destiny of the blood moon [on hold]

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5: Truth

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When we arrived at the celestial palace, he threw me on my bed hard. Guh-yun and an older woman were shocked by the way I was thrown. I was furious “you.. Who do you think you are, treating me like damn luggage?!” I yelled at him. He turned his face towards the older lady and said “mistress of the household, I have found lady Bia in this unsightly attire in prince Hui’s palace.”  “are you talking shit about me now?!” once again I yelled at him.

As first the mistress responded “in prince hui’s palace?!” and as second Gah-yun responded “in that palace while looking like that?!” Yoo began to yell at Guh-yun while pointing towards her “you are her maidservant, are you not? Explain how you had allowed this to happen!” She bowed quickly and said” she was here when I first came into her chambers, but she disappeared while I went to inform the mistress.”

He wasn’t pleased with the answer. “you bear grave responsibility for what has happened, and you will be punished accordingly!”

She kneeled and bowed to him while saying “ I have committed an unforgivable crime, my lord! Please forgive me! I stood up and walked towards him. “listen, you jerk! I keep saying I left out of my free will! Why are you punishing her for? She didn’t do anything!” I yelled at him angrily.  If stares could kill, I was already dead. “what did you say?”

He turned his head towards the mistress. “mistress… Lady Bia must be in a severely altered state due to her injuries from yesterday… call for the palace physician.” She nodded and said “yes, your majesty” “severely altered state? Are you treating me like a mental patient now ?” I yelled. Now my blood was boiling. The mistress tried to calm me. She turned her head toward prince Yoo “My lord, I will make sure she gets adequate medical treatment as soon as possible. So please return to the imperial palace for now.”

He sighed and said “very well. Then send for me as soon as you see improvement in her condition.” Mistress bowed and said “yes, my lord.”  Then he turned his head towards Guh-yun “I will overlook this incident for now, but if you allow something like this to happen again, you will not escape punishment.” She bowed once again and said “thank you, your majesty.”  I was still angry and yelled “I am normal. I am not crazy.”

He turned around and said “I will now take my leave.” The mistress and Guh-yun bowed to him, and said in perfect harmony “please be careful on your way, your majesty!”  He is treating me like I a psycho and now he is talking shit about me !?

“take that, Bastard” Before he could leave the chamber, I did a flying kick  and hit his head. He rubbed over his head. He took my flying kick straight in the head, and he is not even dazed! He’s a monster for sure. He was pissed and turned his around towards me. I am dead for sure. “your majesty, I implore you… she’s not herself at the moment, so…” the mistress stopped talking when she saw him walking towards me. He took my face in his hand and French kissed me again. Of course all the females were shocked including me.

Not again! And this time, there are people watching! Then he hugged me and said “Bia… When I heard you had fallen to the bandit’s attack, I was tortured by my own uselessness… what kind of crown prince can’t even protect the one person that he loves and cherishes? Though there are still some complications from the injury, I can’t describe how happy I am to see that you have recovered so much… to me, every single movement you make, and everything you’re doing right now is a great moment of bliss. I wait with great anxiousness for you to return to the way you were before.” What is he saying?

He then let me loose and walked towards the door. He stopped at the mistress and said “Mistress, I will leave lady Bia in your hands.” “please do not worry, your majesty.” She responded.

When he was gone, Gah-yun said “How lucky.” On a jealous tone. How could I be lucky?  The mistress came towards me. “Guh-yun, leave us.”  She left after bowing and responding to her “yes, mistress.”

“Hey grandma. Who the hell was that anyway? Who the hell was that anyway? What a perverted little dictator.” I said. Then she sighed  and began to speak “ as lady Bia had told me, you are not the same person as Bia.” “But I am Bia. What are you saying?” I asked in confusion. “Lady Bia, you must now heed my words very carefully!” as she said that I took a seat.  She to explain.

“ So, you’re telling me that I am not dead and that this isn’t heaven either?” “that is correct. You have come to this world to replace the celestial lady Bia.” She answered.

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I dreamed about a girl who looked just like me asking me to replace her or something like that.

“so that loudmouth, arrogant prick from before is the first son of the king and the crown prince, and that wimpy pretty-boy over at the other place is the second son?” I asked.  “you must not use such brash words, Lady Bia.” She responded.

“I will tell you about the legend. Once upon a time the gods were watching over the world. Unfortunately on of their sons rebelled against  the rules. And tried to kill all of the gods. The moon goddess was as last over. She was angry and hid her daughter.  The daughter of the moon would use the divine will, to prevent this world from being destroyed by its webs in  has entangled itself in. To protect the daughter of the moon she split herself in two and got separated in different worlds. The one who resembles the moon and is born under the blood moon is the daughter of the moon. Our lady Bia who you have taken place of is born on such day. So it means if she isn’t the one, then it’s you.” She says.

“Now let me continue. Lord Yoo’s coordination ceremony was scheduled to be yesterday, but due to your accident it has postponed. Lord Yoo must become the next king of Ju, and therefore you are extremely important to the entire process.” I interrupted her. “Wait, what does that jerk becoming the king has to do with me and what’s with calling me a ‘celestial Lady’ and all?”

“well, I suppose I should inform you about the institution of a celestial lady first… unlike our neighboring countries, Ju has the tradition of maintaining a celestial palace.  The celestial palace essential represents the authority of the imperial family, and is considered a sacred place. The palace houses the spirits and memorabilia of the past kings and continually performs ceremonies to pay respect to the imperial ancestors.  A celestial lady is someone who is in charge of leading such ceremonies in the palace.” She replied to my question.

“Leading the ceremony? So it’s kind of like being a nun?” I asked. “pardon, what are nuns?” she asked.  I sight and winked “well, they have this blanket over their head and pray. Never mind”

She went further “in any case, celestial ladies are also taught astronomy, geography and other skills and knowledge essential to run governmental programs. The celestial palace teaches the celestial ladies, and keeps such vital knowledge recorded in it archives. It can be considered an institution devoted to education.”

I mumbled that it was actually a pretty boring place.

She ignored me and continued talking “but the palace has another duty that surpasses all other in its importance. The palace trains and educates exceptionally kind-hearted, intelligent and beautiful your noblewomen from all parts of Ju, and becomes a vital part of the process that selects the future imperial wife.

“so, this place is basically an elitist group picking out future wives for kings out of rich people’s daughters?” I asked.  You should have seen her face. “I am sorry? I’m not so sure what you mean” she said.

I supported my head with my hand and waved my other hand while asking “no, forget about that… But why was Bia so important to that jerk becoming a king?”

“Lady Bia had been selected by prince Yoo as the candidate for the future imperial wife. A celestial lady chosen to be the next imperial wife must be betrothed to the crown prince at the same time he becomes the king. Yesterday was both the day of coronation… and of their marriage.”

I jump of the chair and yelled “Hold on a sec! then, Bia supposed to be marrying Yoo?!”

“Yes, with such a breathtaking prince” she answered.

“no way, I can’t just marry that demon king out of nowhere! I can’t replace lady Bia in this world.”  

“Lady Bia… You can’t go back to your own world. Only lady Bia who is now dead knew how to contact the other world.” Mistress responded.

“that can’t be”

“in addition, it has to be you because of a silent traditional rule among the Ju imperial family. An king of Ju must take the first celestial lady that he chose as his wife violating this is a taboo. If an king was to take another celestial  lady as his wife or he fails to marry the one he chose. he will not last a year after his coronation, and will either die from sickness or suffer an assassination.” She explained.

“heh… that is just superstition.” I said trying to laugh it off.  

“it is not a mere superstition. In all 500 years of Ju dynasty’s history, no king has escaped this silent rule. History has far too many accounts of kings who have violated this rule and suffered a deadly disease, an assassination or catastrophic wars that killed them.  So, for the sake of our stability of this country. You must wed crown prince Yoo and become the next imperial wife!”

I was trying to talk myself out of it. “Lady… That’s your problem, isn’t it? You drag me into some weird ancient Korean kingdom from my life, and then tell me to marry a tyrant… who in their right mind would accept that? I’m going to leave this place, and figure out a way to get back to my own world.” while I was walking away, She said behind me something freighting “ I forgot to mention one important detail. If it was revealed that you are not the same person as lady Bia from before, you will be executed without hesitation.”

“What?” I responded while turning me head towards her.

“Lady Bia was a to-be imperial wife and an extremely important celestial lady. Uou will surely be accused of murdering her in order to usurp the position of imperial wife, and be executed for high treason!” she said with a strict voice.

I was now worried “how can that be?”

“You have two choices before you. You can assume the identity of celestial bia and marry Lord Yoo  or you can reveal your true identity and suffer through inhumane torture reserved for terrible criminals after being convicted of assassinating Lady Bia!” She was yelling and pointing at me.

She took my hand and tried to per sway me. “You know you’re not an idiot, and you know that you really only have one choice! If you cooperate with me, you will become the imperial wife of the prosperous empire of Ju, and live a rich, happy life while basking in the love of lord Yoo. You must remember constantly that from now on, you are the celestial lady Bia.”

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