destiny of the blood moon [on hold]

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - chapter 2: The scary looking guy

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Submitted: January 02, 2018




The higher soldier tried to reason with his majesty.  “My lord, please calm down! We must first interrogate her to find out who was behind black panther’s atrocity today!” That masked guy wasn’t  too scary but that guy is terrifying! If he takes me, I will be roasted with hellfire and get stabbed by spikes… and boiled alive…!!

I took my chance and tried to escape.  I was acting really enthusiastic. “Yeah!.. Woah!”  The guards were surprised that is when I ran so hard as I could. While I was running, my only thought was  If he got me, I would be completely screwed. “she is escaping! Get her!” said the higher soldier. The other soldiers were running after me.  In the same moment his majesty  spotted something. It was my birthmark. He jumped with his horse over his soldiers. Everyone was surprised by him. Still chasing me, he yelled “hey! Stop!” What am I insane? If I stopped I would be dragged to the depths if hell!

He was now riding aside me and picked me up. Now I was sitting on the horse in front of him.  “Let me go!!”  I yelled.  Then I pushed him. This guy… even when I punched him with my full strength, he didn’t even budge.. and I’m as strong as any of the bullies at school. This guy feels like he is made out of solid steel.

Behind me I hear his soldiers calling for him. One of the soldiers commands the troop to follow him.  As soon he said it the higher soldier shouted  “stop! Don’t follow him! Maybe that  person was lady Bia”

When his majesty and I reached the river, he stopped the horse. I was still angry but also a little scared.  “Where are you taking me? Let me down now!” Only one word came out of his mouth. “Bia..”  ”What?” I asked.

“Bia.. so you were alive after all..”  That was what he said when he was smiling.  Surprised I asked how he knew my name. Then he kissed me.  W..What  the hell is with this guy?! B..but  this doesn’t feel bad.. it feels like my body is melting. Wait.. Get it together.

I pushed him away. “ Let me go!” I yelled and kicked the horse by mistake. The horse reared. We fell of the horse. I landed up top. He held me strongly. “Bia.. When I heard that you had fallen from a cliff, it felt as if my heart had frozen… but you’re still alive and in front of my eyes!

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