destiny of the blood moon [on hold]

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6: A little help, New players and more enemies

Submitted: January 16, 2018

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Submitted: January 16, 2018



It was evening when I had dinner and the mistress left. I was sitting near the window looking outside and thinking at the same time.

What am I supposed to do? I don’t think that mistress person wasn’t simply blackmailing me. If that prick found out that I’m not the girl he’s in love with, he’ll probably accuse me of organized assassination and kill me right away. Damn, that guy must be crazily in love with lady Bia. I mean, he was so passionately kissing me that time and yesterday.


Wait, now that I think about it. Yesterday… that was my first kiss. Unforgivable that bastard.  Fine, I will just play along for now and pretend to be lady Bia. Then I’ll just run away! The mistress told me that the wedding/coronation was postponed so that I can regain my memories or whatever, so I can just run away before that ever happens.

I stood up and lied down on my bed.

Well, I need figure out how to go back before I run away. In the end I didn’t die but I am in completely different world. Would I have been fortunate to have died instead? Or am I fortunate now that I get a second chance at life?

Well, it’s not like I have any one over there waiting for me not even my parents. So I’m not that attached to the place.

No, wait. I forgot about Jin Kyung maybe she’ll worry about me, she kind of a friend. But it’s surprising that those two are brothers. They’re both pretty handsome but their atmospheres are complete opposite and they don’t even look similar to each other. Well, prince Hui is more of my type but I’m more attracted to prince Yoo.

No, absolutely not. Why would I be attracted to that stupid, impulsive and perverted prick? I’m not letting him steal any more kisses from me from now on!

I finally fell asleep just before the sun was coming op. I never slept like a lady.  Guh-Yun walked through the door and tried to wake me up. I went to sit straight on the bed and rubbed my eyes. “What is going on?” I asked while mumbling.

“It’s is me, your maidservant Guh-Yun” she said. I was half awake and said “oh yeah.”  She looked a bit worried and said “In any case there's a big problem. Imperial concubine Mae-Yu has come to the celestial palace! I informed her that you were still sleeping, but she insisted that she must see you!”

“Imperial Mae-Yu who is that?”

While Guh-Yun helps me to get dressed, she explains who the is. “she is the biological mother of Prince Hui and is the only companion of the current king.” “Prince Hui? What about prince Yoo?”


“Prince Yoo is the son of the imperial wife and the rightful heir to the imperial throne. prince Hui is the second-in-line to succeed. So, even though they have different mothers, they are both 22.”

oh… so that is why they don’t resemble each other. “oh, and..,” she continued talking while I was in thought but got interrupted when a guard yelled: “Imperial concubine is now present!”

A woman with a beautifully dress on,  and a scary face walked towards me with two maids walking behind. Guh-Yun bowed to her and spoke to her “my lady… why have you come so early to this place?” A maid stepped forward and yelled at her “ How impudent! Her highness was simply worried about the well-being of lady bia after hearing about what  had happened! yet you dare to speak in such disrespectful manner?”  Gun- Yun is in a light panic and apologize while she bowed to Her highness.

“please… Her highness forgive me”

Why are they so bitchy?

Her highness hold her fan before her mouth and began to talk. “I have heard that you had injured your head and have turned strange… yet you look perfectly normal! to have survived such a fall without even a scratch… are celestial ladies made out of steel?”

hmm… The way she is speaking, she is probably no friend of lady bia…

“You sound like you’re disappointed that I’m not hurt, Granny. Were you hoping that I died from the fall?” I said to her. “What did you say? You dare to meet me without even making yourself presentable after your sleep, and now you’re saying such disrespectful things?” she responded angrily.

I yawned and scratched my head while saying “Aren’t you the one who’s being disrespectful? You’re the one who barged in here so early without telling me ahead of time. “what!?” she yelled at me with such a high voice.”

“Celestial lady Bia, you are out of line! Even though she is not the imperial wife, as the only companion to the current king, she holds the equivalent authority and position! How dare you say such insolent things?!” The maid of her highness said.

Ah ha… so that old witch is acting all high and mighty because the imperial wife is dead

The maid continued talking when I was in thought. “If you do not apologize to her highness for saying such a thing, it will be difficult for you to escape punishment for committing such a grave breach of protocol!”

Gun-Yun stepped forward “please forgive her, your highness. lady Bia is still unsettled due to the incident-” Her highness interrupted her “Silence” she yelled.  “Lady Bia is the one who has committed a fault here, so why are you apologizing for her behavior? i want to hear words of an apology from her, not from a mere maidservant!” “b-but…” says Gun-Yun is in a light panic.

These hags are getting on my nerves… they remind me of my relatives who used to abuse me just because I was adopted.  I walked towards her highness and bowed to her “I have committed a terrible crime against your highness due to loss of my memories, please forgive me.” She looks at me arrogantly “If I hear you say such rude things to me again, I will not be so forgiving!”

She turns around and says to her maid that we are leaving. The maid a bid her words and follows her. “However! We have forgotten an important matter…  What have we forgotten?” said Her highness. I was so angry so I gave her highness’s maid a bitch-slap.

“W-what are you doing?” her highness yelled. I yelled at the maid “You insolent wench! I  am to be wedded to that demon ki- I mean. crown prince Yoo, and will become an imperial wife in the near future! Although I have wrongfully disrespected her highness, you dare to command a future imperial wife to do this and that as a mere maidservant.”  The maid lays her hand against her head on the spot where I hit her. “What?” she is completely surprised at my behavior.

She stepped towards me in a rage and yelled “Lady Bia… Even though wol-hyang is a maidservant, she is still my maidservant! aren’t you crossing a line here?!” I put a smirk on my face and said “ Crossing a line? I am trying to resolve this issue as quietly as possible, for your sake, your highness.

F-for my sake? she asked. “If that maidservant does not apologize to me right now… when I become the imperial wife, she would either be incarcerated or even be executed for her insolence. Please consider. If crown prince Yoo after having become the king, found out that a mere maidservant dared to be so rude and disrespectful to a imperial-wife-to-be… I wonder how he would react.”

She was almost speechless. “Please, take a moment to consider the current situation and choose. Your maidservant can apologize to me right now, or prepare for dire consequences in the days to come…” She also had a stare that could kill and said “Apologize to Lady Bia.”  

The maidservant kneeled down and began to apologize “I have committed a terrible crime my lady, Please forgive me.”  With arms crossed, I said “Very well… I will show mercy and forgive you for the sake of her highness. However, If you say something so rude to me again, I will not be so lenient!” If I could read minds I would have confirmed that her highness thought: you arrogant little…!

“Then, lady bia, I will leave as I have other matters to attend… Get up” she said. With a smile I said to her “Please be careful on your way out, Your highness.” When she walked out the door.

Gun-Yun was happy and surprised “That was amazing, Lady Bia. You really taught that arrogant imperial concubine a lesson.”  I burst out in laughing “hehehe- That felt really good!”

It’s pretty nice to be an imperial wife to be, In my world, I was always looked down on because I was adopted without anyone to look for help… Wife of the highest government authority, huh?


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