Sled Ride

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Just a short story about two children and a sled.

Submitted: December 28, 2017

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Submitted: December 28, 2017



The snow-covered mountains glistened in the cool winter air. A strong wind blasted through the tall, strong pine trees that stood, looming over the tiny cottage that sat in the middle of the dense forest. The sun shone brightly in the otherwise empty, blue sky, as a quiet song from a bird somewhere echoed through the woods.

The door of the cottage opened and a small girl with two blonde braids hopped out into the snow. Breathing deeply, she ran to the shed and snuck inside, coming out with a sturdy, wooden sled. She then ran back to the door, opening it quickly and yelling to a boy, who was a little bit bigger than herself, to hurry up.

“I’m coming sis,” he said back to her, “I’m just getting my boots on.” The girl went back to the sled and plopped into it. Her brother came out a minute later, fully dressed in his outdoor clothes.

“You forgot your hat.” He teasingly scolded. She stuck her tongue out at him at him before snatching the hat from his outstretched arm and shoving it into her pocket. He grabbed the sled’s rope and slowly they began their trek up the mountain.

“I’m tired!” The little girl whined after ten minutes of walking. “My feet hurt and my head is cold!” Her brother rolled his eyes and pushed her shoulder a little bit.

“Maybe you should put your hat on.” He suggested. She groaned and reluctantly dug her hat out from her pocket and stuck it on her head.

“Can you pull me for a little bit?” She asked, her feet tired from the long hike up the mountain.

“Alright, get in.” He sighed, “But only if you pull me after.” She grumbled and kept walking.

“You know I can’t pull you!” She growled, “You are way too big!” He laughed at her unhappiness and she ran ahead of him and hid behind a big tree.

“What are you doing?” He laughed at her, “ Come out from there before I…” Before he could finish, his sister popped out from behind the tree and threw a huge ball of snow at his stomach.

“Haha!” She laughed at his shocked face, “I got you!” She giggled and started running up the mountain. Brushing himself off, he stood up and started laughing. He ran after her, reaching down to grab snow on the way.

They ran the rest of the way up the mountain, laughing and throwing snow at each other until their cheeks turned pink and their noses turned red. By the time they reached the top, they were out of breath and tired from running.

“Alright,” The boy said after they had rested for a bit, “We should go down soon.” The girl sighed but still nodded yes. They grabbed their toboggan, and set it down on a relatively flat piece of ground.

“Can I steer this time?” The girl asked the boy with her big, begging eyes.

“Mom said you were too young to steer it.” He replied, “But at least you get to sit up front!” She smiled and jumped on the sled. The boy grabbed the edge of the sled and ran down the hill before hopping in behind his sister. He grabbed the rope attached to the front of the sled, as they began sliding down the mountain.

Gusts blew into their faces as they slid down. The girl’s braids flew out behind her, and her tiny nose turned pink from the cool wind. They passed the tree line and the boy swiftly steered through the pines, down the snowy mountain.

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