destiny of the blood moon [on hold]

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - chapter 4: everything is pretty, kind of everything

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Submitted: January 03, 2018



“Huh? You’re?” I said and she came running towards me. “lady Bia, it’s me! Your handmaid Jo Gah-Yun” she says.  I just waved my a hand a bit and said “oh.. I see.” She took my hand that I was waving with and began to cry a little. “ I’m so happy you are alright, lady Bia. When I heard the news that …that you were… I was so shocked… and I feel terrible for not being at your side because of my sudden illness…. Now that you’re here safe and sound… I can’t begin to express my happiness. “  

What is she talking about? Is she saying that she is happy to have been assigned as my handmaid? Only word that came out of my mouth was “yeah..”  She put the hand before her mouth and said “Oh, that’s right. Mistress told me to notify her as soon as lady Bia is awake!”  The moment she bowed to me, she said “I’ll bring the mistress over, so please wait a moment.. lady Bia.” ”no problem” I responded and smiled weirdly.  Mistress? What is that,.. like a archangel or something?  I might do some sightseeing while I’m waiting.

I opened the door to the garden and took a stroll. Whoa.. awesome view! Heaven is so Great! As I walked passed a little pond, I saw my own reflection. The dress was long and with a lot of layers. On the bottom there were embroideries of flowers. Is that me? I look gorgeous in this kind of dress. While I was looking in the pond, I heard music playing. Hmm.. but where is that sound coming from? I followed the sound.  A flute of some kind. It looks it is coming from behind that wall. I Decided to take a look and was beginning  to climb a tree. The skirt is in the way. Just rip it out so that I can move easier… That is much better.

I was now on top of the three. From there I could see the whole place. This place is huge! I can see three more walls over there! What is this place, a fortress? What is going on behind that wall? The music was coming from over there. I must take a look.  I walked on a branch that was near the wall and jumped over the wall. I walked through the bushes and saw someone playing the flute.  Whoa.. what a pretty boy…

This is definitely heaven! Where else can you see such a pretty boy like that playing the flute in a beautiful garden. Maybe he is archangel Michal or someone similar? The classical Asian  scenery accompanied by an elegant, calming flute performance.. great sights, and even greater music… I sat down behind the bushes. I can’t be in a better place.

I had been there a while. The guy stopped playing in the middle of the music piece. Why did he stop? I was shocked when he started to talk. “I don’t know who you are but since I played the flute for you… It would be polite to at least let me know who you are?

How did he find out? I came from behind the bushes and said “haha... You’re definitely an angel then. “ He stood up and was clearly surprised. He called to me. “C.. celestial Bia?!”  Celestial? Did I already get promoted?  “huh.. you know my name as well?” He took a step closer and said “ how did you get here? …. And why is your clothes…” he didn’t finish his sentence but there was no need for it.

I looked down at my dress and began to explain. “Well… I came here after I died… and I tore off my skirt because it was bothersome… Why?”  He was stunned. “After you died… What are you saying?” In the distance someone was yelling “My lord! Prince Yoo has arrived!”

 “L..Lord yoo is here?!” he said. He walked to the building hastily and I asked him what was wrong. He totally forgot me and turned around. “aaah..lady Bia.”  We went in a room,  there was a meal more a feast prepared on the table.  “please hide in here for a moment” he said while holding the tablecloth high.  I sat under the table. he looked under  the table towards me and said “You must stay here until is say otherwise!”  I was a bit angry sitting under a table. What the hell was going on?!  He walked towards the door. The maids bowed towards him. And said in perfect harmony “ Lord Hui, I present to you the Crown Prince.” The scary looking guy entered and Lord Hui bowed to him and said “Welcome, my lord.” His guard stopped next to the maids.

Lord Yoo  walked further and turned his head. “Leave us.” he said to the maids and guards. Again on perfect harmony the maids and guards said “Yes, Your highness.” After they left Lord Hui began to speak. “For your highness to come without a notification…. What urgent matter has driven to do so?”  “Hui, You must have heard what happened to Lady Bia.” He said. Lord Yoo sat down at the table and put a little bag on the table. He almost hid me with his leg. What the…? Hui walked towards him and spoke. “Yes of course.  Lady Bia was attacked by an assassin while she was on her way to the imperial palace for the coronation ceremony and fell from a cliff, but she was found unharmed  in a nearby forest. Everyone has said the divine interventions have saved her.”  Hidden under a table has his advantages, I could hear everything. So Lady Bia? Is that supposed to be me? ‘attacked by an assassin.. Fell off a cliff.’

Yoo began to explain. “Divine Will has saved Lady Bia, but the problem is that there were people who tried to rebel against that very Will. The assassin who had attacked Lady Bia is known as the Black Panther, due his merciless and agile nature. As long as he is paid well, he will kill anyone regardless of gender or age… not to mention any innocent bystanders who were unfortunate to witness his acts.

Because of that the reward money of his capture or death is astronomical.. but despite of that, no one even knows his face or what his aims are… he is greatly feared of by the people of the country.

I felt something had gone wrong and decided to go after Lady Bia yesterday, and found her carriage under attack by a group of bandits but by the time Lady Bia had already fallen of the cliff. And the only thing I could do was shooting Black Panther with an arrow.” Hui was still standing by his side and said “But I heard that he escaped despite that..” he didn’t even finish his sentence. “Yeah, I was in pursuit of that bastard when I ran into Bia.” In his voice you could hear that Yoo was angry.

Black Panther…? Does he mean that masked guy? Out of nowhere my stomach started to growl. I didn’t even release it but I am very hungry.  “I guess I am hungry.” Hui said while smiling.  He sat down at the table and brought a cup of tea to his mouth. “well.. Excuse my rudeness”

 “Hui, I came here to hear your thought on what happened.” Yoo continued. “My… thought” asked Hui hesitantly.  “It is more likely that this incident involved someone close to you, What do you think?”

As Hui was thinking he rubbed his chin. “I don’t know… If you’re talking about my mother, I would lead my investigation effort myself. But even though she is not you biological mother, the imperial combine is in a position where she should be respected as your as well. Even though you’re the crown prince… I fear may anger the king by accusing her so recklessly… especially when you don’t have the necessarily evidence to support your accusation.” “What if I find the necessarily evidence?” asked Yoo. “what?” was Hui’s response.

Oh man… I’m hungry as it is, but they just had to eat that awesome smelling food right in front of me? Just hurry up and finish talking already.

Then another louder growl came from my stomach.  “Your stomach is really weird… You’re eating but your stomach still growls?” “haha… I know right? I better put some more food in there.” Hui could pull it off, he could think of something really fast.

I’m going to die of hunger. Yoo stood up and said “well, I am going so you can eat in peace.” He walked away. when he had his back towards Hui, Hui said “ I’m really glad that Lady Bia is all alright after all.” “Hui I…” he didn’t finish his sentence. “Yes, Your highness?”

As a response yoo said “Even though we were born by different mothers, I consider you as precious as Lady Bia. However id something like this happens again, I have no choice but to launch an inquiry into who was involved for the sake of the empire’s future. Even if perpetrators happen to be you or your mother, you must remember as an imperial prince that there will be no clemency provided even for a member of the royal family.”

The only thing that he could say was “Yes, I know that well.”  Yoo continued talking.

“I don’t want to be put in a situation where I’m forced to kill your mother, You must take active steps to prevent such things from happening.” Then he turned his face towards Hui and said “But if something were to happen to Lady Bia yet again, you will learn that I’m more than capable of punishing those who are responsible even without solid evidence.” While Hui bowed he said “I will take your advice to my hart, my lord.”

Went I heard footsteps leaving the room, I kept the tablecloth up and came out. Hui was letting Yoo out. He Finally left… I have no idea why I had to hide, but I am starving to death here.

I sat at the table and began to eat like I haven’t eaten in a week. This what I am talking about! It tastes so good! But it is strange why am I hungry even in heaven? It is so good.  A cuisine fit for heaven. Huh? I saw something on the table. What? A pretty bag? Is it made of silk? I was almost finished eating, when yoo came back into the room.

My was full and was eating like a barbaric.  I looked up to him. He was surprised and said “Bia?” I stood up and pointing a chicken leg towards him and said “You’re that…!!” Hui slapped with his hand in the face. Then I went on eating. “What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like that?” Yoo asked. I hit him with my chicken legs and was I spitting food on him. “Why are you back? Are you trying to bring me back to hell again?” I went to Hui and took his arm and said “You’re an angel right? Hurry and take care of that demon king.”  He looked to me with big eyes and asked “What are you saying? It’s Lord Yoo.”

 “Enough! More importantly why is Lady Bia in your room?” yelled Yoo.  Now he was angry. Hui began to sweat and tried to explain. “This is a misunderstanding. The truth is… “ Before I let him finish I said angrily “ I came here with my own feet to sightsee. Got a problem with that?” 

Now he was even yelling harder “You’re supposed to be resting in celestial palace. How did you even get here?!” Holding a fist ready to hit him, I responded “I walked over here, do you think I can fly or something?! Maybe you can in this place, but I can’t.”

He turned his head towards Hui an commanded him “I can’t understand what she is babbling about at all. Hui explain the situation.”  He’s either a demon king or even the one that is in charge of hell but what’s with that tone towards an angel? I don’t like this jerk at all.

“that is…”  I didn’t let Hui speak and interrupted him. “Hey! Pervert demon king!  I keep telling you that I followed the sound of someone playing beautiful music on a flute! So what if I climbed over some walls?!

And so I can make people more angry. “What? P..Pervert?!” This guy is pretty imitating but I’m Bia.  I’m not afraid of him.”

“Bia! What is going on?! Yesterday you didn’t even recognize me, and now you are in Hui’s palace and acting all shamefully! Now Hui came up for me.

“Brother, Please calm down! I think Lady Bia is in need of some medical attention. I heard that Lady Bia survived miraculously despite have fallen from a cliff. However there is suspected that there would be complications from the injury. I believe she has lost her memory while hurting her head during the incident. ”

I turned my face towards him “What the hell are you talking about? I’m perfectly fine!”Now I am hanging with my head down.“What are you doing?!” That jerk he is really strong! He won’t even budge!  “stay still!” he says. “put me down now!!” I Yell.

“Brother where are you…” Hui didn’t finish his sentence. Yoo interrupted him “to the celestial place!” the guards and Yoo with me on his shoulders where going out of the door. Leaving Hui and the maids with stunned faces.

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