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Damon woke before Delia. She was lying on her side facing him and he was cuddled in as close as he could get to her with his arms around her. He tightened his grip slightly. Delia went to turn and Damon moved the arm that was over her. Delia now lay on her back. One of her hands was on her stomach and her other gone beside her head.

Damon shifted and leaned onto his arm and moved some of Delia's hair that had fallen in front of her face. He looked at her for a long time, just watching her sleep, and then he lightly brushed his lips against hers. Delia responded to his kiss. Her eyes slowly opened and she looked at him. "Good morning," Damon smiled, "Did you sleep well?"

Delia covered her mouth as she yawned. "Yes, I would have to say it's the best I have slept in a while." She stretched her arms over her head and arched her back.

"Good, I'm glad," Damon told her, "We shall have to get going."

Delia looked at him, "I know," she paused, "I just don't want to go back just yet, though I know I need to."

"We can take our time and travel the road instead of using either of our powers and teleporting there." He told her still laying beside her, "Besides, it may be kind of relaxing."

"You mean as long as the duo doesn't show up and cause trouble?" Delia asked him.

"Well, yeah, as long as they don't show their faces it will be relaxing." Damon agreed with her.

Delia watched him lying beside her on the bed then sat up. She grabbed the brush and brushed her hair quickly. As she brushed her hair, Damon got up and walked over to the entrance of the cave and looked out, "We will have to be on our guard. It will take too much out of us to keep putting protection around us as we move."

"I had guessed that." Delia said standing. She looked down at her dress and decided it would do for now and walked over to him, "Any idea how far McFarland castle is?"

"I would say ten to twelve days walk if nothing stops us while we travel, why?" Damon asked looking over at her.

"I was wondering, like I said last night. I really don't want to go back, though I do. I have a few words to say to father, that and then he can finish telling me about mother." She looked back at him.

"Oh that reminds me, where is your mother's necklace?" He asked after looking at her neck and noticing it wasn't on her.

Delia looked over to the bed and walked to the far edge, leaned over, and picked it up off the fur.

"Your father said to always wear it, it's an amulet so it will increase your power when you have it on, yet hid the aura of your power." He told her walking over to her. "Pull your hair back and I'll put it on you."

She handed him the necklace and did as she was told. She pulled her hair over her left shoulder and held it there. Damon brought the necklace over her head and pulled the one end through the opening under her hand. When he had it fastened he lightly trailed a finger down her neck and then brought his head down and kissed her.

Delia jumped and yelped as soon as his lips were on her neck.

"What?" He asked surprised and looked at her.

"What did you do?" She asked as she turned toward him, her pupils were larger than normal.

"I just kissed your neck" He said looking at her.

"Oh," She paused then touched the necklace where it hung and then looked at him again, her face was red "I guess we better get moving then."

"Yeah, if you are ready." He said looking at her.

Delia nodded and headed back toward the entrance then stopped, "Hold on, I want to see if Aletha is alright before we start." She closed her eyes. 'Aletha, are you awake or still asleep?'

A few minutes passed when the familiar voice rang threw out her head. 'Delia?' Aletha sounded very, very tired.

"Yes, it's me, is everything alright?" Delia sounded worried.

'Yes, everything is fine. I just haven't been to sleep as of yet.' Aletha told her.

'Why not' Delia wondered.

'I've been talking to an old friend, tell Damon that Theresia is doing well and that she wants to meet you so have him bring you by here. I will be gone when you get here, she will explain. Be careful alright.' Aletha told her sounding more exhausted as she spoke.

'Alright I'll tell him, we will be careful and you get some rest.' Delia told her.

'I am on my way to my room. I'll talk to you some more when I wake.' And she was gone.

Delia opened her eyes and looked at Damon. "Aletha said a person named Theresia says hello and she wants you to bring me to meet her. Aletha hasn't gotten any sleep so she is going to bed and that was about it."

"Theresia, I hadn't thought of going to her for answers. That will also delay us from going back to McFarland right away." Damon told her "We will have to walk a least half of the way, she has a protection spell up, a very large protection spell," He looked at her, "ready?"

"I suppose, but who is she?" She asked.

"Well to put it simply, she is our aunt, our mothers sister. But she is more of an adoptive mother, has been since our real mother left us and was very good friends with your mother. She is half human but she does magic, I am sure you have heard of witches." He tried to explain to her.

"Yes but then again, father said they were bad like demons so therefore I suppose I should not take what he said to be the truth." She said looking at him.

"Not exactly, Eric and Curtis are witches to some extent, so therefore your father would have been right. Theresia is the opposite, she is what you would call a good witch, she does not harm others unless she sees it fit." Damon told her.

Delia nodded, "alright, so some are bad and others aren't, right?" She asked.

"Kind of, all witches use magic. It just depends on what they use it for." He said.

"OK, where is she located?" Delia asked, wanting to meet her a little more now, especially knowing she knew her mother.

Damon smiled, "Ever heard of Hopes Ridge?"

Delia went silent for a moment, "You're not talking about the forest that is haunted and anyone who enters never returns?" She asked, her face had fallen.

"Yeah, that's the one. Though it's nothing like what you just described. It's a regular forest. it's just a bit gloomy from where she had the protection spell around her home." He took her hand and headed out of the cave.

"OK, how far into the forest is her house?" she asked stepping carefully down the path.

"About half a day's journey after you get to the entrance of the forest. The forest is, I would say three or four days away in the opposite direction from McFarland." He let go of her hand, jumped down from the ledge, and turned around and held his arms out for her. He looked at her and from his viewpoint he could almost see all the way up the skirt of her dress. His face went red and he turned his face downward.

Delia bent down, sat down, and scooted off the ledge. The skirt of her dress got caught on something and came halfway up her thigh. As soon as her feet touched the ground, her hands flew to the skirt of her dress and pulled it down. Her face crimson.

Damon smiled at her, took her hand again and started back down the path. "Don't worry, I wasn't looking"

Delia looked at him as they walked, "if I had known that was going to happen I would have changed before we left." She placed a hand on her hip and in seconds she was wearing a corset and pants. The corset had material that came up over her shoulders but no sleeves and was a dark gray color. The pants were black and she wore black boots with them.

Damon looked behind him at her when he heard, what was becoming familiar, the light cracking sound when she changed things. "The dress looked better."

She looked at him, still holding his hand, "I figure it will be easier traveling not in a dress, where something like that wont happen again." she paused feeling heat start to stain her cheeks again. "You said it would take three days to get there if we walked?"

"Yes, if we walk the whole way. If we were to use either of our powers to teleport we would be at the edge of the forest in seconds. Then half a day's walk to her house, no teleporting in the forest." He looked at her, "Why, not wanting to walk the whole way?" He asked, looking over at her.

She jerked her hand out of his, "Did you hear that?"

Damon looked at her, he wasn't sure why she had jerked her hand from his.

They stayed quiet for a minute or two listening when they heard a female scream.

"Stay here," Damon told her but before he could finish what he had been saying she was running past him, "Delia," He yelled after her taking pursuit.

Delia followed the screams about a quarter of a mile when suddenly she stopped coming on a woman's body.

Damon came up behind her and looked at the unconscious female, "I'll see if I can find who or what has done this, I'll be back. Be on the lookout, whatever done this may still be near." He turned and started to run the other way.

"Be careful." Delia yelled after him, he kept going not saying anything in reply.

Delia bent down on her knees, felt the women for a pulse, it was very faint. The female was completely unclothed, her breasts had been bruised very badly, there were cuts all over her, and it looked to be that her eyes were starting to swell. She looked down to her legs and where they met the hair there held blood, lots of it.

Delia turned to see if she could find any sign of Damon, but to no avail. She looked back to the girl, she looked no older than she did herself. Delia put her hands on the girl's shoulders and closed her eyes. She could feel energy coming from her, a purple and gold aura glowed around her hands and into the girl. A short time later the girl started to move.

Delia removed her hands and a few seconds later the girl opened her eyes. The women looked at her after adjusting her eyes. They were brown, her hair was very dirty, leaves, and dirt throughout it. Though you could tell she was blond as were many of the people Delia had seen in her kingdom. She was also pale in color, dirt smeared all over her.

"How are you feeling?" Delia asked helping her sit up.

"I don't know, I remember I was being chased and something hit me on the head, after that I don't remember anything." The female said.

"Alright, first we need to get you some clothes, what is your favorite color?" Delia asked. "I guess green or blue," the women said, "why?"

"You'll see, OK, would you rather have a dress or something like I have on? And by the way, my name is Delia and there is a guy traveling with me, he went to find what had done this to you, his name is Damon." She introduced herself.

"I am Serenity, and I would prefer something in between pants and a dress. You know a dress with high slits on both sides and pants under them." Serenity described to her.

Delia nodded, tore a piece of fabric from the leg of her pants as she had done for Aletha and closed her eyes. A moment later a cracking sound echoed and she was holding an emerald green silk sleeveless dress with slits down both sides. It had white trim and white pants with emerald green strips down the sides.

Serenity looked from Delia to the clothing she held in her hands and looked back to her speechless, tears formed in her eyes. "I...I...Thank you." She said as Delia handed them over nodding. Shortly she was in them and they fit her perfectly.

Delia had placed her hand on the ground and had formed a brush as she had been getting dressed and handed it to her when she was done. After serenity was done they sat there waiting for Damon.

Serenity's attention went from Delia to behind her and her jaw dropped, "Wow, he's... Wow." was all she could manage.

Delia looked behind her then turned to Serenity, "That's Damon. You could say he is kind of my protector at the moment." She said then stood and walked toward him. "Did you find anyone?"

"No." He kept his answer short and simple without looking at her, his attention on Serenity.

Delia looked at him, "Damon?"

He glared at her, no emotion could be seen on his face.

"Hello." Serenity said walking over to Delia's side.

"So you got her back to health and clothed." He said looking at serenity.

"Damon..." Delia said not understanding what was going on. She looked at him, her head tilted a little, 'What's wrong?' She asked in his mind.

"Shall we get going your highness?" he asked, not replying to her question.

"Highness, what does he mean by that?" Serenity asked looking between the two.

Delia stared angrily at Damon before she turned to serenity, "I am Princess Delia Alisia Burdett, hair to the throne of McFarland." As soon as that came from Delia's mouth, Serenity's jaw dropped and she hit the ground on her knees. "Please, don't do that." Delia told her.

"But," She said as she looked toward Delia.

"No butt's, I don't want to be treated like I am better than anyone else," she looked to Damon and said under her breath so Serenity couldn't hear, "and I want to make my own choices to who I tell my identity."

"Alright, where do you want to go then?" He asked, his tone never changing.

"Aren't we going to see Theresia?" Delia asked still wondering what was going on with him.

He looked at her finally. His eyes no longer genital and comforting, they pierced her. Delia looked at him for a moment confused. Serenity kept looking back and forth between them. She couldn't figure out what was going on. Delia started to get angry and felt as if she were going to start crying out of frustration.

She turned from Damon and looked out over the scenery to clear her face where he wouldn't see then she turned to serenity, "Would you like to come with us?"

"I...only until we reach my village." She told them, "It's not too far from here, a day's journey if that."

"Alright then, let's go." Damon said in a much lighter tone as he spoke to serenity and smiled at her. He looked back to Delia, but she ignored him. Serenity walked kind of in-between the two the best she could, Delia stayed behind them.

"Where is it that the two of you are heading?" Serenity asked as she tried not to look at either of them.

"Hopes Ridge" They both said.

Serenity's jaw dropped and she looked at Damon, "You're kidding."

"No, were not." Damon told her "A friend of mine wants to meet the princess." He said with a hint of sarcasm.

"But the only ones that can go in unharmed are demons and such." she paused as she looked at him, "Anyone else who dare enter never returns. You may be able to return if you have been there before, but you princess," she looked toward Delia, "There is no way that you could make it out, even if big bad" she paused saying under her breath" and not to mention cute," she said aloud again, "Damon is protecting you."

"Believe me, she doesn't need protecting." Damon told her, not giving a thought to what he said.

"What do you mean?" Serenity asked slowly looking to her.

'Damon, watch what you say!' Delia said to him telepathically in a strict tone.

"Well, let's just say I'm good at protecting myself," Delia said still glaring at the back of Damon's head, "Damon and his sister filled me in on my mother, their a lot alike. She was quite capable of protecting herself as well."

Serenity stopped dead in her tracks and turned to look at Delia, "your not talking about not being completely human, are you?"

"You don't go around tell someone that you have demon or anything else in you, that's how you get killed, and don't go around and tell people that you're traveling with one either. You'll get me killed and Aletha if she were here, that should be our decision to tell." He turned and barked at Delia.

"Well first off," she yelled at Damon stopping, her eyes becoming amethyst in her rage, "Take your own advice, you gave away who I am, remember? Second," she yelled getting louder and stepped toward him while pointing at him, her face getting red and she started to have a purple aura around her mixed with gold, "Don't..." she didn't get to finish.

Damon burst out laughing and she reached out and smacked him, "what is so funny?"

He pointed at her, still laughing after getting smacked, her hand print still on his face," You look just like your mother," He finally said after he stopped laughing. "That's how she looked when she would get aggravated."

Delia was silent for a moment, calming down her eyes came back to normal and her glow stopped. "Look, I'm sorry, but how do you think I felt after thinking or rather believing I was human for twenty years?" She looked at serenity having forgotten briefly she was there. "I'm sorry about that."

"So you didn't know what you are?" Serenity asked confused.

"Right, apparently my mother, which father would never talk about, was a full demon." She told her, "Let walk as we talk, Curtis and Eric will find us if we stay in one place without a barrier.

"Your father didn't tell you what your mother was?" Serenity asked as she looked at Delia.

Delia nodded.

"How did the two of you meet?" Serenity asked next, and looked from Delia to Damon.

"Long story short, we met at my twentieth birthday party, he was watching over me, my fiance womb I despised, and a former crush. Of his, she is his," she pointed to Damon, "sister. She helped kidnapped me. After that I started doing weird things."

She saw a questionable look on Serenity's face. Delia looked from serenity to Damon and saw he was looking at some nearby tree's.

She looked back at serenity, "Alright, the weird things I was doing was I could change things, like clothing like you seen me do for you. The guy I had had the crush on, let's just say I threw him off of me as he was trying to do something, after that I had brought him," she pointed to the not listening Damon, "to my room, he taught me how to do a barrier, next morning we left as Curtis was breaking in. My kidnappers went after my father and Damon stopped them while I went and freed his sister. We stayed in a cave last night then rescued you after hearing you scream."

"Wow," Serenity said as she looked where Damon was then back to Delia, "I bet it was a lot to take in at once." She paused for a moment, "So you were looking over her at her party?"

"Yeah" He said looking back toward them as they continued walking.

"Ok," she paused looking at him wondering if they were something between them, or if he was just her protector. "So what happened, if you don't mind me asking?" she asked looking back at Delia.

"We'll it was my annual party, have one every year and let me tell you, it gets really old. Only big difference was father announced that Eric and I were to be wed in three months time. Don't think that is going to happen anymore but I am glad, I despised that man." She told her.

"So I suppose your father sent Damon to watch over you, seeing that you might have been in danger?" Serenity asked, trying to word things carefully.

"Damon, this is your part in what has happened. You tell her if you want her to know." Delia said in a little harsher tone, but one you could hardly tell.

Damon looked at her, 'Why should I, You two seem to be quiet friendly toward one another, especially since you told her what we are.' His voice popped in to her head.

Delia looked up and saw Serenity watching him look straight forward, 'You know, you seem to have a fan. Don't know if you have noticed or not, but she seems to like looking at you.'

"Aletha, my twin, and I have a connection and it leaked over to me reviling their plan and I simply came to watch over her, that's it." He said looking at serenity, 'What does it matter if I do have a fan?' then glanced at Delia.

"So you had never met her before?" Serenity asked somewhat confused.

"No." They both said in unison.

"Alright" Serenity looked at them both

"It doesn't matter, but you know what," Delia paused and she changed what she was going to say, "So serenity, where did you say you lived?" and continued to Damon in their minds, 'what has gotten into you today.'

"I live in a very little village. I have a little sister also, a very little sister, only two at the moment. I can't go anywhere without her usually, but I am glad mother made her stay yesterday. I was on my way to my aunts when I was attacked by a guy with black hair that came to his shoulder. I think he had pale skin and blue eyes. Said he needed help with something, though something told me to tell him no."

"Was he about this high?" Delia asked raising her arm so high.

"About that, not much more higher. Why, do you know him?" Serenity asked.

Delia looked at her, "Yes, I do. If it is who I am thinking of it was Curtis."

"One of the ones who kidnapped you?" Serenity asked

"Yes." Delia said looking forward her. Damon looked at her then the same time she looked at him and quickly looked forward again.

They walked most of the day in silence, Serenity kept closer to Damon then she did Delia, and they kept talking of things she didn't much care for. So Delia tuned them out and thought of the one who very rarely popped up, Drake.

She looked at Gix, wondering yet again, why he had chosen her. Yes, she now knew that she was half demon, she knew what he had been talking about when he had said he found her kind interesting but there were more of her kind then just she, 'Hey Gix?'

'What do you want?' his voice popped into her head.

'Any idea when your master is going to pop back up?' she asked him in her mind.

'Don't know, I have already told you what I can do.' he replied to her.

'Alright, any idea why he would choose me out of so many others? I mean come on, there are more out there, a lot more than me. Yeah I know I'm a princess and all, but that's not really very important. He did say there are legends and myths about him.' she asked him.

'He is very choosy on who he picks.' yet again came his voice.

'Alright, that didn't really answer anything. What legends and myths are there about him?' she asked wondering what they would contain.

'Why don't you ask your friend on specific dragon myths and legends?' he said in a cocky voice.

'but there having such a good time talking to each other.' she told him sarcastically.

'And, has it ever stopped you before?' he said plainly

'Yeah, you do have a point.' she said and slightly laughed.

"What did you laugh about?" Damon and Serenity asked looking at her.

"Nothing really" She told them.

"What are you doing, talking to your bracelet again?" Damon said mockingly.

"And if I am?" she said placing her hands on her hips, "Maybe I was wondering something?"

"And what did it say?" Damon asked her.

"It told me to ask you." she said looking at the ground.

Damon looked back at her confused, "About what?"

"You know, about specific myths and legends of dragons." She said looking him in the eye.

He slowed his pace and looked at her concerned, "Why do you want to know?"

"I was just wondering, so do you know any?" She asked him.

"Yes, I know a few of them but there are many." He told her, still watching her.

"Well, can you tell me?" she asked looking him straight in the eye as they stopped walking.

"I don't remember many, but I will tell you of the ones I do." He said looking back at serenity. "Alright, let's see here, you girls want to make camp for the night? I'll tell the stories I know, catch something to eat, and we can get some sleep and start fresh in the morning." he told them.

"That sounds fine to me, though I know my mother and father will be worried about me. I should have been back hours ago." Serenity said to them.

"I don't care, I just want to know what the myths and legends are." Delia told them, "I can make the barrier when we find a spot."

'You won't have to, I'll meet you there.' a familiar voice sounded in her head.

They walked a little ways more till they came to a field on the side of the road. Delia walked away from them and bent down. She laid her palms on the ground and concentrated on concealing the area that they were staying at. Afterward she walked back over to them and sat down.

Damon sat down opposite the two females, "Well, let's see here. It's been a while since I have talked of such, But..." As Damon talked a big roaring fire appeared in the middle of the three of them. Delia looked at Damon and Serenity and noticed her eyes darting around.

Delia looked over the fire to see a human looking figure with silver scales walking towards them. Black full plate armor with skulls on the knees and where the belt would be was worn a skull. It had two curved horns from his chin curving inward. Yellow amber eyes looked at the ground as he silently stepped toward them.

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