destiny of the blood moon [on hold]

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - chapter 3: Destiney’s dream

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Submitted: January 03, 2018



I got off of him and sad next to him. “what the hell are you talking about? I don’t care if you’re the head demon or the devil himself, but French kissing a girl that you just met? You’re worse than one of those flasher freaks!” “Bia.. what’s the matter?  He Grabbed my arm and said  “It’s me, yoo. You.. have you forgotten who I am?”

After I whipped my lips of with my hand. I yelled angrily “How the hell would I know who you are? You pervert demon with an abnormally…”  before I could finish my sentence, he already responded.  “ha.. you must have gotten amnesia from the impact of the fall.”  Now I as angrier. “ I have no idea who you are!  Stop talking nonsensical bullshit and tell me where this place is!”

He took my arm and pulled me hard, so I would fall on the ground.  Now he was on top of me.  “Perhaps the kiss was not enough.. I will help you remember then…”  he said. “What the hell are you going an ab..” Before I could finish my sentence, he fresh kissed me again.  Ah.. this again…  My body is getting all hot, and my heart feels like it’s is going to explode! My body.. it feels like I’m standing on fire!  “ What are you doing all of the sudden?!” is what he yelled after I pulled his hair.  After that I kicked him in his most vulnerable spot.

I took that chance to run away.  “ Where are you going?! Bia?!” I could hear him yell that. If I stay with him any longer, I’m going to turn really strange.. I never felt this way before.. what the hell is the matter with me…

Because I was in thought I didn’t notice a rock and fell down. He was yelling  my name as I fell down.  After I hid the ground I was unconscious.

While a was unconscious I had a dream. It was like I was floating.  A girl that looked like me was beautifully dressed and came to me.  She took my hands and began to speak “the entity who has come from another world… you must take my place in my stead from now on. Before the world was divided into  two according to the divine will, we were one person… you and I  are one entity separated into two, occupying different worlds. You have come here because I have summoned you.  You must play my role and prevent this world from being destroyed by its webs in  has entangled itself in..” before I could ask her.  I woke up from the dream.  I was sitting up in bed. When I looked around the chamber it was really old. If I just was transported to  the 16th century in Korea.

Whoa…  What is this place, the garden of Eden? And this stuff here.. it’s all decorated  with gold and gemstones! It must be worth a fortune! 

“I see! This place must be heaven! Hahaha, as I’ve thought! There is no way I deserved to go to hell!” I was yelling happily.

But..  what is up with that guy? That definitely wasn’t a dream.. was it kind of like a hazing ritual for people new to heaven or something? He was pretty rough with me and really rude… but that kiss wasn’t that bad… though it was very different from what I’ve imagined my first kiss to be.

“hehe… now that I’m in heaven, there’s no reason for me to worry about that guy. I won’t run into him up here anyway.”

Someone seemed to hear me, after I finished talking a girl with a tray with tea cups and teapot came in. “ah.. Lady Bia, You ‘ve regained consciousness.” She said.  

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