, “Why should I tell you, you have no idea of what past they may and may not have had.”

Aletha smiled as she twirled the whip over her head and brought it down on Eric’s chest.

“Oh, but I do, we have become friends and she has told me” Eric screamed as he felt the rock and glass hit him.

He kept quiet for a while, letting screams out when he was hit again. Blood dripped and gushed from the wounds he was receiving from Aletha.

“What, aren’t you going to talk anymore?” Damon asked as he watched Aletha. She went and placed the whip back to its place, and grabbed the metal stick and walked back over to Eric and stood in front of him. She looked at him as she tapped the stick in her hand.

“What are you going to do with that?” Eric asked as he looked at her, his eyes shown fear.

Aletha smiled, “What do you think I am going to do with it?” She started to come closer to him still tapping it in her hand.

Eric stayed silent as he watched her come nearer. Aletha bent over and looked at him smiling. She took the rod and laid it against him and saw him open his mouth but no sound came out. Eric looked at Aletha, hatred in his eyes and he spat on her.

Aletha wiped the spit away and looked at him, she took the stick in her hand and whacked him hard on his balls forcing him to yell out in pain.

Aletha did this a couple more times before she took the tip and picked his penis up. His balls laid flat on the chair and she took the tip and drove it in to the top of his sack. Blood squirted as she removed it and stabbed him again. Each time Eric yelled out in pain, tears streamed down his face. After doing this three time he passed out.

After a few minutes of stabbing him in a line, the chair soaked from blood as he continued to gush, she brought the stick down one last time, forcing the remainder of the skin to remove from his body. Aletha picked them up and walked over to the table. She picked up and laid flat a piece of cloth that she had seen, apparently left from the last time the place had been cleaned, and wrapped the trophy in it tightly.

She returned the metal stick to it place and looked at Damon, “You ready to go?”

Damon looked at her, and from the looks of him he seemed as if he were about to lose whatever he had eaten that day. Damon nodded his head and opened the door and walked out, Aletha wiped her bloody hands on Eric’s disregarded cloths and picked her sword up in her other hand and followed her brother out. She led him down the hallway and toward the chamber that Nicholas was always in.


Curtis had watched from the corner of his eye as Delia had left, he wanted to tell her not to go, but he stood there and brought his attention back to his foe. A large battle ax appear in his hands as he looked at Drake. The blade was a very shiny metal and the handle was of a red stained wood. Curtis brought the ax above his head and lunged at Drake as he brought it down.

Drake stood there and let Curtis hit him. As the blade hit, it cut into him and the blade on the ax started to rust away. Drake looked down at him, “You know you cannot kill me, you also know who I am.”

Curtis looked up at him shocked and let go of the ax. He backed up a few feet as he watched Drake. He continued to watch Drake when it hit him. He didn’t notice as Aletha and Damon came up the opposite side of the hall Delia had gone down. “Cal’sa?”

Aletha and Damon looked at Curtis, Aletha smiled as she watched, but Damon, as he heard looked at Drake dumfounded, and all of it clicked as he looked at him.

Damon looked at Aletha, “You knew?”

Aletha looked over at him and nodded and looked back at the other two.

Damon looked forward still bewildered. It was still hard to believe that Drake was Cal’sa. “Does Delia know?”

“No, and she need not at the moment. He will tell her in due time.” Aletha told him and she saw him nod.

Drake pulled the ax from his chest and it fell apart, “So, now you have finally put it all together. You now have a choice, die by my blade or pledge yourself to me.” He said looking at Curtis.

Curtis looked at him as he thought of what Drake had said to him. He looked at the other two that had come upon them suddenly.

Aletha looked at him, “It will be a lot better than working for someone like Nicholas, and if what Eric said was true, I know you really don’t want to do this.”

Curtis continued to look at her stunned, “Eric wouldn’t say anything.”

Aletha laughed, “Ahh, but he would when he was trying to keep these.” She lifted her hand that held the bloody cloth.

Curtis still looked at her, he turned a shade whiter, “Those aren’t what I think they are, are they?”

“Well, tell me what you think they are and I will tell you if you are right or not.” Aletha said as she continued to look at him.

Damon spoke up, “Is it true you still have feelings for her?”

Curtis’s head shot straight to him and he stared him in the eyes. “Who told you that?”

“What does it matter? Just tell us.” Aletha said as she dropped her hand.

Curtis looked back at her and stayed silent for a moment before looking at Damon, “Truthfully, I had had my feelings locked up and forgotten about, but Eric unlocked them.” He looked at Drake as he continued, “What exactly do you do for your servants?”

“You get to stay at my castle, and you get to do what you want within limits, when I call on you to do something you must do it otherwise you are free to do what you want.” Drake told him.

Curtis continued to look at him for a moment and then back to Aletha and Damon. “Well, I suppose it would be better then dyeing.”

“Kneel.” Drake said and watched as Curtis did as he was told. Drake placed the tip of his blade on to his neck. Curtis felt a searing pain as Drake’s symbol was burnt onto the side of his neck.

Curtis looked at Drake after it was finished and stood up, “I suppose we are to go to help her now?”

“We can go to her, but we cannot help her. She must do this herself.” Drake said as he looked at Damon.

“You tell her nothing of what you have heard or seen or this will happen to you.” Drake turned his blade where Damon could see the trapped souls in it.

“Aletha already told me that you would tell her.” Damon said trying to sound as if he wasn’t scared.

“Well, let’s go and see how she is doing.” Drake said as he started to move.

Drake led the way down the hall, Aletha, Damon, and Curtis followed behind Drake. As they came to the big wooden doors they heard an explosion.


“So, I see you have finally come.” Nicholas said as soon as Delia stepped through the door. “And you dressed for the occasion, bravo.”

Delia looked at him as she walked toward him, neither a smile nor a frown upon her face. “I had to get this over with sooner or later. I am guessing that you know that I have a wedding to plan.”

Nicholas laughed as he stood still watching her as she came nearer to him. “I am sorry to tell you that you will not be going to that event.” He started to walk down the five stairs in front of his chair, “You see, you have something I want, and I will have it.”

Delia looked at her surroundings as she continued to walk, and when she looked back at Nicholas she said, “And what might that be?”

Nicholas laughed as he watched her and when he reached the bottom of the landing he stopped. “Your power my dear, you are by far the most talented young one I think I have ever laid my eyes upon. You see, you inherited your mother’s power, and I very much want it.”

Delia stopped and put her hands on her hips, “well, I am sorry to inform you that you will just have to get use to not having it. I will not give it up.”

Nicholas just looked at her for a moment as he stayed quiet, “Well, you do have her personality I see. It was one of her down sides.” He shook his head as he spoke.

“From what I have been told,” She said as she smiled at him, “I have quite a few of her traits.”

Nicholas looked at her more deeply, “Hmm, is that so, then maybe we should stop talking and get down to business.” As he said this twelve different people came from out of the shadows towards Delia.

Delia looked around her at the people coming at her. She looked down at the ground smiling, “Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?”

“Why of course. Why wouldn’t I?” He asked as he laughed as he watched his guards surround her.

“Alright, I gave you the chance to change your mind so now you shall receive the consequence of your choice.” Delia looked back up at him as her eyes started to grow amethyst.

Nicholas looked at her and nodded, “Take her.” He stepped forward as he gave the command.

Delia was still smiling as the men came closer in, “You might want to run boys.” She looked past the people around her to Nicholas. “Gix, I need that bottle that Drake gave me that first night he came to me please.” The guards stopped for a second and looked at her as if she were crazy and then continued in on her. They were only a few feet away now. When they saw the bottle appear in her hand they all stopped dead in their tracks.

Delia looked at a few of them, “I told you to get out of here.” She looked down at the bottle in her hand. It was a black bottle with the dragon head symbol on it.

“And they know that if they do then they will die by my hands.” Nicholas said as he took his time walking towards her. “Tell me, what is it that you have there and where did you get that.” He studied the symbol on the bottle as he asked.

Delia smiled, “You will find out in due time what it is, and for as who I received it from was a friend” She looked around at the frozen guards, “I won’t tell you again, R.U.N.”

The guards looked at each other then back at Delia. They continued to look at her but did not move. Delia looked at them once more, “I warned you.” She looked over at Nicholas, “Ready for this?” She asked looking at him dead on as she tossed the bottle at him.

Nicholas looked at her, then to the bottle as it came on him in mid air. He reached out with his huge hands to grab it. Being as the bottle was a lot smaller then his hands, he missed and fell. His eyes went back to Delia and he saw her smiling at him.

Delia watched as Nicholas fumbled with the bottle and miss it, she shook her head at him as she smiled as he watched her as he fell. In moments the bottle crashed to the floor. Red flames burst out under him engulfing the entire room. The guards yelling only briefly heard over Nicholas’s screams. Everyone was looking at Delia, and saw that she was unharmed from this. It was as if she were a ghost standing there. The guards lay in burning piles of ash on the ground after the explosion, Nicholas lay where he fell, but his breathing could still be seen.

Delia stepped over the piles of burning bodies toward Nicholas, her sword now in her hands as she closed in on him.

Nicholas could hear the faint steps of Delia’s, he now remembered who’s symbol that had been on the bottle as he tried to catch it. He knew that if Delia did not succeed in killing him before he received her power, then Cal’sa would. He slowly raised himself up and looked at her as she neared him, “So, Your friend is none other than, C…” as he spoke he could see the door opening and shut his mouth, waiting to see who it was that entered. He had given direct orders to let no one pass through the doors unless it was Curtis or Eric.

Aletha’s head popped inside the door and then she stepped in. She walked over and another person stepped through, Damon. He walked over to his sister and looked over at Nicholas as he tried his best not to laugh. The next person shocked Nicholas. Curtis walked in and walked over near to the other two, but not exactly over with them, and last came Drake. Nicholas looked at him as he pushed himself off of the ground and looked at the new comers and the betrayer.

“I see you have done a number on him.” Aletha said as she spoke to Delia.

“I see you all are alright,” Delia said as she glanced behind her, mouth fell open when Curtis walked in and he watched the ground.

“Yeah, and we picked up a newcomer.” Aletha said smiling.

Curtis looked up at her and forced a smile and looked right back down.

Delia looked at Drake and smiled at him, “Your potion worked wonders.”

Drake smiled and walked over to Nicholas, “You should have known young one.”

“How would I have known that you would have chosen her? Of all people her!” Nicholas said as he stood the rest of the way up.

‘You should have known it was getting close to time for another one of my gatherings. Besides, you never asked.’ Drake said to him in his mind.

Delia looked at Drake dumbfounded as she seen the way the way Nicholas looked at Drake, then over to Nicholas and back to Drake, “Do you two know each other or something?”

Nicholas looked at Drake and nodded, then looked over at Delia as he spoke.

“I knew him when he was young.” Drake said as he looked over at her.

Delia placed her hands on her hips and looked at Drake with a confused look, “And you forgot to tell me this?”

“I didn’t know he was the same one. I know many people.” Drake said to her.

Delia looked at him with one of her eyebrows raised, “OK.”

She looked back over at Nicholas. “Alright, who were you going to say, if I remember correctly it sounded as if it started with a C.”

‘Do not tell her my real name, or your afterlife will be worse than you can ever imagine.’ Drake said in Nicholas’s mind.

Nicholas responded to Drake in the same manor, ‘Alright, Alright I won’t.’ He smiled to Delia as he spoke, “To tell you honestly, I don’t remember what I was going to say. It slipped my mind when everyone started to come in.”

Delia continued to look at him unbelieving. “OK, so what is going to happen now?”

“Don’t know, he was out to kill you.” Drake said as he looked at her.

Delia looked at Nicholas, “Well”

“Well what? Can you blame a demon for wanting to be more powerful?” Nicholas said trying to look innocent.

“Please, don’t do that ever again, that look just is not you.” Aletha said as she watched what was happening.

Nicholas looked over at Aletha and gave her a careless look. “If I do still go after you young lady, and yes I am still tempted, not only do I have to fight you, but the twins, though they wouldn’t be much to handle, my son, though he would be the same. You know he never did get over you. And last but not least, your very powerful friend here.”

Drake smiled as he looked at Nicholas.

Nicholas looked at Drake, “See, I will have to back down, regrettably, but I really don’t want to go against someone like him. If you were not in the picture,” he said as he motioned toward drake, “then yeah, I would continue.”

“Well, I suppose all that training was for nothing.” She walked over to Drake.

“If you want to fight him blade on blade you still can, he originally was going to kill you.” He told her.

“That’s quiet alright,” Delia told him as she smiled, “I wasn’t really looking forward to it anyways.”

Delia looked around to the other people in the group, “What now?”

Aletha walked over to her, “I don’t know what you would want to do?”

“I don’t know.” Delia looked at Damon and smiled.

“Why don’t we go visit Serenity at her village and see how they are doing?” Drake posed as an option.

Delia looked at him curiously, she turned around and asked, “Anyone else have any other option?”

Aletha, Curtis, and Damon looked at each other and then to Delia and shrugged their shoulders. “No.”

Delia nodded her head and turned to Drake, “I guess to Serenity’s village it is.”

Delia turned back around and started for the door, she paused at the doorway and turned back toward Nicholas, “You ever try and come for me again we will pick up where we left off.”

Nicholas nodded without saying anything and looked toward Drake.

Delia turned back and stepped through the door, Damon, Aletha, Drake, and then Curtis followed her.

Submitted: January 22, 2018

© Copyright 2022 reoko69. All rights reserved.


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