destiny of the blood moon [on hold]

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Chapter 8: The silken bag

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Submitted: August 23, 2018



“You shouldn’t burp when we are kissing, Bia.” He says while coming closer and closer every second.

Dawn.. I’m acting so ungracefully  but he still doesn’t frat. He’s so dangerous. My final way to deal with him.  “What was that sound?” he asked after I farted. “Did you just break the wind?” he asked me with a smile. I held my hand before my mouth while saying with a big smile “Haha.. Maybe I ate too much… I don’t know.”  I got off his lap and lifted my dress while saying and laughing at the same time. “ haha… I smell really bad.”

While I was smiling and dancing, he said to me “Bia, It seems that you have totally changed after the accident.” “That is because lost my memories” I responded. While I was still dancing, Yoo noticed that something felled of me. It was the silken bag that Prince Hui gave me. He picked it up and asked what it was. When he saw what it was he asked me “ Why do you have this thing?”  I explained to him that Prince Hui gave it to me because he forgot it at Hui’s palace.

“Hm… I thought you remembered this thing” he said while looking sad at the silken bag. Now I was kind of curious what is inside. So I asked him. He turned around and let me see the silken bag. His voice changed from being sad to angry. “Don’t you really remember this silken bag? Look at this carefully.”

As he said that he opened the bag and took out what was inside. He opened his hand and I could see it was hair.  “You can’t still remember this hair and that night?” He asked on a much softer tone.

Which night was that?

“What night?” I asked him with my guard up. “This is your hair?” once again I asked for more information. “My hair?” 

He began to tell the story of my hair in the bag. “Everything happened before our coordination and wedding. Yoo was in his chamber at the desk working on some documents. He heard a sound and quietly went to the origin of the sound.  It was coming from behind the curtain and he shove it aside. Ready to attack and yelled “Who.”  Behind the curtain there was a girl covered with layers of cloth. It was Bia. Yoo came closer and took Bia by her arms and asked why she was here. With a smile she gave him an excuse. “I couldn’t sleep.” she said.

“Are you worried about our wedding in the next two days?” he asked. With a scared face she began to beg if she could stay with him tonight and said she wanted to be his wife so soon as possible.

“Hey wait, You guys did that thing, didn’t you?” I interrupted in the middle of the storytelling.  I could see that he was confused. “As I thought you just want make mincemeat of her.” I continued.  “What are you saying? Do you think I am a wolf or something?” he asked.  Out of anger I began to yell at him. “You’re a big bad wolf.” Now I had pissed him off.  “What!” he yelled back trying to control his anger.

Once again he lifted me in bridal manner and tossed me hard on the bed.  He came closer to me and he was almost on top of me when he asked “Do you want to know what a Big bad wolf will do?”

I’m so foolish that I irritate him. Now I was scared, If I could see my own face I would have laughed. He stood up me and began to laugh. Why did he laugh?  “Haha.. don’t worry, Bia. If I really wanted to do that, I should better do it at night before our wedding, no need to wait until tonight” he continued while laughing. 

“Oh, nothing happened that night?” I asked almost certain. “Yes, If you want I will relate what happened that night” and he continued his story. So Yoo and Bia were hugging each other.  Bia had her head on his chest. A moment later she lifted her head towards Yoo’s face with a little tear. “Yoo, I want you to be mine. Your heart, your love… all to be mine.” Yoo took a second to find his words. He took Bia’s hand and said “Bia, at first I also wanted you to be mine, but…  Even if I can’t have you, My heart and my love will always be yours. that fact never changes.” At that moment Bia was flurried. “Oh, Yoo.”she said. “Moreover, A woman has to conserve the most precious thing before a wedding.”  She began to cry at hearing his words. “Yoo, I’m too harsh. I didn’t totally believe in your love.” Bia said.

Then she took out of her pocket a little knife and cut off a little piece of her hair.  She putted in the little silken bag and give it to him while saying “This is the evidence of my love. please receive it. Please remember that I’m always by your side.” He took the silken bag and look at it but as soon as she asked him a question he looked up. “Yoo, You won’t ever forget me, will you?” she asked. With a kind of worried voice he responded. “Bia, You’re talking as if you will disappear tomorrow.”

She began to smile and made an excuse. “That is because I am very worried about our marriage tomorrow.” 

Yoo ended the story with this last sentence.  “That was it. When you left my room, your action made me worry so much.”

From the story he told me, lady Bia already anticipated her death.

Just as I finished thinking he asked me “You anticipated the accident so you gave me this thing, didn’t you?” only thing I can say is maybe, how would I know? I should have forgotten my memories. So I said “Maybe.” to him.  There was a moment of silence and he looked at the silken bag and said “Since then I always bring this thing along me, are you glad?” Without thinking I put my hands on my hip and sighed “So you have to keep it safely, okey? Don’t lose it again.”

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