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"Where is the dress?" Curtis demanded rising from the side of the king size four-poster bed he had been sitting on. The sheets on the bed were black as well as the comforter. The entire table's and the chairs matched the cherry bed. There were no windows, and only one lamp lit the spacious room, making it dim.

Delia could tell that a man had decorated the room. "I wouldn't wear something like that, you of all people should know Curtis," she told him placing both of her hands on her hips. "Remember, before father banished you, you tried to get me into something similar."

"Where did you get that outfit from?" he asked walking over to her.

"Like I said, I didn't want to wear what you had sent me, so I wore this instead." she told him avoiding the question he had asked.

"Where did you get it?" he asked getting angrier.

"What's the matter?" She asked "Don't you like it?"

He took her by the shoulders and dragged her back to the bed and threw her onto it. Delia tried to get up but Curtis had jumped on top of her smiling. She tried to push on his chest to make him get off top of her but he grabbed her wrists, pulling them over top of her head and placed both in his left hand.

"Let me go!" Delia yelled at him.

"Now why would I do a thing like that?" he said smiling at her. He took his free hand and started to feel the skin that the corset didn't cover of her stomach.

Delia screamed at him. "Don't touch me Curtis!"

"Oh, I'm going to do much more than that," he told her, "Not only am I going to touch you here but I will touch you here," he said running his hand over her breasts, "and here," he moved his hand down to her crotch. "And I will remove this contraption where I can feel the warmth of your skin," he lifted her to where he could get to her back, "as well as your pants, then I plan on doing much more to you until I satisfy myself, then Eric can do the same."

Delia could feel something hard pushing right under her stomach where he lay against her, "Get Off." Her eyes started to change, more purple came to them, more than ever had before.

"Or you will do what?" He asked laughing at her while moving his hips in between her legs.

Delia closed her eyes as she felt her rage grow and began to concentrate on throwing him off of her. Suddenly she felt him fly off top of her and heard a loud thud. She jumped up and looked toward where she had heard the thud from, Curtis laid halfway in the floor, his head and neck against the wall.

It took Curtis a moment to register what had happened and to catch his breath, but as soon as he did he stood up, anger flowed from him.

Delia looked at him, she felt different, but she wasn't exactly sure why. She smiled at him, "I told you to get off." she said in a smart ass kind of way.

As Curtis looked at her he noticed her eyes, they were pure amethyst. "How did you do that?" he asked already knowing, in his head he thought, "So father was right."

"What do you mean?" she asked still standing were she was.

"You're not pure human are you?" he asked her smiling.

She looked at him questionably, "What's that suppose to mean?" she asked shifting her weight. "That would explain your ability to change your outfit and throwing me off." he said more to himself.

"What are you talking about?" she asked bewildered.

"That's the only way to explain it." He went silent for a while.

Aletha came through the door a short time later and looked directly to Delia, her eyes back to normal by this time.

"Take her to her chambers." Curtis ordered her, "and be careful."

Aletha looked to him and then to Delia and nodded. When they had walked halfway down the corridor Aletha asked, "What happened in there, I've never seen him that mad and frantic before?"

"Well," Delia started, "he got mad because I never would tell him how I came across these," she motioned to her clothing," and he threw me on the bed and then jumped on top of me forcing my hands over my head telling me things he was planning to do to me as he started touching me. I told him to get off of me, actually I screamed it at him but it still came out of my mouth all the same, well as you probably well know he wouldn't so I got really mad and I closed my eyes and I ended up throwing him off of me and the next thing I knew he was laying halfway on the wall and the floor next to the door."

Aletha looked to her, "That's a pretty good distance to throw someone Delia, but I can't blame you, he deserved that and much more," she paused for a moment and looked back at her, "Well, I guess now we know that not only can you change clothing, you can also move things, and from the sound I heard he hit pretty damn hard too."

A short time later they came to a door at the end of one of many different corridors they had came down. "Come on," Aletha said opening the door, "This will be your new room for the moment, Curtis doesn't know I moved you, at least not at the moment anyway."

"What do you mean for the moment?" Delia asked looking to Aletha, a confused look on her face.

Aletha put her finger in front of her mouth, "Shh."

Delia followed Aletha into the room. The room was similar to that Curtis had been in. The bed frame was cherry, but it was not as elaborate as the one in the other room. There were matching tables, but not as many. The covers on the bed were a brownish color and could tell they were much worn, but at least they were clean. Aletha walked over to the bed, sat down, and looked at her, "come over here." she patted the empty bed beside her.

Delia walked over and sat down as she looked to Aletha, "What is it?"

Aletha took a moment to respond, she looked dead into her eyes, "I want to help you escape." Delia heard in her head as she looked back at her.

Delia nodded, "How?" she responded the same way.

Aletha smiled, "So you can communicate telepathically, we'll keep in contact this way, you can be anywhere and still talk alright." Aletha told her continuing to speak threw their minds.

"Alright, so how am I going to make my escape, and how will they know you haven't helped me? I don't want you to get hurt because of me, and I know with those two that is what will happen." Delia asked concern in her voice.

"Well, I'm going to hope this works, I don't know if it will work or not, but I hope dearly that it does," Aletha said still looking dead into her eyes, "were you can concentrate your mind and move or change things I'm hoping that if you concentrate to where you are somewhere else besides here you can take yourself there."

They both stayed silent for a while, Delia looking down at the floor thinking of what she had said. Aletha had a point, she had changed four articles of clothing and had also thrown Curtis off of her and across the room, so it could be possible that she could transport herself somewhere else but she was starting to feel very tired.

"Look, just concentrate on moving yourself from where you are to over there in the corner." Aletha said pointing to the corner she had meant.

Delia said nervously, "Alright, I'll try." She concentrated on moving herself to the corner she was looking at across the room, nothing happened.

"Are you really trying?" Aletha asked.

"Yes, every other time I have done anything I have either really didn't want to wear it, wanted to see if it was me that did it, or felt in danger so I don't know if something has to happen first or not." Delia tried to explain to her, "Or it may be that I'm just tired."

"Alright, I guess we will have to practice on getting you ready to get out of here, I have to go Curtis is calling me, try and get some rest. I'll try and warn you if he comes for you, though I don't think he will just yet. I think he's still embarrassed from you over powering him." Aletha said laughing, she hugged her bye and then left.

Delia looked around to see what was all in the room. It was very gloomy in there, there was only one lamp and it was very little and hardly put any light out what so ever. There seemed to be no windows, and there was only one small table with two worn chairs that the lamp sat on. Besides those pieces of furniture and the bed she was sitting on the room was empty.

Delia found herself thinking of Damon. She wondered where he was and what he was doing. She closed her eyes and leaned back picturing him in her mind she called out to him. She waited a few minutes before she gave up. She then got up, slid her shoes off, pulled the blanket back onto the bed and crawled into the center of it.

She touched her neck and felt the necklace that had once belonged to her mother. She reached behind her neck and unclasped it. She laid it in her lap and looked over it. She hadn't really had a chance to when she had first received it from her father. There seemed something about it, but she just couldn't place what it was. She was in deep thought when she heard her name being called.

"Yes, who is it?" She asked looking up from what had held her attention.

"It's me," Damon's voice came, "Did you try calling me a little while ago?"

"Yes, just a few minutes ago in fact, but you didn't answer so I stopped trying to reach you." she said starting to smile.

"Is everything alright Delia?" he asked starting to get worried.

"Yes," she said slowly, "There's something going on with me and I'm not sure what, it's came in handy though."

"All right, tell me what has happened and I'll try to help, I just wish I was there with you to make sure nothing happens to you." he said calmly.

"Alright, well to start off," she started, "right after we talked while I was bathing, before Aletha came back she said she was getting me something to wear but the clothing she brought was, well, it wasn't suitable."

She paused for a moment giving Damon time to ask, " What do you mean not suitable?" wonder in his voice.

Delia laughed a little, "Well, you see, she brought back a dress, but the thing about it was it was black lace, pure black lace, so you could see straight threw it. Not to mention that there were slits that came half way up either side of the dress." she explained to him.

"What," Damon's voice went up, "please tell me that you are not wearing that around them." Anger and jealousy filled his voice.

"No," She said wondering why he had gotten so upset over telling him what the dress had looked like, "I'm in a black and metallic purple corset and matching pants."

"A corset, that's not much better than the dress," he said, "Anyway, how did you come by the corset and pants?"

"Well, you see, I really didn't want to where the dress so I picked it up and was looking at it, a pitcher formed in my head of a corset and pants, and poof, they started changing in my hands. I freaked out and threw them onto the rock that the dress had been laying on. Aletha and I both wanted to know if I was the one that had changed them so I ended up changing hers in to something similar by placing my hands on to her shoulders." She explained to him trying not to sound too frantic.

She paused wondering whether or not to tell him about Curtis and decided to, "Hey Damon, what would you do if Curtis or Eric tried to do anything to me?"

"Why?" he asked slowly.

"Just wondering, that's all." she responded.

"Well, let's just say they would be safe until I found where they have you and then I would go after them, after that you don't need to know what I would do." He told her trying to keep his mind clear that nothing had happened to her.

"OK," She hesitated for a moment, "The reason I asked was that after I got dressed I was taken to Curtis's room. Needless to say, he wasn't too pleased when I wasn't in the dress. He got mad and ended up throwing me on the bed and getting on top of me." Delia paused for a moment, feeling the hatred and anger coming from Damon even though he wasn't there. "He didn't get a chance to do anything though," she told him leaving out the part of Curtis telling her what he was going to do to her, "He had made me so angry that somehow I had thrown him off of me and halfway across the room, throwing him into the wall and he dropped to the floor."

"Serves him right, that son of a bitch, has anything else happened to you?" he asked heated.

"Aletha is helping me escape." she said in a little happier tone.

Damon stayed silent.

"What's wrong?" Delia asked.

"My sister is trying to help you after helping kidnap you?" he asked skeptically.

"Yes." Delia told him.

"I don't believe her." he paused for a moment," I wish I were there with you." He said then went silent.

Delia stayed silent for a while then said, "I won't lie, I wish you were here also. I don't like being alone here, I want someone to be here with me." she told him.

Damon stayed silent for a little longer then spoke up, "How badly?" he asked her.

"Why?" It took a while for her to answer him.

"Would you want to try to get me there?" He took his time as he spoke.

She hesitated before she told him her answer, "As long as you don't stair at me with those eyes of yours." Her tone was low as she remembered how she had felt looking from the window and when they had danced.

"Do you have a problem with my eyes?" he asked her, sounding upset over this fact.

"No," she said, heat flooded her face, "Not exactly."

"What do you mean, you either do or you don't" he asked sounding confused.

"I..." she paused, "There's something about them, I'm not sure what..." she paused knowing that she did know, "there mesmerizing."

He was shocked and silent for a long time, "Do you really think so?"

"Do you doubt me, I am a princess therefore you should take my word." she wondered why he would doubt her.

"I just don't see why you would think so," he paused then spoke back up, "so do you want to try and get me there?"

"I can try, I won't promise anything," she told him, "so it might take a minute or two."

"Alright I won't be impatient." he told her.

"Alright, here goes nothing," she closed her eyes, lay back, and pictured Damon. His tall figure, black hair with his red streaks, and his amber eyes that mesmerized her every time she saw them filled her imagination. Then she saw him holding her, she liked that and wished it would happen.

She suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder and opened her eyes. Leaning over her was the amber eyes she had imagined, their eyes locked. She lay there, on her back with him inches away from her. As she lay there looking at him her breath started coming faster.

He smiled at her then rose from over top of her. She rose to a sitting position and looked toward him, his back toward her, "you can sit down ya know."

"But you didn't want me to look at you, remember." he told her.

"I...I know, but you can still sit down." she told him watching his back.

Slowly he turned and looked to her nodded and sat down beside her. "Please tell me, how is my father?" she asked looking at the floor, twirling her thumbs.

"He is worried over you, like any father would be over their daughter." he sighed looking down at his feet.

"Is there anything protecting your room, something to keep anyone unwanted out?" he asked her looking around the room.

"Not to my knowledge." she told him still twirling her thumbs.

"Alright, if I stay here I will place one on your door for you." he told her. He stood back up and walked over to the door, then looked back over to her, "Come here."

She looked at him questionably then stood up and walked over next to him. "I will have to teach you." he told her, then placed a hand on her shoulder, "you'll have to stand in front of me for this to work."

She nodded and placed herself in front of him, "Place me where you want me."

He smiled to himself as he responded to her, "Alright," he pulled her closer to his chest and put his hands on her shoulders, "place your hands on the door."

She did as she was told. "Alright, you need to concentrate on not letting anyone in this room." He moved his arms to where he had her in a type of hug.

Delia's cheek became flushed as he placed his arms around her. She closed her eyes as she did what he had told her to do. A few minutes later she felt something escape from her. After that she let her hands fall to her side, trying to keep herself standing. "That didn't take as long as I thought it would." Damon said still holding her.

All of a sudden Delia got light headed and started swaying and her legs buckled. As she fell to the floor Damon caught her. Holding Delia in his arms, he walked back over to the bed and laid her down and covered her. He then proceeded to walk to the other side and removed his shoes and then crawled into the bed himself and curled next to Delia as she slept.


Delia looked around to where she found herself. She stood beside a small stream with what she thought was a rather cute medium sized hut close by. A large flower and herb garden grew to the side and out behind a hut. She looked around and saw numerous different trees growing, many of which she had never seen before.

She started walking toward the hut. It was made of wood and the roof was of straw. She saw no windows, but smoke caught her attention coming from a chimney. She reached the door and went to knock but as her hand came to the door, it opened. She looked inside, in one of the corners there was what looked like alchemist tools and items.

A low voice came, "I've been waiting for you, watching for a while. Do not fear me Delia, for I am a friend."

Delia stepped into the hut slowly and looked to where the voice was coming from. A black cloaked figure sat at a table, his head cloaked but could tell it was looking downward. He held a cup made of onyx, his cloak did not reveal any hint who might be under it. He moved his right arm, the fabric half way to the ground. A chair moved out a little from the table toward her. "Have a cup of tea with me."

Delia paused for a moment before walking over and sat down in the chair and scouted it toward the table. She then noticed another onyx cup in front of her. She picked up the glass in both of her hands and looked at it. Dark liquid mirrored her face briefly, then brought it to her mouth, took a sip, and placed it back on the table.

Delia looked over to the mysterious figure as he looked up to her. Two pure yellow eyes looked out at her, the face cloaked in darkness. Delia looked at the eyes wondering where she was, seeing only the yellow eyes made her remember seeing Damon and Aletha for the first time. She remembered how she had felt then, but she felt different this time. Aletha had made her paranoid in a way, Damon's had calmed her, these she couldn't exactly tell at the moment, there were too many different emotions going threw her as she looked at this mysterious person.

"Don't worry young one, I am neither Aletha nor Damon. And to answer your question about where you are, you are dreaming. I am in another place, I have entered your dream to contact you. I wish to bestow a gift to you." The robed person said as he took a sip out of his cup.

Delia noticed that she could not see any part of the figure other than his eyes, even though the cloth of his robe moved. "I...," she paused not really sure what to say, "What kind of gift?" she asked before taking another sip of her drink.

The cloaked figure raised his arms to expose his hands. They resembled human hands, except they were covered in black dragon scales. He rose from the table and proceeded over to a table and retrieved a small chest. The chest was pure black with a silver dragons head incrusted on it. He walked back over to where Delia sat and placed it in front of her, he opened it. A silver bracelet lay on black silk.

Delia looked at the cloaked person before retrieving the bracelet. The silver band hooked in the back, in the front was a citrine circular stone with the same dragons head crest as was on the box under the stone. She looked back to the cloaked figure, "Why me?"

"You will find out in due time." he told her as he went and sat back down. "I will tell you this though, that is not a normal bracelet. Put it on and you will find out what it does."

Delia kept looking at the bracelet and as he finished speaking, she placed it on her right wrist. As she went to hook the backside it hooked itself, she looked at it bewildered. "My name is Gix, for I am a present from my master. There are two things that you can do with me, and one thing I can do for you." Delia heard in her mind and knew it was the bracelet talking to her, "First thing, you will be able to detect magic and if you ask nicely I might tell you what it is. Second, any time you want to, you and you alone can contact my master, the one across the table from you. Those are the two things you can do with me. The one I can do for you, make sure nothing can be taken off of you unless you have given permission." Delia sat there speechless for a moment, thinking over what she had just been told, "Oh by the way, besides my master, you are the only one who can hear me."

Delia sat looking at the bracelet, "OK, first," she started still taking all that had happened so far in, she looked to the cloaked figure, "May I know a name? Seeing as you already know mine I don't have to tell you," she looked back at the bracelet, "Two, how can you do these things that you say you can do?"

"I was created by my master, he is the oldest being that I know" Gix spoke up, "as long as I am on your wrist I bestow these powers to you, and as long as I am on your wrist, I will protect your possessions for I am part dragon and I love possessions." the bracelet spoke in her head.

A few minutes passed when the cloaked figure spoke up, "you can call me Drake for now, you will learn my real name in due time. I will keep an eye on you to see how you are doing from time to time, so if you see my eyes do not freak out when you see them."

"Alright, at least I got a name out of you," she paused thinking before she spoke, "I don't mean to sound rude if I have been, but as you had said, this is a dream. Therefore this won't have happened when I wake," she paused thinking to herself, 'I don't know Delia, look what has happened to you in the last day. Strangers peeping in on you, you learning you can change and move stuff, who's to say this wont cross over to the real world,' "alright never mind, what am I to tell people that I may be traveling with if I get in a trance or something whenever I do see your eyes." she looked at him again, "and how am I to explain this?" she asked raising her wrist after a moment.

"To answer your questions, when you do see me I will make sure that you are alone. And the bracelet, just say that you woke with it on you and you can't get it off, and by the way when you wake up, it will be on your wrist." he said as he took another sip of his drink.

"Alright, why alone when I see you?" she asked still looking at him, "and Damon will know something is up. He helped put a barrier around the room, plus he is in the room so he would know if anyone came in." She finally looked away and grabbed her drink and took a sip.

"His magic is nothing to mine, his magic to mine is very simple and as for the alone thing, no one else needs to know about me for I have stayed hidden for a long time. There are legends and myths about me." he looked at her as he answered her questions.

"Alright then, if you have stayed hidden for so long why come out now? Why am I so important?" Delia asked staring into her drink.

"I find you interesting, that, and I have always liked your kind and I'm not talking about humans either. You will find out what I am speaking of in due time." he just sat there as he spoke. The cloak unnaturally still.

Delia gave him a weird look as he specified 'not human'. "Alright then, what else would I be, and I am a princess so a lot of people find me interesting, at least somewhat anyway."

Drake rose from his chair and walked over to her placing his right hand over the bracelet. "I bestow one other ability on you Gix," Drakes hand started to glow as he looked to Delia, "I must leave you now, but I will see you soon. When you leave this hut you will awake from your sleep, but before you leave this hut grab the bottle that is sitting on the table over there with the hand Gix is on." and with that he vanished.

"Hey wait a minute, I wasn't finished asking questions Drake!" she yelled as she stood up, "Humph, o well, I guess I'll have to try and remember them next time, if there is a next time" She shook her head and looked over to where he had said the bottle was and walked over to it, she reached out, hesitated, then grabbed it, it disappeared with a pop.

Delia took a step backwards and looked around, "What the..."

"I have it." Gix spoke up, "I now can carry and store things that can fit in your hand. The bottle that you picked up is meant for emergencies, I presume you know what a fire ball is?"

"Of course, what does that matter though?" Delia responded not seeing what a fireball had anything do with the conversation. "That is what is in the bottle so if you ever need a fire ball, just throw the bottle far away because this is not a normal fire ball. My master created it, there for it is huge. It could destroy your whole castle." Gix told her.

Delia stayed speechless for a bit, "Yeah, need to work on my throwing, A LOT, before I use that."

"Not necessarily, master created it for you so it won't hurt you." Gix popped in.

"Alright, that makes me feel a lot better," she paused and laughed slightly, "just have to make sure no one I don't want to hurt is in the area." Delia walked back over to the table she had been sitting at and took another sip of her drink. She looked around the hut again and walked outside.


Delia woke with arms around her. When she remembered everything about the party; the kidnapping, becoming friends with one of the ones who kidnapped her, Damon and getting him here, closing the room off, and passing out she just about jumped out of the bed. "I bet I passed out from over exerting myself." Delia said to under her breath. There really hadn't been a lot of time since she had brought him here and shut off the room, so it had to be it. She lay there until she felt him start moving, "You awake?"

"Hmmmm." it was a low mummer. He scouted over closer to her and held on tighter to her for a while then loosened slightly. Delia could hear him breathing, it was calming and very peaceful. She turned to face him without moving his arms off her and looked at his face, his hair partially in it. She took her left hand and moved the strands that had fallen in his front of his face gently. She laid her hand back on her hip and closed her eyes. She lay there and tried to fall back asleep, but found that she was wide-awake.

She was thinking of her father when she felt as if someone was watching her, she opened her eyes and found Damon looking at her. Damon yawned and smiled at her, "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes," she looked away from his eyes, "I didn't mean to pass out on you like that."

"It's alright, it took a lot out of you to bring me here and not soon after that did you seal the room off." he told her gentility. Something in her mind clicked, bringing back the weird dream she had during the night. The many tree's, the stream, the hut, the cloaked figure who's said he was called Drake, the black box, and the bracelet.

When she thought of the bracelet she rose up and looked at her right wrist, and there as in the dream was the bracelet, "Good morning M'lady"

Delia looked at it and spoke in her mind, 'Gix?' she sounded unsure.

'No, it's Jeffery. Yes, it is Gix, who else would it be?' the bracelet responded in her mind.

Delia just looked at it dumbfounded, her arm laying on her lap she raised it up to examine it a little closer, Damon spoke up. "I don't remember you wearing that last night, I would remember such an excised piece as that, where did you get it?" he said starting to lean over and look at it.

"Umm..." she paused and spoke to Gix, 'what do I tell him?' she still sounded a little freaked out.

'It doesn't matter to me, though he best not touch me or any of your items, THEY ARE MINE, so to speak.' she heard in her head.

Delia jerked her arm away right as Damon was reaching for it, she wasn't sure what would happen but she sure didn't want to find out. "It was given to me."

Damon looked at her, confusion on his face "I just wanted to look at it."

"You can look but you can't touch." she told him hoping he wouldn't ask why.

"Why not" he asked the moment she had closed her mouth.

'Alright Gix, what will happen?' she asked in her mind.

'Let him touch me and find out, I won't hurt him that bad.' he replied to her.

She looked to Damon, "Ummm, I'm not really sure what will happen," Damon gave her a 'yea alright' look "I'm telling you the truth, I just know that something will happen."

Damon looked at her a moment more before reaching out and heard Delia tell him, "I warned you." As soon as his fingers touched Gix, Delia could hear Gix laughing and Damon lit up like a Christmas tree and was shot across the room by a lightning bolt.

Delia looked stunned as she watched what had just happened and looked down at Gix, "Will you do that to every one?"

'No, not every one. I just wanted to have fun, plus he wouldn't listen. I could have fired him to a crisp. I just gave him a little jolt.' it replied to her.

"Why are you talking to it?" Damon asked from across the room still lying where he had landed. His voice came in short gasps.

Delia looked away from Gix to Damon, "Because he talks to me, and I can to him."

Damon tried to laugh and stopped, "So it has a gender." He slowly got up and walked back over to the bed.

"I told you not to touch it didn't I" Delia told him "

Yeah." he mumbled under his breath. "You never told me who or where you got it from."

"What does it matter, I have it now and that is all that counts." Delia said not really wanting to talk about what had happened in her dream.

"Alright, fine." he looked to her and she lay back against the bed and he curled back up beside her.

"You're not afraid of getting zapped again?" She asked as she looked over to him.

"I'll take my chances." he told her settling himself in the covers. Delia looked at him, smiled, and then cuddled in as close to him as she could. Damon put his arms around her and tightened his grip on her, hesitated then asked, "Delia, do you think we should be doing this. Lying next to each other like this, me holding you, you letting me?"

She sighed before saying, "Probably not," she looked at him, "But to tell you the truth, I don't really care anymore. I'm tired of trying to tell father anything."

Damon smiled at her, "You don't care?"

"Should I?" she replied, "Can you blame me if I feel safe at the moment?"

"Ahh, but we can't stay here forever," he told her, "But I promise you, you will be safe as long as I am here."

Delia knew she could protect herself, especially now that she had Gix, she had done so by herself on her own when Curtis had tried to get her. She didn't want to move, she wanted to stay here with his arms around her but she knew nothing could come of them for her father would never allow them to be.

"I know I will be safe," Delia started then stopped.

Aletha's voice popped into her head, "Delia, Curtis is on his way and he will be there shortly, try to get out of there." Aletha sounded desperate.

Delia shot up, knocking Damon arms off her. She got up out of the bed and started putting her shoes on.

Damon spoke up, "Did I say something?" Delia felt the bed move as he sat up.

"It's not you," she said turning to him, "Curtis is coming."

"How do you know?" he asked doing the same thing she was.

"Aletha told me." she told him.

"Aletha, so she really is trying to help you escape." he sounded surprised. He stood up and came around to her.

"I don't know if I can move both of us at the same time or not, and if by some chance that I do I will probably pass out again." she said looking at him.

"It will be alright, if you do pass out I will catch you and keep you safe with me. If you can only get one of us out of here, get yourself somewhere safe, leave me behind. I will be fine and we will meet up again soon." he told her as he finished putting his shoes on.

Delia nodded, "Give me your hand."

Damon slipped his hand threw hers. As soon as they had, the pounding on the door started and Curtis's voice came, "YOU WILL LET ME IN!"

Delia leaned her head on Damon's shoulder, concentrating on taking them both away from there. She looked at the door as it came crashing down.

Curtis saw the two of them as a bright flash of light swept over them and he knew they had gone. "AHH" Curtis screamed, turned around out of the doorway, and went back down the corridor he had come though he did not go back to his room.

A few minutes had passed when he came to a door. He knocked loudly but did not give whoever was in the room enough time to answer the door before he kicked in down. Aletha was sitting on a bed, Eric was in the room also, and both were looking at him.

"WHERE DID THEY GO?" Curtis yelled at Aletha.

"What do you mean?" they both asked, Aletha playing dumb.

"Your sibling was here, now they are both gone," he told them pointing to Aletha, "They had some kind of barrier on the room and when I finally broke the door down they teleported out of there." He walked over and got Aletha by the throat.

"I didn't know anything of Damon being here." she tried to reply truthfully.

Curtis brought his other hand up and smacked her hard enough to leave his hand print, "Do not lie to me. I know you had something to do with him coming. Do not expect me to forget the bond that you two share."

Eric just sat there finding the two of them amusing.

"Where did they go?" he asked again.

"I don't know." Aletha told him, her hands at his trying to pry his away for oxygen to pass into her lungs.

"Sure you don't," Curtis said mockingly," that is why since we brought her back you have been nothing but near her, that's why your outfit just about matches hers perfectly."

Aletha went silent still looking at him. She really didn't know where they had went, or that her brother had been here, or how he had gotten here, "I don't know where she is, or how Damon got here. You yourself know that we no longer get along so why would you think I would help him?" she retorted.

Curtis went silent for a while then, letting her go he turned to Eric, "put her in 'the' room" and he walked away.

"Curtis, you can't put me in there." she yelled.

"Oh, but he can." Eric told her as he came forward.

"Please, don't do this Eric." she pleaded as tears rolled from the rim of her eyes down her cheeks.

"Ha," Eric laughed," do you really think I would choose you over him?" he came to a halt, "all you ever were to me was something to occupy and relieve myself."

Aletha slapped him hard across the face, the smile that had been their disappeared. "Don't you dare do anything like that again." he told her yanking her head backward by the hair. "I think though I will have one last good time before you are taken." and he threw her on the bed.

Aletha tried to get up but Eric pushed her back down with one hand while unzipping his pants with the other. Eric slid his pants to the floor and went for Aletha's pants. Aletha kicked hard and true. As Eric doubled over Aletha jumped and ran.

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