destiny of the blood moon [on hold]

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter 7: The old Lady, serious!

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Two maids came walking towards me and said at the same time with a big smile on their faces “Lady Bia, Your bath is ready.” I turned around and was half listening “my what?”  Guh-Yun took my hands and smiled while saying “Lady Bia, You must be present at the celestial palace latter today, so you need to hurry and make yourself representable.” “Huh? But i don’t feel like taking a bath right now…”i said. They didn’t let it have my way. “We’ll take care of everything, so just stay still. “ “W-hoa, hey! Why are you taking off my clothes?!” I yelled in a panic.  When I finally lay in the bath, the maids were washing my hair.

Mmm… that is a bit embarrassing, but this feels so good… I don’t like taking baths, but they’re doing everything for me… It really feels if i have become a princess… maybe this life isn’t so bad after all….

After the bath, Guh-Yun dressed me up. “It is finished, Lady Bia.” she said with a smile. I stood before a large mirror and looked at myself.

“T-This is me?” I said. “You are truly beautiful today, my lady. In the land of Ju, no women would be able to surpass your beauty.” said Guh-Yun with a big smile.

Heh… I have been told that I looked good in my world several times, but with this kind of getup, I actually look really pretty.

“My lady...” I heard someone saying behind me and turned my head. I saw that the mistress was coming into my chamber. “Old Lady - I mean mistress.” I said. She turned her head towards Guh-Yun and said she needed to leave; Gun-Yun bowed and left the chamber.

When she left the chamber, mistress began to speak. “I’ve been told that the imperial concubine had barged into your chamber.” With a giggle I responded to her. “Yep, she wasn’t being too nice so in return I told her off.

She sighed and said “You must not do that, Lady Bia!” “Huh? Why? From what I’ve been hearing, that old hag has been acting like she’s the imperial wife around the palace and abusing her authority against everyone. And I also heard that her actions were so intolerable, both the maidservants and the ministers were quite unhappy with her?”” I said stunned.  Again the mistress sighed “That is correct. That's precisely why you shouldn’t have told her off… “ “How come?” I asked now I was again stunned.

Mistress began to explain why. “Though lady Mae-Yu is an imperial concubine, her authority is equivalent to an imperial wife because she is the only companion left for the current king. However, if prince Yoo, Who is not her biological son, becomes king, her authority will significantly diminish. Therefore, She will try her best to take you out of the picture in order to put her son, prince Hui, on the imperial throne.”  “Take me out of the picture?!” I yelled in a panic.

“Yes, actually we are suspecting that lady Mae-Yu was the one who hired that assassin to attack lady Bia a few days ago. In any case, there’s nothing to gain from you annoying or insulting the imperial concubine in any matter. The more you insult and humiliate lady Mae-Yu, the more likely that she will try to kill you.” she said.

Screw staying here and enjoying this life! I totally forgot that palaces like this are full of political intrigues and conspiracies. I got to get the hell away from this place before that hag kills me in my sleep!

The mistress interrupted my thoughts “Today, we will go around the celestial palace and the imperial palace while introducing important members of the court. Everyone thinks that you have lost your memories, so you shouldn’t have too much problems despite your informality to this world.”

Awesome! I’ll try to become familiar with how both palaces are layered out.

I happily followed her and we went outside. We came close to a lake, there were some girls sitting and chatting with each other. When we came towards them, they bowed to us and said “mistress.” She asked “Ah, you have all gathered then. Are you all aware that lady Bia has lost her memories?” They nodded.

“From the right I present you celestial ladies Joo-eun, Sa-rin, Chung-ah, Hyang-ah and Jin-Ryung.”  She continued. I looked at them and said with a smile while waving “Hey guys, nice to meet you.”

Every one of the celestial ladies turned their head sideways and said “humph.” “Huh? Why?” I asked stunned. “My, my… haven’t I already told you ladies to not continue with this childish behavior?” The mistress asked a bit worriedly.  She smiled at me like she has toothache while saying “Please excuse their manners, Lady Bia. Other celestial ladies are quite jealous of you taking their idol, Prince Yoo from them.” “I-I see... “That’s what I said with a stunned face.

Wait, so I’m going to get picked on by them? Well, they’re people too, so I guess I can’t expect them to act any differently.

“Then, Let us move on to the next temple…” the mistress said and gestured to follow her. I walked behind her, on that moment one of the celestial ladies stepped on my dress, because of that I fell. In a reaction all of them laughed.

“Are you all alright, Lady Bia?” the mistress asked. I sat on the ground and said angrily “T-Those bitches. They intentionally...” I said but was interrupted by the mistress.  “Please calm down, lady Bia. Once you become the imperial wife, such behavior will immediately stop. It is an unspoken tradition for a celestial lady that has been chosen by the crown prince. To be picked on by other celestial ladies until she becomes imperial wife. It is a form of a rite of passage to becoming an imperial wife.” “For crying out loud, what kind of rite of passage is that?” i said even more angrily.

Calm down… Just let it go for today….

I stood up and followed her to the next place. After 2 hours mistress said “then, that concludes the tour of celestial palace. Let us move to the imperial palace.” “What? Do you mean we haven’t even left the celestial palace yet?!” I yelled at her. “The imperial palace is a little bit more than 2 times the celestial palace. It would take the rest of the day.” she said with a happy face.

The celestial palace is already too complex for me to memorize, but the imperial palace is more than twice as big? And all those people I’ve been introduced too… There are so many of them, I can’t remember all of them.

We were walking through the garden. “Let’s go to Prince Hui’s palace first.” said the mistress and she suddenly blushed.  

Huh? This lady… why is she blushing all of the sudden?

“Prince Hui is the biological son of Lady Mae-Yu, and the second in line to the throne after prince Yoo. Although he is the son of that overambitious conspiring imperial concubine, Prince Hui is very gentle and kind person with no interest in power. Hehe… Therefore, along with prince Yoo, he has become a subject of great admiration for women both inside and outside of the court.” she said.

What’s with this lady? Her atmosphere suddenly changed…

“Now that I think about it, that guy‘s atmosphere is the complete opposite of that vicious lady from this morning.” I said to her. “Prince Hui does not wish to get himself involved in an ugly power struggle for the throne, so he stays clear of anything involving politics. Instead, he chooses to stay in his palace and pursue his personal interests and academic matters…. That’s why he is one is one of the very few people that prince Yoo trusts wholeheartedly. The two princes are both close brothers and good friends. Actually given prince Yoo’s temperament, it is unusual for him to allow lady Mae-Yu to act so brashly around the imperial palace. But he is leaving her alone, which is evidence to just how important he considers prince Hui to be.  Speaking of… How did you get to Prince Hui’s palace last time?”  “Oh… I was just… someone was playing a flute, and it was really nice so I just followed the sound.  I said with a big smile to her.

When we were done with talking we arrived at Hui’s palace. Two soldiers stood outside. “Welcome, celestial Lady Bia and mistress of the household.” the two said at the same time while they bowed to us.

“Where is Prince Hui? “The mistress asked to one of the soldiers. “His highness is currently practicing martial arts in the back of his palace.”  “Oh, My! He is still practicing then.” she said and acted like a kid that would go to a theme park. When we arrived at the back of the palace, there was a big crowd of girls screaming.

W-what is this? The maidservants are acting like a bunch of crazed fangirls.

Mistress laughed and said “We have come at a very fortunate time, my lady.” Doubtfully I said to her “R-really?”  “I’ve told you before, yes? Prince Yoo and Prince Hui are considered two of the most dashing men in all the lands of Ju, and have become subjects of administration for many woman.” she continued.

This lady… she’s a fangirl at her age?

Prince Hui blocked his sparing partner’s attack.  All the girls went crazy over it.

Well, it’s understandable that he’s this popular. The way he’s carrying himself with a sword… He’s really good! I never actually learned how to use a sword like that, but from what I’ve learned from kendo, judo, taekwondo and other various stuff.... That guy’s definitely a pro.

Prince Hui has a sword in his neck and all the girls started to encourage him by yelling “You can do it, Prince Hui! You must not give up, Prince Hui!”  The mistress yells the loudest.

Lady… Think of your age.

Prince Hui comes back with a brilliant attack, so that his opponent loses his grip of his sword and falls to the ground. Prince Hui stands above him with his sword ready to give a final blow. All the girls began to yell again with a lot of compliments. “Good lord” I sighed.

Prince Hui helped his opponent up and said with a sad face “It sucks to be so unpopular.” Prince Hui put his hand on his shoulder and said with a light smile “Haha… sorry about that. Let’s practice when no one’s looking from now on.”

“I don’t think I’m skilled enough to be a suitable spar partner any more, Your Highness. Aside from Lord Yoo and general Jin, I don’t think you’d to able to get an even match!” he replied.  With a smiling face prince Hui responded. “Haha, nonsense. I’m nowhere even near the level of Lord Yoo and General Jin. Especially compared to lord Yoo, I’m just an amateur. I almost couldn’t hear what they were saying because of the screaming ladies.

Yoo… That prick is better than the pretty boy? Well… from what I’ve seen of his strength and that imitating aura, even I could tell he was not normal…

The mistress stepped forward towards Prince Hui. “Your highness!” At her voice prince Hui turned his head and responded. “Ah, mistress…” She began to talk. “You were quite dashing just then, your Highness. If I was just a few years younger, perhaps I would have come forward as your bride to be…”

OH GOD! Restrain yourself, Old Lady!

With a forced smile on his face he replied. “ha-ha… unfortunately, I still prefer to be unwed for now.” “Well, It is to be expected. You are also infamous for your disinterest in women despite many attempts by numerous women to get your attention. After all that is partly why you have become even more popular.” she responded.

Didn’t this lady… used to be all solemn and serious 5 minutes ago?

Prince Hui turned his head and at the moment he saw me he said “ah, Lady Bia, you have come as well.” with a stutter I said hello.  The mistress took the word. “ah… As your highness has probably heard, Lady Bia has lost all of her memories. Today, we came here to formally introduce your highness to her.”

I don’t think that’s your reason for coming here at all… that is what I thought at that moment. “Then, Lady Bia, Allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Hui Jang, and we will be a part of the same family when you marry lord Yoo in the near future.” he said.  

I needed to keep my act going and said “Ah… Please excuse my behavior yesterday. I was deeply moved by the sound of your flute playing, and before I knew it…”

He didn’t let me finish my sentence. “Haha… Please visit me more in the future, and I will play it for you again.”

After mistress heard that she asked shamelessly “Will you play it for me as well, your highness?” With a fake smile he responded “ah… o-of course I will…”

From behind the mistress was called by a maidservant and the mistress asked what the matter was. It seemed that there was a problem in the celestial palace. But she and I had a lot of places to observe.

“I will escort lady Bia for the rest of the day, so please do not worry” Prince Hui said. With that Mistress thanked him and went away towards the celestial palace. Not before she yelled at the maidservants who were watching prince Hui practice.


I began to laugh and said “Hehe, Looks like you’re a star celebrity in the palace. Prince Hui turns his head towards me with a thoughtful face. “pardon? What’s a ‘star celebrity’?” With a big smile and said “N-no, Never mind…”

“Then. which part of the palace would you like to see first?” he asked. “how about outside?” “You mean, outside the palace walls?” he asked to confirm. With a big smile on my face I said YES. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, lady Bia.” he said to me, as he said that my face changed from happy to stunned. “how come?” I asked.

“I have very little jurisdiction over places outside of the palace boundaries, and it is extremely dangerous as well. You must remember that black panther is still out there waiting for his chance to attack you again. However, I can take you to the detached palace.” he said. As we were walking i asked him what the detached palace was. he explained to me that the prince of the land of Ajin, Moo-Young beack, lives there.

“Why would a prince of Ajin live in a Ju palace? What’s wrong with his palace?

He kindly explained to me but he got a serious look on his face. “Well… The kingdom of Ajin has always been a militarily strong nation that has traditionally posed a threat to the Ju empire. After an extended bickering over the borders of the two nations, the hostilities eventually led to a full-scale war four years ago. The kingdom of Ajin was defeated in that war.

His Majesty allowed Ajin to retain relative political autonomy, but he made them swear never to wage war against us again and annexed their lands as a client state. Prince Moo-Young is the only legitimate heir to Ajin’s throne, and he is serving the role of collateral over Ajin’s subservience to our empire.”

At hearing the story, I said “How sad… to love a life of a prince of a foreign country, constantly watched by others.”  Prince Hui responded to what I said.

“that’s not entirely accurate. Prince Moo-Young, even before he came here, was considered a libertine by his peers, and his taste for debauchery has depended when he arrived at the palace. I have been told that his appetite for women has made a significant disturbance in the detached palace.”

With a mean smile on my face I said to Prince Hui “What a pathetic person to have become so low even though he is a hostage…”

Prince Hui thought clearly that I made a joke because he began to laugh. “He was also famous for his kills in martial arts and strategy back in Ajin, but the emotional wound of his country losing such a vital war must have made him a bit nihilistic. After this place, there is a road in the forest that leads to the detached palace.” he explained. “Road in the forest?” I asked. With a smile he confirmed “Yes, the forest is actually quite thick.”

If I take that path, maybe it’ll become easier for me to escape the palace…

We went to take the road in the forest but a manservant yelled for Prince Hui from behind. Prince Hui turned around and asked what the matter was. He told him that Lord Yoo was requesting me at his living quarters.

With a smile Hui turned towards me and said” That’s too bad. I guess Lord Yoo can’t bear to be separated from you for so long.”

DAMN IT! That was a really great opportunity for me to escape!

“Is my lord still burdened with the administrative work?” Prince Hui asked the manservant and he confirmed it.  “That pric- I mean, does prince Yoo do work for the government?” I asked.

“Yes. The current king’s health has deteriorated at an alarming rate after his victory against the kingdom of Ajin four years ago, and the duties and responsibilities of the king rest on lord Yoo shoulders. Aside from the administrative tasks, He is also in charge of the military. Even if he was to split into two bodies, he would not have enough time in the day to finish all that work…” Prince Hui explained.

“Then, Why don’t you help him out a bit?”  “haha... I have no interest in involving myself with politics and the inevitably attached strings of ploys and power struggle. And by completely removing myself from the government, I am further stabilizing lord Yoo legitimacy as the rightful heir to the imperial throne. Oh, and this” Prince Hui has something in his hand and gives it to me. When I had it in my hands I could see it was a silken little bag.

“Ah… Wasn’t this in your room the last time? What is it?” I asked. “Hmm… I guess you lost your memory of this as well… This is probably from you.” he said. “But why do you have this?” “He must have forgotten to take it from my room the last time. This object is very precious to him, so why don’t you return it to him when you go see him later today?” With no idea what he is talking about, I look at the little silken bag. I smiled and said “Thank you prince Hui.” Then the general Jin walked towards us.  He bowed and began to speak “Lady Bia, I am very glad to see that you are all right.” I thanked him and asked to prince Hui who that old guy is.

“Lady Bia, this is general Suh-moon Jin, and she is in charge of the imperial guards of Ju.” he explained.  “The imperial guards? What do they do?” I asked.  Hui explained to me that the imperial guards serve as an elite troop, and only the sitting king can give those orders.

“I have been given the honor of protecting and serving the crown prince for the past eight years.”  general added to the conversation.  “General Jin is one of the most skilled warriors of this land. In pact, as a swordsman, he would only be bested by prince Yoo.” prince Hui added.

Just how strong is that Yoo? Everyone has been saying he’s the best.

With a smile I said to general Jin “I see… in any case, it is a pleasure to meet you, general Jin.” “Lord Yoo will return to his quarters as soon as he is finished with the administrative work, so it will be best if you waited for him there.” he said. “I guess my role as guide end here.” prince Hui said to me.  I asked him if he wasn’t going with me but he nodded is head.

No way! I don’t want to be alone with that dawn pervert. So I begged him to come with me. He was in a panic and tried to give me an excuse. “You are brothers, right? So there is no problem.” I said.

With a forced smile he answered me “Lord Yoo wants to spend some time with you alone, my lady. I’d rather not be an insensitive brother and ruin things between you two.”  I bowed and replied to him that he should guide me through the palace another time.

“If it is your wish, I would be most happy to oblige.” Prince Hui said to me as General Jin began to walk. “Then let us depart, my lady.” General Jin said.  “Well then, see you later.” I said to prince Hui as I waved goodbye.

General Jin left the room and I sat behind a table with a lot of food.  “I will act unrefined and messy.” I said to myself and ate a pig’s leg like a barbarian.  The pig’s foot was really delicious.

With a big smile Yoo came into the room yelling my name and saying that he is back. I looked up and said to him “come in, come in.” You should have seen his face. He was so surprised. Yoo came walking over and stopped next to me. With a forced smile he put a hand on my chair and said “haha... You are the same as yesterday. Except for the skirt.”

I turned towards him and started to laugh with a full mouth “HAHAHA! Everything is so delicious! The palace’s cuisine is simply excellent!”

HEHE…  Well? Wasn’t that absolutely disgusting for you?

I continued eating and was hoping he would be mad or something but instead he began to laugh and saying that this is great. How so this is great?  “Great?” I asked him.

“Before, you always ate as if you couldn’t bear to take a bite but now you are eating so healthy! I am happy! Try the pheasant, it is excellent!” he said while continuing laughing.

Damn it! It doesn’t work! Fine plan B

“Haha… Looks great” I said. After a while the whole table was empty. I put my hand on my stomach and said that I was full.  “You must been hungry to eat all that food. I feel full just by watching you eat so healthy.” Yoo said with a big smile. He came closer to me and put a hand on my cheek.

Oh crap! Is he going to pull that crap again? Not on my watch!

He said my name. Before he could say anymore I burped very loudly.  “Oh, I’m sorry. All that delicious food, and without thinking I burped” I said.

Ha, How about now? You’ll never get the desire to kiss me ever again!

“hahaha… I was so worried that you might have a problem digesting all that food, but judging from that burp, I can rest easily knowing that you won’t have a problem!” I was totally shocked by his reaction. When I was in though he picked me up in bride style and I am was put on his lap.  Once again he put his hand on my cheek and came closer to my face while saying my name.

This guy…  What is he trying to pull?!

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