destiny of the blood moon [on hold]

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - chapter 1 where? heaven or hell?

Submitted: December 29, 2017

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Submitted: December 29, 2017



On the night when the moon was colored like blood and the stars were shining brightly, they found me.  They took me in and adopted me. I call them my parents. My parents believed that finding a baby with a birthmark shaped like a half moon was a sign from the gods that she was a special girl. That was 15 years ago. because of their believe, I didn’t go out with friends. They wouldn’t let me.

One day I was really angry that I couldn’t hang out with my  friends. So I decided to it anyway and went with friends to the shopping mall. I had a lot of fun with them.  On the way home all of my friends parted ways.  It was already dark so I was a little scared since I never went outside after the street lights were on. A boy around my age yelled at me. If he could ask me something. Of course I wanted to help him. Especially since the streets were deserted. Not a single person or animal in the streets.

The boy was polite and asked the way to the train station luckily for him, I needed to go in that direction anyway and we walked together. When I parted ways with him, he said something weird. That was wat kept me from sleeping. After a few hours I felt finally asleep. That night I had a weird dream.  When I woke up I didn’t really remember what I dreamt.

That dream wasn’t going to ruin my school trip. We were going to the national park. To learn about the plants and animals. It was the first time I went camping. I was appointed to get wood for the fire.  I followed a bird. It looked that she wanted me to go somewhere. But it wasn’t long before I got lost. The sky colored black and a red moon was showing in the late afternoon. The birds stopped chirping and the wind began to blow.

The wind got stronger by the second.  The wind circulate around me. The wind was getting high like a hurricane. I felt scared and closed my eyes. This should be my end, right?

When the sound of birds came back and the wind lied down, I opened my eyes.

When I opened them, I saw I wasn’t in the forest anymore.  It looked like I was in the mountains.  Then I heard someone. I decided to go to that direction. Maybe that person could help me find the way to the campsite.  When I finally found the way to the person. I was shocked. I was standing behind a tree.  Someone who looked familiar in a black suit and a mask on his lower part of his face. He was shot from behind with an arrow. When he removed the mask, I thought he was kind of cute.  I could hear him say “ugh.. I have severely underestimated  crown prince yoo..  To have followed me so quickly …” Then he pulled out the arrow. How ruthless of him pulling it out.  From afar you could hear some people calling. “there! He is over There.” That was what they said. As they came closer I saw there were soldiers  like in the ancient times.  At that moment the guy in the black suit put his mask back on.  “Demit...  they even followed me to here.”  Is what the guy said. Then he picked up is sword and began to fight. At that moment I was still hiding behind a tree. It was just like a martial arts movie. 

There were so many thoughts flowing through my mind as I watched them fight. That masked guy... even though he is outnumbered 5 to 2 he’s fighting them off one by one without any trouble... and he must be  severely wounded from that arrow he just pulled out from his back.. But his fighting form is not affected at all! He’s a pro!  As he was fighting one of the soldiers one of the soldiers did a sneak attack from behind.  As I watched it happen I yelled “look out. Behind you!”  When the masked guy noticed the soldiers it was too late for him to react. At instinct I hit him with a sidekick.  The soldier that was fighting the masked guy was out of concentration. At that moment the masked guy took his chance and killed him. I wasn’t really happy about it. “You didn’t have to kill him” I yelled. He turned around and asked who I am in a not so nice guyner.  If I am remembering it correctly he said who the hell are you.

I needed to keep my cool and decided what to do next.  “Before I go explaining who I am, let’s hear your story first. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here.. Actually, let’s start with where this place is… I thought this place was heaven, but maybe it’s sort of hell.” He didn’t give any reaction and stared at me.  “Hey, Can you stop just standing like a mute idiot and say something?!” That was what I yelled at him. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so rude. He picked up is sword and said “ I’m sorry to do this to someone who have saved my life… But I am afraid I have to kill you.” As he was say it he tried to kill me. Just in the nick of time I could dodge him. He was surprised I dodged him.  Now I was angry “ What the hell? You’re going to kill me now? You little bastard!”

There was one way to win from him. Hit the sport where the arrow was.  Now it was a lot easier to fight him. On the last moment he was on his knees. I wanted to hit him with my fist but I stopped. ”you won’t be able to dodge this time.” He said. I felt something and look down. He had his sword pointed at me.  Then are you ready to die? As he said that I stepped back and said “Do whatever you want.. I already died once today anyway.. I don’t have a clue whether this place is heaven or hell. Maybe if I get lucky after you kill me I go to a better place.

“What are you saying?” he was completely lost.  I answered quickly “If you want to kill me then do it already. Geez.”  Just when I was finished, I heard someone yelling. He turned around and said to me “Fate doesn’t end here.” Then he ran away. “Hey! Asshole! Wait! “ I yelled but he didn’t stop.  At least he could have told me what was going on. What am I supposed to do now? 

When I turned around I was shocked. Three soldiers were pointing them swords at me. They tied me and had me kneeling. Now the soldiers were guarding me. One bad move and I was a goner. I am in hell after all.  One of the soldiers went to look around.  He was clearly higher rank. He saw the arrow. He picked it up and looked closely. Then he said “your majesty! I found the arrow with your markings on it.” “is that so?” as I was looking  at  the guy’s voice. I saw a guy on a white horse came closer.  The higher soldier came closer to the guy on the horse.“Yes, and there is a hint of blood on the tip of the arrow. This must be the same one  you have shot at the black panther.” he said while presenting  the arrow.

The guy on the horse picked up the arrow and looked at it.  He’s  … he’s really good looking. He’s the handsomest guy I ‘ve ever seen. But that image I had of him was for a short while. He got angry and broke the arrow with one hand. Holy carp.. that arrow.. I’m pretty sure the whole thing is made out of metal, and he just snapped it with one hand! M-maybe he’s the head demon of this hell?

The higher soldier continued  talking “black panther was shot with your arrow, and was probably heavily wounded… yet he guy aged to kill five of our soldiers and escaped… someone must have helped him.”

Then another soldier responded “this wo guy was dressed in a weird manner so we contained her.  Of course now I knew I was in trouble.  “so she must be the one who helped black panther.”

Then I started to yell at that soldier “ No way! I have nothing to do with that arrow! The bastard ran in that direction! And pointed at the direction.  “How dare you lie to us! We saw you talking to black Panther!”  HHow

The guy on the horse came closer and took his sword. “If you’re a part of black panther’s gang… then I cannot allow you to live any longer.“  That guy is definitely the head demon here! This is hell and he is going to collect my soul but was I really so bad that I deserved to go to hell?

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