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"Send search parties everywhere, make sure no place is unturned." Gregory's voice sounded out, giving orders to people who were just standing around. The lights had came back on only a short time ago, only then had they realized Delia was missing because someone had found one of her shoes.

Gregory had questioned everyone who had been there. "Sir, there is some one that wishes to talk to you." a guard told Gregory.

Gregory motioned for the guard to let whoever it was threw to talk to him. Damon came walking up to Gregory sitting in his thrown a short time afterward. Gregory looked at him, not saying anything about his abnormal eyes or hair, "who are you sir?" he asked.

"My name is Damon sire, and I know what has happened to your daughter." He told him coming closer. "let me start from yesterday when I caught my sister and the one you call Eric together. You see Aletha, my sister, we are twins therefore we have a special 'connection' and I could tell they were planning something. I just didn't know what until I started watching them that they were planning to take her. Then a few hours later, as I was following Eric he met up with Curtis. That was right before the ball. I tried to keep an eye on her and I even introduced myself to her and tried to tell her to stay away from them but she wouldn't listen. She went with him and I followed behind out of sight but they still got her, Aletha teleported away with her, to where I am not sure, but I will find her."

Gregory stayed silent for a while with his hands on his face, he going over in his mind what he had been told, "Why didn't you tell anyone, come to me and tell me?"

"Would you have believed me if I had told you that the one you were announcing her engagement to was going to be kidnapping her right after announcing it?" Damon asked still standing in front of the worried father.

"You do have a point there," he told Damon lifting his head to look at him; "You're not exactly a human are you?"

"No, but you should have known that because of your daughter, she is like me in a way, is she not a half demon, her mother was Yadira was she not?" Damon asked already knowing the answer.

"There are very few who know what Delia is, and fewer that know that Yadira had a daughter." Gregory said almost in a whisper and rose to his feet, "come, let's figure how to get my daughter back."


Delia lay on a pile of old hay on a very dirty old cell floor in the dark, a small amount of moon light came in threw a small barred window. She tried to sit up but she couldn't, she felt as if she were tied to something.

"Ahh, so you are finally awake." a female's voice sounded.

Delia tried to remember what had happened but her head hurt too much. The other female stood up and walked over to Delia. Delia looked at her, "who are you, and why I am here?" she demanded.

"Oh my, you're a fiery little thing" she said mockingly, "and if you must know, my name is..." she was cut off by the door opening.

"I thought I told you to come and get me when she awoke." came Curtis's voice. As soon as he spoke everything that had happened came back to Delia, her father giving her the necklace, the person out in the tree's, the haunting amber eyes from the corridor window, the ball, Damon dancing with her and telling her that she was in a plot to be kidnapped, and now wished she had believed him.

"Aletha, untie her, take her to take clean herself up, then bring her to me in my chambers." he said as he walked over to Delia, reached down and ran a finger over her chin," Eric and I want to play with her tonight." he then turned and left the room.

Aletha just looked at him as he walked out of the room. A few moments later she walked over to where Delia lay and looked at her, "Why does he have to have you?" she said under her breath as she reached down and untied Delia. "Stand up and follow me."

The scenery was breathtaking. Tree's reached the cloud's, different flowers grew here and there, bee's could be heard buzzing, birds chirped and sang softly nearby and in the distance, and the sound of rushing water could be heard. Delia kept looking at her surroundings as they went in silence until they came to a small waterfall surrounded by trees with a rather large lake at the bottom of it. "Here, you can take as much time as you will," Aletha told her "I shall return later."

she turned to leave when Delia spoke up. "What am I to wear when I get out?"

Aletha turned to face her, "That is what I am going to go get," she told her, "and to talk to Eric."

Delia noticed that Aletha hadn't spoken the second part aloud, but rather had heard it in her head and she became baffled by it. "What is wrong?" Aletha asked looking at Delia.

"W...what do you mean?" she asked looking back at Aletha.

"You have a weird expression on your face," Aletha told her, "is there something wrong?"

"Well, I have been taken captive and am being held against my will, and I have rope burn around my wrist, ankles, and my neck that hurt besides that, no, I would have to say I am good." Delia said then turned to go down to the lake with the waterfall. Aletha watched Delia as she descended down the small hill for a moment then walked back the way she had came.

Delia walked down the little path on the hill until she came to a rather good size rock near the bottom of the path. She took off her blue and silver dress, now ripped and had dirt covering parts of it. She slid off her one shoe and walked to the water and stuck a toe in to see how cold the water was. The water was surprisingly warm. She stepped into the water and looked to see how deep the lake was, it seemed to be pretty deep so she dove in.


Gregory walked back into the room he had left Damon in. It was an attempt that seamed ridicules to him, but if it succeeded, well he had to try for the sake of his daughter, to bring her back safely.

"Did you bring it?" Damon asked standing in front of the fire place, his head looked down at the floor and his hands were behind his back.

"I don't see how something that belongs to my daughter will help find her, but yes, here is her brush." Gregory handed the silver handled brush to him, black silky hair still in the bristles.

Damon reached out and took the brush in his right hand and looked at Gregory, "I will need silence so I can concentrate, if I get distracted I will have to start over where it is the first time I have contacted her threw telepathy." He saw Gregory nod and he sat down facing the fire, the brush tightly held in his hands.


Delia lay on her back enjoying the warmth of the water surrounding her. She didn't expect Aletha to be back for some time knowing she was looking for Eric. She was lost in thought when she heard someone speak. She ducked underwater trying to hide, looking from under the surface she heard it again.

She popped her head back up out of the water. "Delia, if you can hear me please respond." A familiar voice came but she couldn't place who it was.

"Who is there?" she said out loud as she looked around.

"It's me, Damon, are you all right? Is anyone around you?" Damon asked in her head.

"Where are you?" Delia asked looking around, curling into a ball so nothing would show.

"I am with your father, and he is very worried about you." the voice in her head went on.

"How can you be there and still talk to me?" she asked baffled.

"Never mind that, do you know where you are at, is there anyone near you?" Damon asked more urgently.

"No, I am currently bathing in a lake with a waterfall, it is very beautiful," she started then paused, "Oh, Aletha went to find Eric and get me something to wear."

"So your bathing," he sounded amused, "are you hurt in anyway?"

"Well, I have rope marks around my wrists, neck, and ankle's" she said uncurling and looking at her wrists.

"They had you tied up?" he sounded angry at that.

"For a short time yes, but as soon as I awoke they untied me and I was brought here, though Curtis wants me taken to him after I am finished, said something to Aletha but I forget what it was." she told him.

"Question, are you talking out loud?" he asked her.

"Yes, am I not suppose to, if I don't how am I to talk to you?" she asked puzzled.

"Talk in your mind, like you don't want anyone else to hear." he explained to her.

"Can you still here me Damon?" she asked not believing it would work.

"Yes, I doubt you will know but it is worth a shot," he said "Do you have any idea where you are at, be sides the lake with a waterfall?"

"Somewhere in a forest, there are a lot of tree's here as well, besides that no." she told him laying back again and started to float.

"OK, it was worth a shot, I'll have to try and track down Aletha then to find you." he said more to himself then to her.

"How will you do that?" she asked him stretching her arms over her head and bringing them back to her sides from in the water.

"Well, if you haven't noticed yet, take a better look at Aletha, we are twins, there for we have a special connection. I can always find her whether or not she wants to be found, though sometimes it takes a little while." he told her.

"I did notice you two look a lot alike." she said not acting a bit surprised.

"Yeah, well she used to be a good girl, until she met Eric, ever since she has been effectuated with him, something told me to never introduce them, anyway," he said getting side tracked, Delia interrupted.

Delia heard footsteps and looked up the tiny path she had come down and saw the twin they were currently talking about. "She's back." she told him.

"All right, if you are ever alone and need or want to talk to me, concentrate on me and I will answer, please be safe." he told her

"I will and please tell my father that I am fine and don't be too worried over me, I will find some way to get back home safely, and tell him that I love him." she said and she felt him leave her mind.

"What is that?" Delia asked pointing to the lacy thing that Aletha held in her arms.

"This," Aletha asked holding it out "is the clothing you are going to wear when you go and see Curtis and Eric." she didn't sound too happy about it either. The black dress was dangerously low cut and looked to have a slit half way up the dress on either side, not to mention it was made of pure lace.

"If they expect me to wear that they are very much mistaken, I will not!" Delia said plainly.

"You don't have a choice." Aletha said still not sounding happy.

"What happen, is there something wrong?" Delia asked continuing to float around.

"Why do you want to know? You are the one who is being held captive." Aletha asked sounding a little surprised.

"I know, but you have to make the best out of what you have," Delia told her leveling herself out, her hands floating back and forth under the water, "Why don't you come in and relax, its quiet comforting in here."

"I was thinking of bathing today, and it is peaceful." Aletha said out load to herself. "I agree." Delia smiled at her. Aletha put the lace dress on the big rock where Delia's dirty blue dress lay and removed the tight fitting garments she wore and lay them there as well then proceeded into the water.

"So, what's troubling you?" Delia asked again. Aletha looked at her for a long moment before she spoke, "I won't say names," she told her as she swam a little closer to her "but there's this guy, and needless to say I am in love with him, but I don't think," she paused "No that's not right, I know he doesn't feel the same about me. I thought he did, but I was wrong." she said fiddling around with her fingers as she talked "I could have sworn that he felt the same way."

"Have you told him how you felt?" Delia asked watching her.

"No, I have tried, but he is always too busy doing something else, It's like I don't matter unless he wants or needs something from me, I don't know, I guess I got lost in my fantasies and thought he would drop everything and be with me." Aletha kept going and she looked at Delia, "Ya know what I mean?"

"Kind of, not exactly though," Delia said, "you could say that the one I wanted to be with betrayed me, severely."

"Huh?" Aletha looked dumfounded. "Curtis," Delia said looking at Aletha, "about five years ago he came to the palace, I'm not really sure why, but we began to talk and hang around with each other when I had the spare time. Father never really liked him. About a year after Curtis came to the castle Eric stepped into the picture. Father loved him and he could do no wrong in my father's eyes, though I never could stand him for a moment. Curtis and I decided to run away together, needless to say father found out about our plans and banished him. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would see him again, especially at my birthday party. It was weird though. I had fantasies that he would come back for me, and when he did I didn't react the way I thought I would. Then to find out the only reason he came back for me was to kidnap me." Delia tried to tell her in a not so long story.

"Wow, never knew you two had a history together, wonder why he never mentioned you?" Aletha wondered aloud.

"Good question, any idea why he wanted me so badly?" she asked.

"Kind of, but I can't tell you," Aletha told Delia looking away from her "They would banish me or worse if they found out I told you why they kidnapped you."

"I understand." Delia told her.

"You know," Aletha started, "you're not at all what I thought you would be from what they had told me."

"How so" Delia sounded shocked.

"Well, Eric always said you were rude and bad tempered, and Curtis would only say you were one of a kind. But he said it in a way that sounded as if he agreed with Eric." Aletha tried to explain.

Delia laughed "Well, I guess Eric was telling of what he knew as the truth, anytime I would see him I would always act like, I guess like a brat, I never liked him so I tried to get him to feel the same way."

"Well, that would explain why he would say that." Aletha agreed in a little laugh.

"Well, shall we get out then? I am starting to shrivel up." Delia asked.

"We can, but if we do I will have to take you back to Curtis's chambers, I know I shouldn't be interacting with you, but to tell the truth, it does get lonely around here." Aletha admitted.

"How long have you been with these two?" Delia asked her as they made their way out of the water.

"Well, about three or four years now." Aletha responded.

"How did you come to stay with them?" Delia asked wondering how in the world she was going to dry off.

"Well, it's funny really, my brother Damon, you danced with him at your party and he tried to save you, why I am not sure. Anyway, he and Eric were friends till three or four years ago." Aletha looked away again, "Damon said Eric had changed and he wanted us to leave him be, but I thought Damon was jealous of Eric and myself, so I went with Eric and left Damon and we met up with Curtis a short time later, though now that I think about it they seemed to have known one another beforehand."

"Alright, well how are we supposed to dry off?" Delia finally asked, "I can't believe they think that I would were something like this." she expressed holding up the garment.

"We can air dry, that way," she paused and stared in wonder at Delia, "what the..." The black lace dress Delia held up in her hands started to change.

Delia shrieked and threw it back onto the rather big rock it had been laid on before as she stumbled backwards. As they watched the black lace dress start to turn in to a solid black material with a metallic purple intertwined throughout it, then it seemed to break into two different pieces, the shorter piece of cloth started to resemble a corset. Delia stepped forward and picked up the newly formed corset, the metallic purple on the center was in the shape of her family crest, a fox in a meadow with a strong oak in full bloom.

"How did you do that?" Aletha asked with wonder in her voice.

"I...I don't know, I imagined something other than that dress, something along this," she turned the corset to show her, "I wanted it to be black and purple and as soon as I had it pictured in my head it started to change." she sounding as baffled as the other.

"See if you can change mine." Aletha asked walking over to her.

"What do you want me to try and change you into, if I even can change it, I don't think I can to tell you the truth." Delia said placing the corset back on the rock.

"Who or what else would have done that? Anyway, after you do this we will know if it was you or not," Aletha told her, "let's see, I want a..." she took a moment to think of what she wanted, "I want pretty much the same as you, but a light blue instead of purple, and flowers all over the corset, make them jasmine blossoms, with light blue strips running down the sides of the pants.

"All right, I'll try, but I'm not promising anything." Delia said, she picked up the other set of clothing that was laying on the rock, the pants in her right hand and the top in the other. She closed her eyes and concentrated on what Aletha had described to her of what she had wanted. She stood there for what seemed like hours, and when she was about to set them back down she felt the fabric start to change. She opened her eyes and saw the black and light blue outfit she had imagined in her head.

The two girls looked at each other. "What else can you do?" Aletha asked her smiling.

"I...I don't know, I didn't know I could do this." she said shocked still holding out the outfit to its owner. "Come, we have to get you to Curtis, I say he is going to be quiet surprised." she said smiling as she started to dress herself. Delia nodded and turned to get dressed.


"So she is alright then." Gregory sat in a chair near the fire.

Damon still sat directly in front of the fire, but he held his back toward it now. He had told most everything that had been said between the princess and himself to the king, but left out that she had been bathing in the process. His mind wondered to what she looked like as they had spoken.

"How long before you find her?" Gregory asked his next question.

"Well," Damon started then was silent for a moment," I will have to track Aletha down first, and that depends on how well she keeps her mind closed. She is not the best at it but they have been training her, where we do share the link of a twin though it is very hard to shut off one mind to the other." he told him referring to Curtis and Eric training Aletha.

Gregory nodded slowly, "I want my daughter back."

"You will have your daughter back, it just might take some time to get her." Damon told him, determination in his voice.

Gregory looked at him, "Please take care of her when you find her."

Damon nodded and stood up "I will find a way to get in contact with you." and he left the room.

Gregory watched him as he left the room, he started thinking of how Delia never liked Eric and how he had just about forced her to marry him and he felt awful about it, he would let her choose from now on.


"I hope nothing happens to you in here, Curtis can be nasty especially to women," Aletha told her before they entered the room. There had been a cave they had entered on their way back, and then a short distance from the entrance there had been doors. Delia couldn't remember the one they had came through.

"I'll be fine I'm sure," Delia told her smiling, "If anything happens I'll, I don't know, I'll concentrate and turn his garments into a dress or something of the sort."

They both laughed and finished walking the rest of the way down the corridor until they reached the last door on the left. Aletha waited a moment," wait here. I'll go in and tell him you are ready." and she smiled at her.

Aletha opened the door and walked in and shut it, "Curtis."

"Where is she?" he demanded, "and where did you get that?" he referred to her corset and pants.

"Do you like them?" Aletha asked turning in a circle.

"There alright," he said plainly, "I can't wait to see Delia in that negligee." All Aletha would do was smile. "Bring her in!" he ordered.

"As you wish." she said and turned and walked out of the room.


Damon looked up at the sky. It was getting dark fast. He had traveled all day, stopping here and there trying to locate Aletha. Every once in a while he had gotten her signal but he had lost it a moment later.

He decided to camp under the stars for the night, it looked to be a clear night. He looked around for the nearest wooded area. They weren't that far away so he walked over to them. When he got to the trees, he looked at them and decided which was taller. He jumped into the trees, from branch to branch until he came to the top sturdy branches and sat down with his back to the trunk of the tree. He leaned back and looked up at the sky.

It was a clear night, not a cloud in the sky. Damon started thinking of Delia, wondering if she was still safe. He started imaging Curtis or Eric hurting her and he grew angry, he dared them to touch her. He promised himself if they did, they would pay. He fell into slumber while daydreaming of her, and she filled his dreams threw out the night.

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