Night Light Tales: Babygirl

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Cindy can't sleep.

Submitted: December 28, 2017

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Submitted: December 28, 2017



ext. est. house - night

Typical suburban home. Nicely cut grass, home in tact. Leave it to Beaver sort of feel.

int. bedroom - continuous

We push into the bedroom from a point of view standpoint. A man and woman lay next to each other fast asleep.

A man, late 30's, flip flops, sweating profusely, mumbling gibberish in his sleep.

After what seems like hours watching, we see the man abruptly sit up, breathing heavily like he's having a panic attack.

He looks around the room, appearing he's searching for something. 

He seems disappointed. He lowers his head as he lets out a deep sigh.

The bedroom door cracks open. A long creaking noise shoots from the door being pushed open. There doesn't appear to be anything in sight to do so. 

The man seems confused a bit, anticipating whatever is just around the bend.

REVEAL: a little girl named CINDY, rubbing her eyes clearly sleepy, holds onto the door knob as she opens it.


(SLEEPY) Daddy?

The man is relieved to see his daughter.


Hey baby, what are you doing up?


I couldn't sleep. (SHE WALKS OVER TO HIM)

The man picks her up and sets her gently on his lap.


It's okay baby. Daddy's here. Everything's gonna be okay.

The man begins to rock Cindy back and forth.

Doing so wakes his wife. Her expression appears confused as she wipes her eyes.


Honey, who you talking to?

The man and Cindy lock eyes like they're in trouble.


(BEAT, TO WIFE) Nobody sweetie.

The wife peers over to see his arms positioned like he's holding something, but nothing's there.


The man and Cindy lock eyes, and at the same time shush one another.



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